The ocean blue sofa bed arrived yesterday morning.  It fits perfectly in the bedroom.


The delivery team was the same as we had last year at our cabin.  Again, they were timely and courteous.


Thanks again for all your help with this order. We wish you all a happy holiday season.


(note from CarolinaChair: customer ordered a Kingsley style sofa earlier in 2023 - included in the photos)

J. Woodward, Virginia, 12/21/23

Hi Cathy. The chair finally arrived.  It is extremely well made and beautiful. Thank you so much for your excellent products.


We will inform all of our friends of how good American made furniture really is.  There is no need to ever buy anything in furniture made outside of our own country.


(note from CarolinaChair: repeat customer, ordered two chairs in February, 2023)

D. Winell, New Jersey, 12-15-23


The sectional is GORGEOUS!  We LOVE it!  Now we can finish decorating the room!  Your swatch was perfect and we were able to pick our paint color to create our perfect “peacock” office/guestroom!  


The delivery company was wonderful to work with!  Very nice and very professional!  


Thank you!

L. Carriker, North Carolina, 12/7/23

Hi Cathy,


I received a call on Friday letting me know the couches would be delivered today between noon and 3 pm. The drivers were available early today and I was here to welcome them ahead of schedule. The delivery men, Mike and Nick, were awesome. The furniture was wrapped beautifully; very well protected. They managed to navigate the hallways without issue—no damage to the walls or sofas. I’m so grateful for their good humor, skill, and hard work.


As you and Mike requested, I inspected the entirety of the sofas and they look great; very well made.


It’s been a long journey to this day. So much time went into choosing the style, the fabric, and the size and I appreciate all your patience. I thank you, Loretta, your brother and the gentlemen from D&D Delivery. I’m happy to make a recommendation.


Happy Thanksgiving!

C. Kreiss, New Jersey, 11/23/23

Hey Cathy, just a quick communication to let you know we are thrilled with our new chairs. The quality of the build and the fabrics exceeded our expectations and we would/will refer any interested parties to your company. Cheers! Happy Holidays!

R. Lins, North Carolina, 11/16/23


Cathy, I just wanted to let you know that I love my new couch!!! It is fabulous and I am so excited to have it in my home. Thank you to you and your brother. Have a wonderful and happy Thanksgiving!


(note from CarolinaChair: this is a repeat customer from 2012)

C. Shull, Texas, 11/16/23


Hi. It's Zory Slater. We got our new sofa last night. It's amazing! I attached a photo for you to see and use if you want. Please let your brother and everyone else know how grateful and pleased we are.


(note from CarolinaChair: this is a repeat customer from 2012)

Z. Slater, Virginia, 9/28/23

Hi Cathy,


The sofa arrived today and we are very happy with it. I just left you a 5 star google review.


Thanks for everything.

T. Wattron, Florida, 9/19/23

Hi Cathy,

D & D delivered my sofa sleeper yesterday afternoon. They were great - very friendly and efficient.


I love my new sofa!! The cushions are comfortable, the fabric is super soft, and the color works well in my apartment. All in all, buying from you (for the second time, with many years in between!) has been a wonderful experience.


Thank you! (Note from CarolinaChair: repeat customer)

A. Dondero, California, 9/15/23


Dear Cathy & Loretta & Talented Furniture Makers & Polite, Efficient Delivery People!


From start of order to finish, could not have gone smoother (despite Cathy’s speed bump in hospital!).  Here is a photo of my loveseat crafted by you in its new home.  Very pleased and will post to my FB page as well.  Have a wonderful autumn and stay healthy!

T. Huff, Maine, 9/10/23


Good afternoon, Cathy.  Just wanted to let you know we got our sofa delivered, and we truly LOVE it!  We just moved in a little over a week ago, so I’ll send some pics when it doesn’t look like chaos! 

L. Carriker, North Carolina, 8/29/23

Hi Cathy!


I wanted to let you know that we received our sofa yesterday, and it is lovely! We are delighted with the quality.


The HDS folks were great-- they arrived during the scheduled timeframe, and got it all set up very quickly. We did notice during unpacking that one of the front legs was broken, unfortunately. The delivery men noted it on the bill of lading, and said they would contact you to ship us a replacement. They also went the extra mile and swapped it with one of the back legs so it wouldn't be visible until we can get a replacement.


Despite that minor issue, we are so pleased, both with the build and the delivery experience! Thanks again--  we are excited to enjoy it for many years to come :-)

G. Lachacz, South Carolina, 8/28/23

Thank you so much for the updates and information. As you know, we have a chair and (2) sofa/beds from CarolinaChair and have been so pleased by them all. Our daughter ordered a swivel rocker based on the one we had, which we have had for at least two decades.  We will soon be ordering another swivel rocker soon. Please know we are very much aware that we are getting not just “high” quality but “superior” workmanship and, becoming even more important these days, the knowledge that CarolinaChair sets THE standard for customer service.


Thank you so much!

B. Abbott, Oregon, 8/24/23

Hi Cathy,


Our furniture arrived today. It's absolutely beautiful! And the delivery guys were very nice and professional! Thank you for making American furniture and providing a great experience.

T. Seranian, Michigan, 8/19/23


Hi Cathy. I just wanted to let you know how much I love the cushions on our loveseat that we had delivered a few months ago. They seem to have a bit more “give” than the Hughes that we bought back in ‘18 and I find it so comfortable. I recall having mentioned to you that I am short and only a hundred pounds so it is nice to “sink” slightly into the cushions. Also, with my request for shortening the height of the sofa makes it nice to be able to put my feet on the floor. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you “hit it outta the park” with my sofa.


Thanks again and best regards,


L. Bishop, Michigan, 8/15/23


I converted my backyard shed into an office and ordered a chaise to complete it. I could not be happier and now 50% of my meetings are done in my chaise. I am over the moon with how comfortable it is and I couldn’t image a more perfect addition to my office shed. Thank you, Carolina Chair!

K. Fry, North Carolina, 6/26/2023


It just arrived and it’s perfect!!  Could you send me some samples of an indoor Sunbrella fabric in a white or ivory that would be good for a sofa?  Thanks.  I want something that can be cleaned when this little guy hops on.


Note: repeat customer for us – ordered several times over the past 20 years.

M. Brame, Missouri, 6/20/23


Our sofa bed was delivered yesterday, and Cathy, it’s even better than I imagined it would be! The seat cushion is wonderfully firm- it’s so easy to get up! And it’s also the perfect napping depth…very important. 


We have houseguests currently who will be here the next several days yet, so we haven’t fully spent time marveling at the sofa. In fact, my husband just whispered to me (out of earshot of the houseguests) “I wish we could be having coffee together on our new couch!” smiley


Anyhow- the sofa bed is in a former spare bedroom that we’re converting into an office. I’ll send photos and testimonial once we get that room a little more out together (fewer boxes, more art on the walls). But wanted to send an initial email to say we’ve received it and are beyond happy.

S.K. Frey, Colorado, 6/10/23


Dear Cathy, I just wanted to say we are very happy with the comfy sofa! I was a little afraid it would look like a huge iceberg floating in the living room, and that the cushions would be too firm; and it is indeed taller than the other chairs, but still fits in very well and you were right about the seat depth and the cushions—perfect! Thanks so much.

S. Deutsch, North Carolina, 6/21/23


Hi Cathy.  As a repeat customer, just a note to express my total satisfaction with my new Kingsley loveseat and thrilled that it arrived within six weeks of ordering. The custom height is perfect for me. The delivery guys were on time, courteous and very conscientious with setting the sofa up. Thanks again to you and your talented brother and crew. Thanks again.

L. May, Michigan, 5/19/23

Hello Cathy.


5 stars to Carolina Chair for superior workmanship!  My new chair and ottoman are so comfortable and made to last a lifetime. Due to your wide selection, I was able to find the perfect chair fabric.  It looks great!  I highly recommend Carolina Chair to all who are seeking quality furniture and outstanding customer service.

D. Porter, Georgia, 5/16/23


Cathy, good morning. Sleeper sofa delivered this morning. Sofa unwrapped and bed pulled out and it all seems to work.


So thanks, step by step getting the den finished.

S. Nowak, Nevada, 5/4/23

Hi Cathy,


The couch arrived today. It looks and feels great. Attached are photos of it. 


Cathy - I just want to add that the whole process of ordering this couch and your support was great.  You recommended a great fabric, which we are very happy with, and the delivery guys were very good as well.  Extremely polite and very careful coming up our narrow stairway.  Now we have a couch that our whole family can relax on - it is a huge upgrade from what we were using before.  We will definitely recommend you to everyone we know.   

J. Yam, New York, 4/24/23

Dear Cathy,


The couch is clearly of highest quality … please give my thanks to everyone at CC, it’s just right.


Movers were great, no problems, demonstrated the air mattress, too.


Thank you again so much.


PS: still setting up the space, and the dark cabinet on the right won’t be there

B. Mallin, North Carolina, 4/13/23


CarolinaChair has done it yet again!  I love my new couches.


K. Cabaud, Rhode Island, 4/9/23


Thanks! Sorry for the delay, it's been crazy busy here. I've attached a photo. The couch is awesome. It's nice and firm and looks great! The main thing I wanted to test and give time to the cushions. They didn't quite fill the entire space, but the delivery guy mentioned that's normal as after a bit of use, they'll flatten out a bit and get wider to fill everything. So far that seems to be happening.

J. Baer, Maryland, 3/27/23

Hi Cathy,


Sorry for the delay.  I finally got around to sending a picture of my sectional.  I'm enjoying it and am impressed by the quality and workmanship.


I will submit a 5-star Google review this weekend - Thanks again for your advice and feedback!



J. DeTurris, New York, 3/24/23


We have ordered from you before (2010) and now looking to move current couch to bonus room and order a new one for living room :) We love our couch!

T. Manzene, North Carolina, 2/12/23

Hi Cathy,


We arrived at our cabin in the Shenandoah Mountains this afternoon and were thrilled to see the beautiful ruby red sofa in its new home.  The fabric and the workmanship were top of the line. Our rating is 5 Stars without question.


I would encourage anyone interested in purchasing fine quality, made in America furniture to visit the CarolinaChair website.  When you consider that for a few hundred dollars more than the price of "stuff" at large warehouse stores, you can have a piece of furniture that you will enjoy for many years to come.  In fact, I expect my children and grandchildren will enjoy the lovely ruby red sofa when they inherit the cabin in the woods.


Please convey our appreciation to all your employees and the men from the delivery service who handled the sofa with care.


We hope you will continue your skilled craftsmanship for many years to come.


Jeanne Woodward

J. Woodward, Virginia, 2/10/23

Hi Cathy!


Our latest CC creation arrived last evening and it is gorgeous!! The Home Delivery guys got it here a day early and were same 2 who delivered our Sofa, Chairs, Ottomans in June. Super friendly and careful.


I’ll send pics of previous CC creations and better pic of this one and rave reviews of your company in a few days.


Thank you for your beautiful work and super customer service!

K. Baillie, Virginia, 2/9/23


Cathy, I have been busy with bathroom remodels and had to cover all my furniture, finally getting back to normal.

My sofas are beautiful.  Absolutely love them and fit perfectly in my home.


Thank you!

A. Belfiore, California, 1/17/23


 We received our Sofa last evening. It is beautiful! The delivery was made as it was promised. The two young men were very professional and placed it in our living room.

 John sent a photo of the new sofa and ottoman that we purchased earlier. He also put it on google review.

 Thank you! We are very pleased with both pieces and the delivery.

N. Kitchens, Georgia, 1/12/23

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