Dear Cathy,

We just received delivery of our NEW Roth Sectional and thought we would drop you this note of appreciation. We started this process of selecting a sectional at our local stores to no avail, as they had little selection. Then we proceeded to the Internet using "Sectional Sofas" as a keyword. After trying a couple of other sites for info, we called and spoke with you personally and even followed up with you while in your car via cell phone. All of our expectations and nervous energy was wasted, as our sectional is now in place and is just gorgeous. Our choice of fabric, Baltimore Ocean, and adding a skirt has made this look more formal but fits perfectly into our family room. View photo of custom sectional sofa in their home

Our thanks again, and now onto getting some new Dining Chairs that you feature!

Happy 2011!

T. & S. Kustin, California, 12/31/10

Cathy -

Sofa sleeper arrived today. It looks great and feels fantastic! We have a houseguest who will give the sleeper its first tryout tonight. Katherine is actually napping on it at this very minute. She groggily opened her eyes a few minutes ago to express her complete and utter satisfaction with your product :).

Our houseguest is also short, and accustomed to furniture not feeling quite right. When she sat on the sofa, her eyes immediately got really wide, like, "where has this sofa been all my life?"

The Home Delivery people were also amazing - they were clear and consistent and communicated thoroughly. You might have heard that we got a big dump of snow up here and the mayor had a bit of a job getting the roads cleared. I wasn't sure our street would be plowed before the truck arrived, but they were super-helpful in working out a backup plan in case there was a problem. The delivery guys called this morning and I talked with them about the snow banks. I'd shoveled for an hour to create a corridor for them, but I wasn't sure it would be enough. The delivery guy says, "don't you worry, ma'am, we've got some shovels in the back if we need to help out." Please let them know that I never expected in my life to encounter customer service as good as yours again, but they gave you a run for your money.

When I get a chance I plan to post about our great experience with Carolina Chair on Brownstoner, which is a forum with a very large following here in Brooklyn (I'll send you the link when I do it), as well as on Yelp and similar online review sites. You'll get a few photos from us soon!


J. Abrams, New York, 12/31/10

Hi Cathy,

Well, we are having a wonderful winter break- we have travelled to our couch! We decided to stay home this year and just chill. My husband thought it would be great to get a couch that we could all fit on comfortably. We are a family of five - three boys and the two of us. The boys are in their teens and 20s. We wanted a couch that we could all sit comfortably on and read or watch a movie.

Cathy, you were just great to work with! You spent a lot of time with us on the phone talking to me about what I wanted. We finally decided to go with a semi custom couch that I would like and that would fit us all. After you patiently helped us measure and figure out what we really wanted, we went with the style of a Yeats, with square cushions but the size of the Roth because it had a higher back. We also made the shorter section a bit longer to get more seating space.

It is perfect! We love it. And, you made it so easy to buy the couch online because you really know your product and what people are looking for in a couch. I felt like you were really listening when I described what I wanted! You were also very patient while I selected a fabric. You sent me two batches of samples before I could make my decision! As a result, I got exactly what I wanted and it looks great with my rug.

So, to sum it up, we have had a fantastic vacation on our new couch! Thanks Cathy! View photo of sectional sofa | View photo of chair and storage ottoman.

B. Levinson, Virginia, 12/31/10

The chair was delivered this morning. The delivery service was excellent, allowing sufficient lead time for delivery date, keeping me apprised of anticipated time of arrival the day of delivery. The furniture was handled with great care, and arrived intact, and in perfect condition. The delivery folks were cordial, and patient.


I had purchased a chair just 3 years prior from Carlyle, premier furniture to order company in the NYC area. It was not comfortable, and in a short time needed to be replaced. I shopped all over NYC---and had all the measurements required for my comfort. Depth, height, seat height, arm height, etc. I spent countless hours shopping in so many stores-- until I found CarolinaChair. In just a few short weeks I found a company that exhibits by example (my perfect chair) the experience and skills needed to produce a wonderful, comfortable, beautiful piece of upholstered furniture. Thank you so much. There are not enough words for my appreciation in finding skilled craftsman--and at one third of New York City prices.

Thank you!

B. Lyons, New York, 12/30/10

Hi Cathy,

I received my ottomans just before 7 p.m. on the 23rd and I love them! As you can see from the picture, they are the perfect length and height. I didn't want to go any thinner than 12 inches, but as you can see, even 12 inches is still a bit wider than I really needed. It's VERY comfortable and will be easy to move into my new apartment.

However, it just makes me want to order a sofa/daybed like I was talking about before and there is actually a sliding glass door from my new patio to the bedroom in my new apartment, so I just may do that in a few months. Even if I do that, I figure the way I'm using my sofa now will make it a very comfortable guest bed if I ever need it to be.

And I actually really like the fabric, the "Sailcloth Salt" on the ottomans. It looks very similar to the cotton twill/duck material on my old Ikea ottoman.

Please tell everyone thanks for me and let them know I am VERY happy with the ottomans. View photo of ottomans in home.

Happy New Year!

Note from CarolinaChair: T. Johnson is a repeat customer having purchased her sofa from us in 2007

T. Johnson, California, 12/27/10

Hi Cathy,

Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. The sofa and ottoman were delivered in time for our party (arrived the morning of!), so thank you again for all you did to make that happen. The delivery guys were great too - very polite and professional, and took care not to damage anything while carrying the furniture into the house.

I was thrilled to be able to custom-design my sofa to my specifications, and was very happy with the personal assistance you provided to help me get it right. Both pieces came out great, and look terrific in my Living Room. View photo of furniture in home

Have a Merry Christmas!

L. Rothermal, New Jersey, 12/23/10

Love it!! I chose CarolinaChair because of the many options available to me. I wasn't restricted by size or shape or color. I originally chose to use one of your standard options - then I discovered the Gallery. What fun! I saw that a whole new world opened up to my choices. Having chosen one option, I requested sample fabrics - way too many choices! Having settled on a fabric, I began to have second thoughts about my original choice of a sofa profile. After asking for further information, and with much measuring on my part, I decided I could use a longer sofa than I originally thought - back to square one. After playing around with the gallery, with your standard options, I made my choice - a sofa I can stretch out on for a nap in a color I love. My choice of fabric was partially based on color - I've wanted a purple/plum sofa for years - and partially on the silver pillows a friend sent to me from India. The Stoker Plum picks up the colors in the pillows beautifully and I can now show off that wonderful gift. Thank you, CarolinaChair. View photo 1 of furniture in home | View photo 2.

C. Parson, Washington DC, 12/22/10

Cathy, we received our new ottoman yesterday and it is beautiful!! Many thanks! I'll pass on the word!! View photo

M. McGann, Pennsylvania, 12/22/10

Hi Cathy!

We received the mattress yesterday, as you promised, and just got the chance to open it. It feels wonderful and we hope it will last a long time.

Thanks so much for your help and good business practice.

N. Mittman, New Jersey, 12/20/10

Hi Cathy,

We got our couch. The delivery guys were great! They arrived at 4pm. I was told they would be there anytime between 3 - 7.

The couch is WONDERFUL! It is as though you were sitting with us in our family room and just knew what would look good and what we were talking about. We will definitely write a testimonial on your website but I wanted to email you personally first. You have been wonderful to work with. I am very happy with your customer service and the product.

My husband has been in India for the last two weeks so he is going to be so surprised when he gets home this evening! This is a great homecoming for him! My son gets home from college for winter break on Friday. The boys have already decided on their spots on the couch for the hundreds of football, basketball and soccer games they will be watching. I have staked out the chair with the ottoman to sit and read. We just have to remember to get up and walk the dog every so often or we will become couch potatoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks again for everything! View photo 1 | view photo 2.

B. Levinson, Virginia, 12/13/10

Best regards,

B. Warner, Pennsylvania, 11/22/10

I received my Parsons chairs and they are just beautiful. Thank you so much!!!

C. Smith, Tennessee, 11/29/10

Hi Cathy!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! I received our custom couch and Eliot chair and we love it! I was a little worried about the comfort of the Sunbrella Sailcloth fabric - but it is such a great, soft and durable fabric - my kids already tested it the first day by eating chocolate chip cookies, and it wiped right off! I am in love with sunbrella and my family loves the couch! The couch is amazing, the most comfortable furniture in our home.


K. Aragon, Virginia, 11/29/10


I am so pleased with my new furniture. It is so well made. All the seams are perfect and it is so very comfortable. It was delivered two days before Thanksgiving, and we received many compliments from our guests. I will recommend your company!

Best Regards,

M. Sicari, California, 11/27/10

Cathy, the sofa arrived today and it is beautiful! Thank you for your good customer service. I look forward to enjoying the sofa for many years. Also, the delivery company did a very professional job and it was EASY to receive the sofa. Thanks again! View sofa.

Best regards,

B. Warner, Pennsylvania, 11/22/10

Hi Cathy! Do you get pictures on your cell phone? I want to send THE sofa of the century with my picture above it! I can't wait to get started on the loveseat. Oh Cathy, way too happy with this but I gotta' get you guys into headboards, bed skirts, and spreads! You guys are gooooooood…really goooood! I want to advertise for you. View photo in home and in our plant photo of sofa and storage ottoman | photo of matching chairs.

J. Juskiewicz, Indiana, 11/20/10


My love seat sleeper is absolutely fabulous. The quality is fantastic. The fabric color is true to the swatch you sent and is perfect for my chosen location. Your company is absolutely top notch!! Thanks too for all your customer support. I will recommend your company to all my west coast friends.

Happy Holidays. :)

A. Donnelly, California, 11/19/10

Cathy, the sectional looks great in our pool house! Thank you so much! I will try to take another at sunset with the tide up!!! View sectional

J. Janiak, South Carolina, 11/15/10

Cathy - I received the delivery and I am very pleased with how the sofa turned out. CarolinaChair made it so easy from responding to my requests promptly to a smooth delivery process. And a perfect sectional for my house! I will be sure to "spread the word". View sectional.

J. Debat, Michigan, 11/9/10

Here are some pictures of the furniture in my home. LOOKS GREAT! Thanks! photo 1 | photo 2

J. Medak, Illinois, 11/3/10

Cathy, received the vanity chair on Thursday, October 24th. It's perfect! Outstanding customer service. Thanks so much.

D. Vasey, Illinois, 10/23/10

Hi there! We received the chair yesterday and LOVE it. Thank you so much for help through this. I've narrowed my selection to two swatches and as soon as I pick one out, I'll place another order with you. Thank you!

C. Smith, Tennessee, 10/22/10

Hi Cathy,

Just wanted to drop you a note to tell you that I LOVE LOVE LOVE my couch!!! And you wouldn't believe how many compliments I've gotten on it - it's the first thing everyone comments on when they come over:

"oh my god, your couch is amazing!" And I agree whole-heartedly. It's actually put me in sort of a difficult situation: My cat passed away about a week ago (very sad, but she had a good run - almost 17 years - and a good life and a lot of love), and now, if I think about what I'd grab and take with me in any sort of fire/emergency situation, after my great-great-great-great-grandfather's books and journals, my couch is the thing I'd most want to save. Which is problematic, since I'm not physically capable of escaping a burning building with my four-piece (five, including the storage ottoman) sectional in tow.

So I've been passing your name along and singing your praises (which isn't hard; I was truly blown away by the level of service you provided to me and the quality of your product!).

Anyway, I wanted to send you some pictures now that I have everything pretty much set up. View photos photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3

I cannot overstate how much I love my couch - it is absolutely perfect: exactly the couch I wanted, a perfect fit in the space, unbelievably comfortable, and it completely makes the room.

So thank you, thank you, thank you -- SO much!! You've acquired a lifelong customer in me, and since I can't seem to stop talking about how much I love my couch, I'm hoping you'll acquire some other customers as well! I think several of my friends thought I was really weird for being so enthusiastic about a couch, but then once they came over and saw it, they understood completely. All best and many thanks,

A. Davies, New York, 10/19/10

P.S. I saw the picture you have up online of my sofa - it's fabulous, though the material appears much lighter in the photo than it is in reality. It's just such a lovely deep shade of green - a neutral kind of green. I love it.

Hi, Cathy!

The 6-piece sectional sofa was delivered and set up for us last Friday.

We all LOVE IT!!!!! It's breathtakingly beautiful. And fantastically comfortable, too.

This is furniture for the ages!

You can be sure that I will be recommending Carolina Chair to everybody. I expect I'll be back myself one day. I will be in the market for a chaise longue when I can reclaim my daughter's bedroom.

Thank you, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

R. Williams, Maryland, 10/18/10

Cathy, I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I are very happy with the loveseat. It is very good looking and comfortable. Thanks to you and your brother.

S. Newman, California, 10/14/10

It's a wonderful Wednesday...because our beautiful furniture arrived. Love it. Love it. It is not only pretty and so well made...thank you, Cathy's is so very comfortable. I don't know it I will ever move from the chaise. And a bonus which you may or may not know...our sectional couch is the same as Hines Ward. Can't get any better!

Thank you for all your help and for creating these beautiful pieces of furniture for our home. View photos photo 1 | photo 2

M. and P. Townsend, Pennsylvania, 10/13/10

I ordered two sofas from CarolinaChair. I customized them for size and style and they turned out exactly how I had seen them in my imagination. The service was impeccable. It's so lovely to communicate with real people full of good humor; professional and friendly, a winning combination!

CarolinaChair built and delivered my sofas in record time. I was amazed and happy. The sofas are the focal pieces in my brand new (unfinished) living room. They look gorgeous! Everyone who's seen them agrees, even the gentleman that delivered the sofas loved them.

My experience with Carolina Chair was nothing but positive and I'm sure I'll be ordering from them again. I can't recommend them highly enough. View furniture in home photo 1 | photo 2 | photo 3

D. Soares, California, 9/26/10

Just wanted to let you know that my furniture arrived and looks great! The shippers were incredible, right on time, and very professional.

M Cargill, New York, 9/22/10

Hi Cathy and Loretta,

I should have emailed you sooner to tell you how thrilled we are with our sectional, which we received last Thursday. The blue is a little overwhelming at first (looks a little different when it's on a mammoth sofa as opposed to on a teeny card!), but very pretty, and I am busy with working on the rest of the room to make all the colors come together, after which I'll send you a picture.

Husband and kids (and I!) are ecstatic -- there's room for ALL of us to lounge without crowding one another, and we have a "slumber party" planned for this coming Saturday to try out the sleepers. Six kids, ages 6-8...lots of movies planned. :-) View sectional.

Best to you,

S. Cole, Delaware, 9/20/10

Dear Cathy,

I love my new sectional. It looks terrific but even better is the comfort. Jim never chooses to sit on our sofas but he loves this one. We have already spread the word about your company. However, now are guests are able to see if firsthand and the responses are extremely positive. Hope this will translate in business for you.

K. Murphy, Massachusetts, 9/18/10


My furniture arrived this morning about 11:30. It is beautiful. The neighbors have checked it out and big thumbs up from everyone. Some friends with back problems are thinking of some new things and are very impressed with the support in my pieces. I had no idea how much quilt material would be needed and am glad to get one back. Thanks so much for the superior service and craftsmanship. I will be ordering a sofa and chair for my den - just need to finish doing the measuring.

L. Burnett, California, 9/14/10

Got it! IT''s adorable! Thanks! View photo.

L. Fremont, Illinois, 9/14/10

Just wanted you to know how much we LOVE the Eliot sofa. I'll write more of what you want when my husband is mended. He just got home from 2 weeks in the hospital with MRSA---almost lost his leg from the knee down. I'll talk to you later as I want to get an ottoman in the same fabric (sans navy cording) like I ordered a few years ago.

J. Gonser, Pennsylvania, 9/13/10

Cathy, the couches arrived in great condition. They are really pretty and the delivery guys were very nice. Thanks so much.

D. Smith, Alabama, 9/10/10

I was browsing on the internet in 2009 and happened upon the Carolina Chair site. I became intrigued (I like family run businesses). I received several swatches and spoke with Cathy on the phone. I let it go for one year and then I decided to order a sleeper sofa. Again I spoke with Cathy explaining that the colors they had were to my liking, but something in blue grey would nice if they had it. Was I surprised when I received the swatch from Cathy immediately! I liked it, but again I waited and waited. Finally when I ordered for my son time was running out (I needed it for September 3rd), Cathy told me that they would try to deliver close to that date, no promises. I get a call from her and was very pleasantly surprised to hear that the sofa will indeed delivered before September 3rd. What service! I just gave about 5 weeks for them to build and deliver the sofa. The result was that my son and his wife are absolutely thrilled and happy about the sofa and my husband I tried it out when we visited last week by sleeping on it for several days - no back aches and no snoring. Thank you very, very much. Our kids will enjoy it for many, many years to come.

O. Wachtel, Illinois, 9/9/10

I re-did a room in my apartment this past summer, and looked everywhere for a scaled-down sleeper, with no luck. I conducted a search on the internet and ran across Carolina Chair.

I immediatedly found the perfect size and style, but couldn't decide on a fabric. I emailed and spoke with Cathy Fry numerous times. She couldn't have been more accomodating! After having at least a dozen fabric swatches mailed to me, I made my choice.

Several weeks later, I received a phone call informing me that my chair was finished and was on its way. 'That's great!', I replied. 'It turned out really well', I was told. 'I can't wait to see it.', I replied. 'It turned out so well, we'd like to use it on our website!'

So, if you'd like to see for yourself how well my chair turned out, click on sleepers on the website: Mine is the third row down, the Marquis Sleeper Chair.

I have to agree with others who've written testimonials and admitted they were a bit nervous about ordering furniture online, sight unseen. But after my experience with Carolina Chair, I would recommend them to anyone: Their service is fabulous and the quality of their furniture is exceptional.

Thank you Cathy! I love my new chair!

K. Getchel, Wisconsin, 9/3/10

I wanted a sleeper chair for one bedroom and couldn't find anything that I liked until I found the Carolina Chair website. It was a bit scary ordering a piece of furniture without getting to check it out in person but Cathy Fry assured me I would be satisfied with the quality. The hardest part was finding the fabric I wanted because I had something specific in mind. I finally found it - had it shipped directly to Carolina Chair and this weekend my perfect chair and ottoman were delivered. I combined two styles together because I liked one chair style and a different ottoman style and wanted feet on both. Cathy was very accommodating and responded to all my questions immediately. If you are looking for excellent service and good quality at a reasonable price then Carolina Chair is the answer. View photo.

Very Happy,

B. Richardson, North Carolina, 8/31/10

We're writing to thank you so much for facilitating the creation of our wonderful new couch. We're in love with it! It's more beautiful and comfortable than we had hoped. The material is luxurious. It was manufactured exactly to our specifications. The delivery and set-up were seamless (no pun intended).

Thank you so much from two very happy customers. View photo.

E. Walcoff, New York, 8/30/10


We received our leather Hughes sofa and ottoman today and they are beautiful. As you said earlier, it was worth the wait and the Brasil leather was a perfect choice. The workmanship on both of them is outstanding, and I would recommend you to anyone. I know we struggled to find just the right choice, but with your help we succeeded. Thank you. View photo.

D. Smart, Oregon, 8/25/10

Hi Cathy. I just wanted to let you know that the furniture was delivered on Monday, and it is just gorgeous. We've played around with the configuration, and love the ability to move the pieces around. Best of all Kyle loves it! Thanks again!

M. Vipham, Illinois, 8/25/10

At last my sofa arrived Wed. Aug.11 at 6P.M. I really like it and am happy that I ordered it from you. I'll be in touch with you later. Thank you for your professionalism.

V. Lynch, 8/13/10, California

Dear Cathy,
The sectional came today, as you know, and it is beautiful. I want to thank you for guiding me through the buying process. Because we talked about what I wanted in a sofa, comfort but still providing support, you customized the sectional to make it just right. The moss color is soft and yet warm. The pillows are the perfect complement to the colors in my living room. Thank you so much for the third pillow. That was so nice of you. I will certainly use your company again when I need additional furniture. It has been a pleasure.

E. Bergman, New Jersey, 8/12/10

Would you still have measurements of sectional I got from you several years ago? I would like to have slipcovers made if you do. We LOVE the furniture, and I must tell you it doesn't show any wear, even after all this time. I just want a change without giving up my sectional! (Note from CarolinaChair: Yes we have the records and yes we can manufacture slipcovers for the furniture we built years ago!).

J. Berge, New Jersey, 8/2/10

I just wanted you to know that the AirDream mattress for the sleep couch is a BIG hit! I should have done it sooner. Thank you for the prompt and courteous service. (Note from CarolinaChair: we sell AirDream mattresses to those who have existing sleepers they want to retrofit with a better mattress.)

C. Pearce, New York, 8/1/10

Dear Cathy,

My experience from inquiry to delivery was excellent. You were always available and answered all questions patiently and in detail. The fabric selection process was uncomplicated and the samples were received quickly and in a generous size for decorating purposes. I was looking for a sectional to match one we already have in another room. Without success locally, I turned to the Internet and found Carolina Chair Co. I am so pleased with the Roth sectional in Sunbrella Burgundy canvas and the matching storage ottoman. Words are insufficient to describe our pleasure when we received the furniture. With the high temps in June and July, we welcomed the delivery one hot, steamy night knowing we would soon sleep comfortably as the sectional was being placed in a room with air conditioning. The standard cushions are wonderfully firm and hold their shape beautifully. I must commend all of you at Carolina Chair Co. for the fine workmanship and attention to detail. Also, the delivery service was exceptional and the men obviously knew how to maneuver large pieces gently and efficiently. I have sung your praises to many so far and will continue to do so. Thanks again to all at Carolina Chair Company.

K. O'Donnell, New York, 7/29/10

Thank you! We love it all! (the dogs are mad they are not allowed on!). View photo.

P. Walker, Massachusetts, 7/19/10

Hi Cathy,

I just wanted you to know our armless sofa sleeper arrived yesterday afternoon, and is absolutely wonderful!!! You are so right...I love, love, love it! We can't believe how gorgeous and comfortable it is, and how it complements the room so well. Our guests are arriving this week-end, and I have been doing the happy dance now that the room is complete. We are extremely happy that we found you and Carolina Chair.

I had been looking a few months for the "perfect armless sofa sleeper" for a small guest/craft bedroom, when we finally turned to the internet. I could no longer delay a decision as we were expecting guests in 6 weeks. I was so impressed with the initial contact with you that I knew I had found the right company. You indicted that you would try your best to get it finished and in the hands of the transportation/deliver company within our timeframe, if I could choose a style and fabric quickly. You immediately sent a variety of fabric swatches based on my colors of interest that very day. Now, that is customer service! The package arrived three days later, and the samples you sent were "right on" as to the colors we were contemplating. You made this process so easy and fun for us to choose. We were able to pick our fabric and style immediately, and placed our order for the Crawford armless sofa sleeper in Chenille Seattle Oak. I now have that "perfect sofa sleeper" in my home.

We are very pleased with the quality of the workmanship, as well as the fabric selection, and the fact that it is American made, which was important to us. Carolina Chair definitely delivers excellent quality work, the best finished product, and the most wonderful customer service.

The delivery company was good, too, and took care in unwrapping our furniture, placing the furniture, and taking away all the packaging.

I want to thank you again, and your brother, and the other employees who made this such a wonderful adventure. I must tell you that when my husband saw the finished product, he said, that from now on any future furniture purchases will go to your company. He was very impressed. I am so happy with my entire CarolinaChair experience. Thank you, thank you.

R. LaBianco, Arizona, 7/19/10

HI, Cathy...

I apologize for the delay in getting these to you... wanted to wait for the new lamp to be installed, and for the ottoman to arrive. So here it all is! As you can see, we had a very tiny space to accommodate something we wanted to both look great and to be extremely comfortable, as we spend a lot of time sitting here. "Bingo!" on both counts!

The fabric was a real departure for us, as we're generally in the "celadon green" palette, with a few red, and sometimes black, accents, throughout the whole house. We both love this, as it adds a lot of drama to our small space (and looks great with one of our Oriental rugs in front of it). We added a long black leather ottoman, for putting up our feet.

I requested "no arm cushions", since we have a lot of throw pillows of our own-only showing a few in these photos-and that has worked out perfectly. We also got the combination seat and back cushions, which are deliciously comfortable, even as they hold their shapes.

All in all, we couldn't be more pleased with everything about the process of ordering from you, and with the finished product!

Many thanks from two happy and comfy customers! View photo.

Best regards,

C. Nicklaus, Connecticut, 7/14/10

Hi Cathy,
Just wanted to let you know that we received our furniture about a week ago and we love it! It's exactly what I wanted. It's comfortable, well-made and looks great in our room. Also, as promised, the delivery company was great. The guys even helped move our old sofa out since I wasn't able to lift it. It was really a pleasure working with you - we'll certainly be back.

Best regards,

K. McKeon, New Jersey, 7/12/10

The couch is great, very comfy. Nice job! We are both very pleased with it, plus the delivery guys were very good. We will recommend you as often as we get the chance.

A. and N. Klein, New York, 7/10/10

I received the chair Cathy. We left shortly after that for a couple of days. Thank you so much, it is lovely. Looks really good in the bathroom. It has been a pleasure working with you. I will be in touch when I need something else. I will certainly tell people about your company. With this economy you would think that people would want to work with you and help any way they can, but they just don't. Seems there isn't any pride left. Thank you for being such a great help to me! I will be in touch. Have a good week.

J. Wilkerson, Tennessee, 7/7/10

The guys came today around 1:45 PM and set everything up in the pool house and it looks fantastic. They even went as far as opening up the sleeper sofa and explaining how the air mattress works!! One of the guys only had a problem when he went into our pool house as we are HUGE Boston fans (Red Sox, Celtics, Patriots, Bruins) and he is a Yankees fan but he loved the photo we have of Ted Williams and Babe Ruth shaking hands!!!

My boys were so surprised as they love the sectional in our Bahamas home. By the time I had a chance to take any pictures it was dark and I would rather do it during the day so you can see the view from the pool house. Now all I need to do is match cushions for the wicker rocker and the 3 bar stools we have.

I will try to take a picture in the next day or two and send to you.

Thanks again for everything, your customer service and workmanship are second to none!!!! And I can't thank you and your brother enough for rushing our order and getting it out so quickly!!! (note: J. Janiak is a repeat customer)

J. Janiak, South Carolina, 7/1/10

Cathy, here is a photo of the pieces in place. You might remember the red sofa too which you made about 10 years ago! (note: K. Klyce is a repeat customer - her first order was 10 years ago - she has ordered several times and we are so appreciative).

K. Klyce, New York, 6/30/10

Hi, Cathy!

I wanted to let you know that my furniture arrived this morning, safe and sound, and it looks fabulous! Even better than I expected! I absolutely love it, and I especially appreciate being able to customize the pieces for our needs. My knee issues are a thing of the past now since I don't have to struggle to get up off the couch. That's more than just a great piece of furniture - that's peace of mind!

I have to say that the polyurethane looks fantastic. In fact, the delivery men were *sure* it was leather, and one even commented that he could smell the distinctive smell of leather. Just goes to show you, mind over matter can be profound, especially when you have such a quality piece of furniture. He mentioned it several times and when I finally told him it wasn't leather ... he was astounded at how good it looked!

Thank you again, so much, both you and your brother and everyone else who played a hand in making my furniture. I cannot wait to show it off to all my friends and family, and believe me, they will know right where to go when it comes time for them to shop! I've already given your name out to several acquaintances!

Thanks again, and much success to you all! View photo.

G. Gawlak, New York, 6/26/10

Hi Cathy,

Just wanted to let you know that we really love our new couch. We are very happy that we found you because your company delivers excellent workmanship.......superb quality work.......and we appreciate that tremendously.

K. Dailey, California, 6/25/10

Hi Cathy!

I wanted to let you know that my chair arrived today along with the rocker cushion. It's lovely and the cushion is perfect! Thank you very much.

D. Shaler, California, 6/23/10

Dear Cathy,

I am so sorry this email and photo took so long. We love our new sectional! It fits perfect! Delivery people were awesome, too! Having the ability to custom size the sectional made an awkward space very functional. Everyone who walks in the family room goes WOW - this is so much better!

We are enjoying it very much and the fabric is great - feels great and the sectional is so well made! We are just thrilled.

Thank you again. It's been a pleasure working with you. View photo.

M. DeVictoria, New York, 6/22/10

Hi Cathy! We love the furniture.

Thanks so much!

D. Pawlowski, North Carolina, 6/9/10

Dear Cathy,

Thanks for the FAST service. I should have sent this message sooner but I have been asleep on my fabulous new sofa! My husband and I really love the sofa, chair and the two ottomans from your fantastic company. I was really wiped out after the move because of my prior chronic fatigue syndrome, and then I messed up my foot so I was limping for a few weeks. It was special. Anyway, I really broke in my new sofa and I can tell you it is wonderful to SLEEP on. And the best part is now Paul has the chair and ottoman and I have the sofa and we can watch TV and he can tell me what happened after I went to sleep because I can't stay awake after I lay down!

I don't know if any of your customers are so thrilled about falling asleep on your sofas, but I sleep like a baby and I do NOT have shoulder pain or neck pain when I wake up. AND I do not get low back or neck pain after sitting on your furniture. That says a LOT for the quality of your products.

I will definitely be back in the future and even sooner WHEN I win the lottery.

Have a fabulous summer!

Thanks again,

P. Norman, Virginia, 6/7/10

I just wanted to let you know that we love our new sofa. It is so comfortable. I ordered from your company because the product is made in the USA. I am a big believer in diversity and recognize that our country is better because of our multinational population. However, I believe that we need to produce more products in the U.S. I just bought my grandson a "Little Tike" toy cart because it is made in the USA.

M. Fuierer, North Carolina, 6/4/10


We love the furniture. My extended family was here when it arrived and it was so cool to have all twelve people sitting on it that evening to watch a movie. We chose that particular seating design to allow for maximum seating (our immediate family has 7---soon to be 8 members). We have actually separated the 3-seater (couch) from the rest of the sectional as it works best in our room that way. We didn't want a lot of arms as they tend to fill up space so we kept one end open. I know black may be a headache at times as it will show all lint, but I am a big fan of that color and it works well in the family room.

The delivery men were conscientious and protected our furniture as if it were their own. Not one wall was scraped or the floor scratched. They did an excellent job, and if you will remember, we have an extremely small doorway to go through once you enter our home.

Thank you again and perhaps we will need other pieces in the future. My family may as well. Have a safe and happy summer. View photo.

T. Sharp, Tennessee, 6/3/10

Hi Cathy,

We are now home with our baby boy Torin. All is well, though we are not getting much sleep as you can imagine. I wanted to let you know we are thrilled with our sectional- it is beautiful and so comfortable! Thank you so much! View photo.

All the best,

E. Strum, Vermont, 6/1/10

I received my furniture and it is lovely. I was very happy with the excellent construction and the extremely friendly attitude of the delivery boys. Extremely satisfied with the entire procedure from just looking at the furniture, communicating with you, the purchase process, the delivery and follow up. I certainly will purchase again.

J. Delese, Pennsylvania, 5/28/10

Thanks!!! And I am already a customer bought a sectional from you 7 years ago for our vacation home and now it's time to refurnish the family room here at home, and there was no question where i would go to get furniture exactly the way I want it! Can't wait to see the swatches!

Note from CarolinaChair: The Scott's purchased from us again and their furniture is featured on our custom inspirations page (Julie and Paul)

J. Scott, Pennsylvania, 5/26/10

Hi Cathy,

Well, we've had our sectional almost a month and couldn't be happier with our choice. We spent from last September until February looking for just the right sectional for our refurbished family room. We started at the usual furniture stores but couldn't find the sectional that would fit our dimension requirements. So, we went online and found Carolina Chair. Not only could we customize the sectional to fit our walls, we also found the perfect color in the perfect fabric. [Thank you Cathy for all the swatches you mailed swiftly.] It wasn't easy choosing from the vast choices presented by the photo gallery on your website. We read each caption numerous times before deciding on the Roth sectional with Eliot arms and changed the cushions to 5 inches with T inserts. To avoid having to hire an electrician to install high hats, we chose the curved corner wedge and placed a torchiere behind the piece to enhance the room's lighting. And, Cathy, we really appreciated your suggestion of the tapered Mahogany feet. All in all, it has been a wonderful experience buying from Carolina Chair. View sectional in home.


J. Ryan, New Jersey, 5/21/10

Hey Cathy,

We got our couch a couple weeks ago now. (It was the end of the semester and I have been so busy I couldn't email). But we absolutely love it. It's gorgeous. The color is so great. Just wanted to say the delivery people were very careful and cooperative. They did a nice job. But, we wanted to thank you again for such a nice experience. We are really excited about having guests to stay on our air dream mattress. It's so comfortable. The couch is perfect.

Thanks again.

G. Quinn, North Carolina, 5/18/10

Hi Cathy,

The new furniture just arrived and I LOVE IT! Top quality construction and the cushions are so comfortable! As far as the fabric, I couldn't have picked a more perfect color for my living room. I will definitely spread the word that Carolina Chair has a superior project and service. I have enjoyed getting updates from an actual person, and not a generic email.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

J. Anderson, Pennsylvania, 5/13/10

Several months have gone by since I received my "English Chair" from your company. With all the construction going on I am just beginning to get settled. I wanted to write you a note to tell you how very happy I am with this beautiful chair. The micro denier fabric in Baltimore Sunshine is a wonderful addition to our living room. I have had many comments on the color, fabric and....comfort! Thank you for your special treatment and advice. Thank you for getting the samples to me immediately so I could make my choice. Thank you for your support and personalized service. You ARE a family business and I felt as though I was a part of that family! Thank you all!

Ms. T. Shapiro, New Jersey, 4/25/10

Cathy - our mattress came last Thursday. Talk about fast delivery! And we had guests over the week end so it was put to use. Thank you! (Note from CarolinaChair: we can provide replacement AirDream mattresses for your existing sleeper sofas).

L. Hamlin, California, 4/24/10

Hi Cathy, Just to let you know that all was received in great condition. They even delivered on Saturday for me (I didn't even ask!). The furniture looks amazing and is super comfortable to sit upon. I have already given your website name to a couple of people. Warm regards,

R. Lent, New York, 4/18/10

Dear Cathy & Loretta,

I am very pleased with my sleeper sofa. It's beautiful, comfortable & well made. I had found the site on Google & was quite interested but a little nervous ordering sight unseen. Cathy was very accommodating. Fabric swatches were sent until I finally decided on Java. I could not have asked for a more perfect match to one of my living room chairs.

The company that delivered the couch was also wonderful and very careful & they took all the packing with them & the best part the service was free!

I love the couch. Thank you for your patience on all the phone calls that I made.


F. Chevier, New York, 4/16/10

Hi Cathy. We received our furniture today. It's great! Thanks very much. All the best -

M. Gossett, Ohio, 4/15/10

Hi Cathy! I received my gorgeous chair today. The fabric couldn't be more perfect! I knew if I took my time I'd find the right one. The chair is very comfortable, especially after sitting in a glider for 161/2 years!!!! I LOVE the swivel, too! I will send you a picture as soon as I can. It's been such a pleasure working with your company. I appreciate your great service! Thanks so much,

J. Salaman, California, 3/31/10

This winter I renovated one of my grown son's rooms in order to give my wife, Tammy, a sitting room. We took this fourteen by fourteen foot room and took it down to the bare studs. The closets were replaced with a custom built in cabinet, crown molding was installed at the ceiling, shutters on the windows, and the walls were painted a soft green. The only thing lacking was the sitting/sleeping furniture.

We live in the metro DC area and searched for days in order to find a love seat size sleep sofa. Our needs were for the unit to be stylish, and had to be able to fit into a twenty nine inch door opening. The sofa had to also be able to make it up and turned in a narrow staircase. There were many sleep sofas available for a "college dormitory room". Then we found one sleeper which was a contemporary style. Not our taste!

We spent hours searching the internet for "our sofa". There was nothing that met our taste until we opened up We were very pleased to browse the web site and observe the many choices. The pages that enticed us were the custom inspiration section. Yes, they would take their standard designs and customize it to the client's need. We found our sofa supplier!

The call to their 800 number was picked up by Cathy. It was like talking to a family member. She was very friendly, informative, discussed our needs and how her brother, and the company could create the sleeper love seat of our choosing. We picked out two fabrics, one from their stock, and their custom supplier. The samples were received in a matter of days, and we picked out our fabrics. We customized the sleep sofa in order to lower the back four inches (Cathy's suggestion), and my wife wanted "feet" on the sofa. We added a matching ottoman with ruffles that touch the floor. The price was discussed and a contract was e-mailed. Cathy told us that there would be no charge to our credit card until the unit was completed.

Within a month the furniture was ready and we were e-mailed a photograph of our furniture. My wife was so very happy that day. The room was complete except for the love seat and ottoman. It was received ten days later. The shipping company was polite, and handled the unit like it was a newborn baby. My wife was in awe at the way the Carolina Chair wrapped the couch and ottoman. She was even more pleased when the couch and ottoman were set in the room and said to me "It is very beautiful, much nicer than I expected".

We will be doing business with this company in the future. It is rare to find a company that takes pride in their product from the inception to the delivery phase. The quality of their finished product is top of the line. View photo

E. Sussman, Maryland, 3/17/10

Hi Cathy, My Elizabeth Vanity Chair came, and it could not be MORE fun and hip! I will be the "talk" of all the girls!!!! I love it! It is also elegant with a hip flare! Thanks so much,

R. Cohen, Maryland, 3/12/10

Cathy - I thought you might like to see the sectional in our Bahamas home. It couldn't be more perfect. The blue pillow did not go with the color of the sectional so we decided to put it outside with our hammock. Thanks again for everything. View photo

J. Janiak, Bahamas, 3/11/10

Cathy, Our Hughes Sofa Sleeper arrived earlier today and it looks great. We are very pleased with the quality of the workmanship, as well as the fabric selection. It has been a pleasure ordering from your company, and we will certainly recommend you to our friends.

D. and P. Belard, New York, 3/6/10

Hi Cathy!

I received my furniture earlier this week. It is absolutely perfect and exactly what I wanted and ordered. The workmanship is of the highest quality. The fabrics (Baltimore Navy and Baltimore Merlot) are exactly the colors of the swatches you sent me and really, really nice. I want to tell you how pleased I am with my entire Carolina Chair experience. Although I had purchased many items online before, I had never purchased furniture. I went to several local furniture stores to see if I could get what I wanted--I couldn't. That was when I decided to try Carolina Chair. I carefully researched your company on the internet. I read all your reviews. I looked at all your website photos. I measured my room and compared the measurements to those given. I ordered swatches and more swatches from you and other sites. I asked questions about how you would put the fabric on the furniture. Then, I didn't get that fabric anyway. I told you what I wanted and got your initial price quote. I revised my order several times with additional quotes each time which I may say were very reasonable. Finally, I ordered. Your patience was remarkable. I loved the pictures you sent me before you shipped my completed furniture. The delivery was exactly eight weeks to the day after my order even allowing for the length of the delivery process. I would also like to add that your understanding and trust after my credit card problem was greatly appreciated. It did not interfere with my scheduled delivery at all. You and your company are exactly as you advertise and more. The quality of your product and service you give is the absolute best. I could not have done any better anywhere. Thank you. View photo 1 | View photo 2

A. Ryan, New Jersey, 3/5/10

Our sleeper just arrived and I love it! I was like a kid waiting on Santa all morning! Thanks for the photo. I have already mailed it out to a couple of friends and now they can come see it in person.

C. Price, Georgia, 2/23/10

Hi Cathy!

Thank you and whoever sewed my cushion covers! They are perfect, and I am going to use the extra fabric to make some arm covers.

You were very helpful and saved me from having to spend a whole lot more money. I appreciate it, Cathy. I've attached a photo of the critter that ate my cushions. If he wasn't so darn cute, I would still be mad at him.

Thanks again!!! I hope you all are still around when my sectional finally bites the dust, because I will definitely be ordering from you again! The sectional is so well built and has stood up to kids and all kinds of animals, so I am thrilled to have the new casings! !

Note from CarolinaChair: B. Patrizzi ordered from us in 2003. Her dog “chewed" several of her casings and we made replacement casings for her.


B. Patrizzi, Pennsylvania, 2/22/10

Hello Cathy. I received my beautiful sofa today. My husband and I just love it. Thank you all.

R. Turner, Illinois, 2/13/10

Hi, Cathy....We received our couch and love seat yesterday. They are both absolutely beautiful and extremely high quality. So glad we ordered from you....the experience was delightful. View furniture.

R. Meyers, New York, 2/10/10

Hi Cathy, Just got my sofa yesterday. I love it!! The quality is everything and more of what you said it would be. I couldn't be happier. Thank you all so much! I will definitely recommend and use your services again. Thank you and talk to you soon!! View photo.

J. Louisos, New York, 2/3/10

Hi Cathy,

It all arrived in GREAT shape last evening. We love it and are excited to have it in place.

It was just super that you were able to make all the changes to the Eliot loveseat and chair we requested. The physical changes (increased arm height to 22.5", reduced seat depth to 20", decreased seat height to 17.5", and extension of arms to the front of the frame) along with the poly fiber wrapped back cushions is perfect for us. We are a short family (up to about 5' 6" with relatively short legs) and I have Muscular Dystrophy. With the changes you made we find the seating so very comfortable as well as the process of sitting and standing up again, so easy. We also really enjoy what we think is a rich rugged compact appearance due to elimination of the skirt, the 3"tapered feet, the bordered T-Back cushions, and the special request Barrow "tabernas linen" fabric. We feel the 2 loveseats and 2 chairs create a very pleasant arrangement which will encourage visiting in the relatively small area, rarely used before, in front of our living room fireplace.

You have been JUST SUPER!!!! Can't thank you enough for all your patience and help along the way!!!! AND.....PLEASE do thank your brother for all of his help in this process as well all of your employees who created these pieces for us. Believe us....friends and family will hear about "Carolina Chair, Inc." from us.

Our heartfelt Thanks for Everything!!!!

H. & M. Haas, California, 2/1/10

Sofa arrived. No problems getting it in at all. It looks great and is very comfy. THANKS. The dogs are already loving it!!

B. Hunt, Florida, 1/31/10

Hi Cathy,

Bob and I recently enclosed a screened porch to convert it to a 4 season sunroom. I wasn't quite sure how to furnish it, but I knew I didn't want wicker or rattan. I've seen your furniture displayed on "The Price is Right." I found your website and browsed. We wanted 2 small scale recliners. I loved the Crawford sectional, and called you. We exchanged ideas, and you helped me with the design. You suggested two one-armed chairs, and created a design for us. Your brother added an additional arm on each chair and added 3 inches in height to the back pillows. I then decided to add an armless chair. Because of the special you were advertising at the time, we were eligible for the free ottoman! After receiving several swatches from you, we chose Lamb Suede Lichen for our color. The furniture arrived 3 days ago. It is absolutely beautiful, exceeding our expectations!! The scale and color are "tres chic!!" We couldn't be more pleased! My husband loves the exceptional quality and workmanship!

Thank you for working with me to design the perfect furniture for our sunroom! Can't wait to start another room!! View photo.

L. and B. Raudenski, Pennsylvania, 1/24/10

Cathy --

Our loveseat arrived in Ketchikan Monday (January 18th) and we were there to pick it up as soon as it was off-loaded from the barge. Of course it was pouring rain (we do live in a rain forest) but with help from friends it made it into our house in great shape.

We are so pleased with it! Not only does it look great, it is comfy. Even my extremely picky husband is impressed with the quality of workmanship and with how sturdy the loveseat is -- the casters are wonderful as we move the loveseat when we watch TV.

I think I told you previously that we were living with a rocking loveseat we bought used in 1976 -- paid $25 for it. We have been looking for years for a replacement, but never found anything that would fit in the small space available for it in our very small living room. When I stumbled on your web site, I was very dubious about buying furniture sight unseen, not to mention the thought of having to ship it from North Carolina to Alaska, but what finally persuaded us to give your company a try was the thought of having the loveseat built in the United States by a small family-owned company.

You were wonderful to deal with, Cathy, and we couldn't be happier with the finished product. Would we recommend your company? You bet we will! Would we buy from you again? I certainly hope so! View photo.

Thank you so much -

D. and M. Freidenbloom, Alaska, 1/22/10

Cathy, the chairs arrived. They are beautiful. Thanks again for everything! Custom upholstery of this quality is extremely expensive in New York City. With Carolina Chair I was able to get the details and craftsmanship I wanted at a great price. I wanted a pair of English-style traditional club chairs with rolled arms, walnut legs and casters. I wanted clean lines, so I opted for no skirt and squared cushions. I also wanted to cut the traditional reference with casual denim fabric. Carolina Chair's denim is 100% Cotton which is a big plus. These will look great opposite my leather chesterfield sofa in my open NYC loft. Thanks again! View photo.

E. Gallegos, New York, 1/21/10

Thanks!!! And I am already a customer bought a sectional from you 7 years ago for our vacation home and now it's time to refurnish the family room here at home, and there was no question where i would go to get furniture exactly the way I want it! Can't wait to see the swatches! Note from CarolinaChair: Email from a customer who purchased in 2004. She just requested fabric swatches as she plans to be a repeat customer.

J. Scott, Pennsylvania, 1/12/10

Hi Cathy, Just a quick note to let you know that the furniture finally arrived this afternoon. No problems or issues, and all BEAUTIFUL and COMFORTABLE! Now if I can just keep the dogs off.... Thank you so much for all of your help in clarifying my ideas, and for your patience in sending swatch after swatch of fabric. And please give my thanks to the whole crew at Carolina Chair whose craftsmanship is so clearly evident in both new pieces (and in the replacement cushions for my existing sofa, too). I'm so glad I found you guys! Best regards,

C. Sarles, New Hampshire, 1/11/10

Cathy, I do want to order a sofa cushion cover, in Baltimore Coral, microfiber, (style? I think it was a "Hall" but don't know - hope you have this) to replace the one that was burned by a cigarette. We spoke about this recently. I have noted your phone number and will call you to give you payment information. Thanks so much. We love the sofa and have had lots of compliments----guests and friends have remarked how very comfortable it is and how it improves the room! I will call you with my credit card info tomorrow. Thanks for your assistance. Note from CarolinaChair: we are happy to be available to our customers for these special situations.

D. Thomas, Virginia, 1/7/2010

Hello, I purchased a great Yeats style sectional from you a few years ago. Today, my friend's dog destroyed the back cushions (long story). The fabric that I have is no longer available, apparently, but if I could, I would like to replace the back cushions with the "Colchester Truffle" fabric. I would need 3 regular and two corner cushions, standard filling. Is it possible to purchase just the cushions? If so please quote me a price. Thank you. I love my sectional and want to keep it if at all possible. Note from CarolinaChair: we happened to have some of our customer's original fabric in stock so she did not have to use a different fabric.

B. Patrizzi, Pennsylvania, 1/7/10

Cathy, Happy New Year! We are so pleased with the sofa- now in place at our beach house. We spent many hours "parked " on it to ring in the new year. Thank you for all of your help and for the beautiful product. You will surely get more business from us! View photo. Best,

A. Paull, Oregon, 1/4/10

Cathy - Just to let you know we received our couch on Friday after Thanksgiving, which was just fine. Time for the relatives to leave anyway! We are enjoying it, it is really terrific! Just need new furniture in the rest of the room now . . . . And the air mattress is fabulous - my kids want to sleep on the couch every night. Hope you have a wonderful new year!

T. Diaz, Pennsylvania, 1/4/10

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