Sofas arrived on Saturday and the delivery guys were awesome!  Condo is still “under construction” so sofas are wrapped (after I took a sneak peek) until ready to be used.  They looked fabulous!


M. Montee, Georgia, 12/31/14

Cathy, the chair is great. Beautiful and so far, the most pet proof thing we've owned. 
Now I'd like to order 2 love seats to match, same fabric. Can you recommend a particular model? 
Also, I was wondering if it would be possible to create a "sleeve" for the back of the love seats, much like those pieces of fabric sleeves that are fitted to go over the arms of the chair to protect them. It adds an extra level of pet proof-ness to the arms of our chair. Cats don't like to scratch the arms of the chair because the cover slips off.
And would it be possible to create such a sleeve for the back of the chair we already have? 
Thank you,

C. Wolfe, 12/20/14, Pennsylvania


We received our sofa/sleeper for our condo in Port Aransas, Texas and were delighted from start to finish in dealing with you! Your responsiveness and communications made the process so easy and we love the sofa! We will recommend your company to our friends and family with the confidence that you will go that extra step to take care of the customer!!

N. McClintock, Texas, 11/18/14

Just got my mattress.  Thank you for all your help! I have already told people about your siteso maybe you'll get more business from Texas!
God bless y'all!

D. Arnold, Texas, 11/17/14

Hi Cathy,
I love my couch!  The quality is amazing.  I've attached some photos and will let them speak for themselves.
This is my second purchase from you and I still have my first couch in another room.  It's 7 years old and in great condition.

L. Jury, Colorado, 10/30/14

Hi Cathy, 


The sofa was finally delivered yesterday evening.  We LOVE IT!  It is perfect in every sense.  Very well made!  We have a small TV viewing area off the kitchen and needed a sofa to fit against the wall. As I mentioned to you on the phone, I have lots of friends and family who have been eager to see this piece.  I will definitely recommend you guys.  


Please do send me the large pieces of Baltimore Pewter, Baltimore Chocolate, Baltimore Navy, and Baltimore Royal.  My preference is a dark grey, and I think Baltimore Pewter is close but it seems to be more green than grey. 


Any help in finding the right grey material is greatly appreciated.  I am anxious to order the sectional!!!



Thank you so much!

K. Chen, New York, 10/28/14

I finally got up to our new place to see the furniture. We love it.It's hard to take pictures, the lighting is to bright because I have yet to do the windows. that's next. I have a few pictures for you. Notice the furniture looks great with my carousel horse coffee table.
I must say, you should think about selling sofa and chair protectors. My two dogs just loved the new furniture. Every time I looked they were up on it. The little devils.
We do love it and I would recommend CarolinaChair to anyone. It was a pleasure to me you and your brother. It was a great buying experience. Thank you for being so helpful.
I hope you make it to Maine some day.  It's a great place to  visit.   West Jefferson reminds me a lot of Rangeley. 
Take care,

ME Targett, Maine, 10/28/14

Hi Cathy,
The sofa just arrived and it looks really great and is very comfortable.  It feels like solid quality.  The Bayport Burgundy fabric is very soft and just the right color. I'm very happy with it. I've attached a photo.
The delivery people were very helpful - our elevator has been out of service and they brought it up the stairs to my apartment on the fourth floor. Then they had to remove two doors from the hinges to get it into the apartment.  
It has been a pleasure doing business with you. I'm glad to order from a small  family shop such as yours and appreciate that it's made in the USA.
Many thanks to you all,

J. Spellman, California, 10/27/14

Hi Cathy,
Our container with the furniture arrived about about 3 weeks ago (from Oregon to our new home in England) so at last I'm writing you with my testimonial (below) and a couple pictures (attached). 
We really, really love our big blue sectional!  It fits our family so well and my kids love having a cool, comfortable place to do homework and hang out with their new friends!  It's a tough room to take pictures in so the attached isn't that great, but hopefully it'll work for your purposes.  The room the other sleeper chair is in is even more challenging room and I couldn't get a single good shot from any angle so i didn't send one of that one. 
My (Portland, OR) neighbor and friend saw the furniture before it was packed up into the container and really liked it.  They're redoing their basement and asked for your contact info so maybe (hopefully!) you'll hear from him.
Thank you again for everything you did. I'm grateful for all of your help. 

J. Latenser, Oregon, 10/26/14

Hi Cathy,
I wanted to let you know that the sectional was delivered this morning in perfect shape. It looks great! Thanks again.

E. Fisher, Illinois, 10/26/14

Hi Cathy!
Just wanted you folks to know we absolutely LOVE our new cream micro-fiber sectional. It is beautiful, comfortable, and pet-friendly. Your service has been impeccable; delivery was great and you are an awesome company!
Thank you!

D. Mongoven, California, 10/2/14

I want to thank ya'll for all of your help.  I got a notice from UPS that my replacement bladder will be delivered today.  The service that you provide is next to none.
Thanks again.

B. McCrory, Florida, 9/25/14

Sofa looks great! Many thanks.

M. Schachter, New York, 9/18/14

Hi Cathy,
Yes, I finally got my sofa and I LOVE it. It fits perfect. 

H. Welsh, New York, 9/17/14

Just received our sectional sofa. The delivery company wanted to deliver last week but we were not able to coordinate time. I absolutely love, love, love the sofa. Can't wait to install on boat. Will send you a pic. Save all my info because I may want an ottoman.
Also, really liked the delivery guys. They called me just to ask if they could be 20 min late!!!! Impressed.

P. Merriman, South Carolina, 9/10/14

Hi Cathy - My sleeper sofa looks great! It was easy to open and the mattress is so comfortable that I didn’t want to get up! Thanks for your help. 

M. Hill, Hawaii, 9/9/14

We absolutely love our new Kingsley chair and matching ottoman with nailhead trim. It matches our other furniture and decor perfectly. In fact the two men delivering it ,when they unwrapped it and placed it in our living room were awestruck at how well it all blended in together and how beautiful it all looked. The quality of your furniture,along with your very competitive price and the fact that it was made in the USA makes it a wonderful purchase,guaranteeing many years of beauty and enjoyment.


M.&C. Williams, California, 9/4/14

Note: this husband and wife team both sent a testimony to us!
Testimony from wife: When we decided to replace our uncomfortable long-lived sectional that fit EXACTLY into a tight space next to our fireplace, everyone said: “But we love that old sofa – especially the sleeper in it” – We agreed. Replacing it to those dimensions seemed impossible – We got exactly what we had but with more comfortable and sturdy pillows.  
Testimony from husband: When Melissa, our daughter recently married, said she was coming over with her ‘new’ family to spend a day by our fireplace on the sofa she loved and grew up on; it was a dream! Months after the marriage, we attempted to try to replace that long-lived sectional. When first bought, coincidentally it fit ‘exactly’ into a tight space adjacent to our protruding fireplace. Now it was absurd, for what we really wanted was our old sectional with better pillows. We got exactly what we wanted. Melissa herself never realized the difference! 

I.&I. Snapper, New York, 9/4/14

Hi Cathy -- I am sorry to be so late in getting back to you about my sleeper.  It is WONDERFUL -- just perfect!  And so comfortable!  The delivery folks were great -- on time, very professional.  They looked a little concerned when I showed them where it was going (up the stairs and around a tight corner), but I told them you and I had discussed it and the piece was designed to fit -- and it did!  Thanks so much!  I will make sure all my friends a relatives know about you and what a great job you did!
Thanks again!  

S. Winchell, Maryland, 9/2/14

We are so impressed with our new sofa! You guys ROCK! :) We are so very happy with it - thank you for your excellent customer service on one of the largest purchases of our lives! You made this purchase so easy online and were so willing to answer all of our many questions. We hope all of your customers are as happy as we are with our new sectional sofa! 

K. White, Florida, 8/31/14

Hi Cathy, Our sofa was delivered last night at 9:30 PM. We love it. It is the focal point of our small living room. I cannot thank you enough for your help in designing my custom, MADE IN AMERICA sofa. Please extend my thanks to all who were involved in bringing my wish to fruition.  I am just thrilled with it.  Can't thank you enough for everything.

N. Rubenstein, New Jersey, 8/29/14

The sofa was delivered last night.  It is exactly what I wanted and is a perfect fit.  Thanks so much.

S. Jeansonne, Louisiana, 8/1/14

Hi Cathy,
We just wanted to let you know that Nick and Travis did a fabulous job.  They arrived within the window you gave us and they expertly and efficiently unloaded and set-up our new Carolina Chair furniture!  Nick and Travis were very professional and courteous.  We absolutely love the look and feel of our new furniture!  
Thanks again for making the delivery happen.  We understand that HDS is in the midst of re-organizing, so they had to shuffle deliveries.  We appreciate your attention to take care of us so quickly.  We wish you all the best with your companies!
Take care,

F. Chu, Maryland, 8/16/14

Hi Cathy – Received my sofa yesterday and LOVE IT!!!  The fabric is perfect!! The quality is exceptional!!  It is very comfortable to sit on  and lay on as well!!  The delivery company even arrived earlier than the scheduled delivery time!! It is a little smaller in dimension than our prior sectional and we have room to add an armless chair to the sectional.  I wasn't sure when I ordered it and wanted to wait until it was in before I added an additional piece.  Is it possible to order this additional piece with the same fabric & make-up as our recent order? Would you prefer I place the order through your website or can we do it via email?  (note: additional chair was ordered!)
Thanks again Cathy – for everything …will be very happy to spread the word!!
Note from CarolinaChair: upon receiving her sectional, this customer realized she could have gone larger with her sectional and ordered another componet. She sent the following note.
Hi Cathy!  We are loving the new sectional!  Lots of compliments!  Do you by any chance have a target completion date for additional piece we ordered?  We are trying to time the arrival of the new coffee table with the arrival of the additional sectional piece.
Thanks once again for your help and enjoy the weekend!

J. Piekarski, New York, 8/14/14

We purchased a custom couch and chair from you in 2011.  I've attached the photo you sent from the factory before shipping.
I just wanted you to know that the set still looks like new and is very comfortable. No sags or squeaks - only some cat hair.  Our cats like the furniture, too.
Thanks again for a great product!

P. DiFranko, New York, 8/12/14

The furniture arrived this morning in perfect condition! It looks great & is very comfortable!
Our pack date got accelerated by a week so now I'm scrambling to get everything done on time so I will likely have to write your more glowing review after we get to London. I'll definitely write one, though because everyone should hear how wonderful you & your furniture are!
Thank you again! I'll be in touch.

J. Latenser, Oregon, 7/29/14


Cathy, my chair is here!!!! Very nice!!!! Fits my BIG BUTT REAL GOOD. Thanks so much! 

M. Willis, Pennsylvania, 7/25/14

Hi Cathy........our sofas are indeed  beautiful.  I wish you could see the two benches I had redone also. When Sue comes again, perhaps she can send uou a photo.  We had the benches before, so recovered them in an aqua and white companion fabric.  Stunning!
The reason for all the redo and remodel was a burst pipe during the winter of 2013....a mess one can't imagine.  But now we have a partial brand new lake house and are loving it, especially with the beautiful colors that great us each morning.
You do excellent work, and I am happy with the quality.  Sue was a God-send at handling all the transactions.  
Thank you. 

J. Ryan, Michigan, 7/21/14

I love my new chairs and sofa!

(note: this is a repeat customer - has ordered four times from us)

V. Weise, Nebraska, 7/19/14

Hi Cathy,
Our absolutely beautiful couch and chair arrived today!   They are exactly what we wanted and came right on schedule.
The Baltimore Apple fabric is gorgeous- even the delivery guys loved it!  Thank you so very, very much for making it possible for us to get such fabulous furniture at an affordable price.  You''ll definitely here from us again! 

J. Rapezi, Michigan, 7/11/14

Thank You, Cathy. Your customer service has been great. (ordered an Air Dream mattress for her existing sleeper)

C. Tonkowich, New York, 7/10/14

Hi Cathy,


The sofa arrived in the hours the delivery stated and was done very professionally.  It is beautiful and extremely comfortable to boot!  Thank you very much.  Another happy customer and I will recommend your company to anybody I know looking to purchase a new couch.  I will send you a picture of the sofa in its home soon.  Need to do some tidying first!


 Tell everybody that I appreciate the skill and hard work that went in to it.


Just wanted to add that I was a visual merchandiser at a high end furniture/home/kitchen supply store in Portland, Oregon for 4 years before I moved back to New Orleans and I know my furniture and construction and that is one quality not to mention custom built sofa at a great price! 

A. Boos, Louisiana, 6/26/14

I received the Air dream mattress and it fits great and it is all that we hoped for and now my granddaughter wants to stay overnight more so she can sleep on the new bed. Thank you for helping me out with making the right choice.


J. Demarchi, Connecticut, 6/19/14



We received our furniture yesterday morning, exactly at the time they told us they would be here! That's a first! The delivery guys were friendly and conscientious about not hitting any walks or anything else. The furniture looks nice and is very comfortable! It is obviously made to last and it's not toxic. I can't smell a thing and my eyes and lung don't sting. Thanks for everything. I can now definitely recommend CarolinaChair.


Happy customer,

T. Dola, Florida, 6/14/14


Cathy it came and it's Beautiful. Fits amazing but I already know I'm going to have to have y'all make me a chair next my one chair looks ghetto compares to your product I will text you a photo tomorrow we love it delivery drivers were great fyi.

D. Seeds, Tennessee, 6/10/14


A couple of years ago, my wife and I bought our living room sofa from We loved the solid construction and ability to customize it the way we wanted it. When the time came to replace the three sofas in our family room, we knew that ordering them from was the way to go. Now that they have arrived, our decision is confirmed. Great quality and exactly the way we wanted them, which in our case meant on casters, so that we could move them easily. Thank you, Cathy! 

T. and L. Friedrich, New York, 6/9/14


Hey Cathy! I have tried to make you some pictures and I am sending them. However, the media room is an odd shape with the TV recessed and it is dark, so you might not be able to use them. We are enjoying this sectional every night! It is perfect for watching movies as a family. Thanks again for your good job! 


S. Johnson, Alabama, 6/3/14

Hi Cathy,


Our sofa has just arrived.  It looks beautiful so tailored made and comfy.  It's a little shorter than my other but it has more seating room which makes a perfect choice.


Thank you again for the way you worked with us on our selection and the workmanship.


S. Fillipink, Pennsylvania, 6/1/14

Hi Cathy!


The sleeper arrived today and looks great!!  Cole loves it too ! ;). Thanks again! We tell everyone about you guys!

C. Buey, New Jersey, 5/30/14

Cathy, we received our sectional yesterday. It is beautiful, comfortable, and fits perfectly in our media room. We are more than pleased! The delivery service was very nice did a wonderful job of putting it in place. We will definitely consider ordering from Carolina Chair the next time we need any furniture. Thank you!

S. Johnson, Alabama, 5/29/14

The guys from Home Delivery Service called yesterday and asked if they could drop off the sofa last night instead of waiting until today, which was the scheduled delivery date.  I didn't mind at all.  They delivered the sofa at about 10:30 p.m.  That saved them a few hours of driving time back to NC and allowed me to not miss any work today.  The guys were a little tired from their long work day, but they were great and delivered the sofa in perfect condition then cleared out the packaging.  I give them a 5 out of 5 stars. 
As far as the sofa is concerned, you guys hit a home run.  As you know, we wanted a large contemporary sofa that was similar to your Marlowe sofa, but with some dimension changes and with a leather-like look and feel for a basement recreation room that could stand up to a fair amount of abuse from young boys over time.  I emailed all of the info to you, and you got back to me quickly with a fair quote for the custom work.  Then we requested some fabric samples.  You quickly sent us the ones we requested and plus a couple of polyurethane fabrics that you thought we might like, including Jasper Canyon.  We went with your Jasper Canyon idea, and it turned out to be a great call.
As far as I can tell, the sofa frame is solid and the sewing work on the fabric is flawless, and it looks great.  My wife was asleep when the sofa was delivered last night.  When she woke up and looked in the basement, she said that she loved it.  Success!!  Then she took a couple of pictures and sent them around the world on Twitter and Facebook.  We plan on ordering a shorter version of the same sofa to make an L-shaped section in the area shown in the attached picture.  After that, we might design a comfy recliner or a club chair and see if you guys would be willing to build it. 
It's been a pleasure doing business with you and your company, and I am looking forward to the next round.
All the best,

D. Selig, Maryland, 5/22/14



I wanted to let you know that my sofas arrived and that we love them!  They are exactly what I hoped for our family room (see attached).   I want to thank you personally for your responsiveness during this process; the outstanding customer service I received relieved any qualms I would normally have making such a large purchase sight-unseen.  During my search for high-quality affordable furniture, I became discouraged because it is nearly impossible to find.  So, lucky for me that I found Carolina Chair!  I am telling everyone I know about your company!

E. Malone, Ohio, 5/7/14

After having purchased three sofa's over five years to have them all have frame squeaks, the cushions breakdown in months and plywood/cardboard construction.  We wanted a quality hardwood sofa made in USA plus have it made with special options unique to our family needs.  CarolinaChair met all our needs - fabulous customer service and great price without any sales pressure.  Our family is very grateful to have found your family company and will be back to order more.


All the best,

M. Pacela, California, 5/1/14

Hi Cathy!


Our new sofa and chair arrived bright and early Sunday AM. Much to the surprise of the delivery guys, our local flock of wild turkeys took an interest in the truck and started gobbling and puffing up!  They were quite amused to see wild turkeys in the burbs so close to Philly. They did a great job getting the sofa and chair unwrapped and positioned and off they went to their last delivery.


It has been a joy working with you and your company since my first tentative phone call. But ANY concerns I had have completely vanished upon seeing feeling and lounging on our new sofa and my chair!  American made and very well, thank you.


So Miss Cathy, my heartiest thanks to you, your family and crew for my beautiful new furniture. I couldn't be happier!


You can use the photo in any way you want.


Thanks again from 2 big guys (and a smaller girl).

Let the TV marathon watching begin!


S. Keleman, New Jersey, 4/28/14


Hi Cathy,


I finally got around to taking some pictures of the new sofas. We are so pleased with our purchase. The dimensions fit perfectly in our space. Check out the height of the sofa back against the window sill. It's a perfect fit. And after having owned a number of standard factory made sofas, we can really see and feel the difference! The sofa is incredibly comfortable and a real pleasure for lounging.  After doing a lot of online research, we knew 8 way hand tied was the best quality but did not think we could afford this luxury, particularly because we wanted a customized sectional.  But then we found Carolina Chair! We could not be more delighted. Thank you so much for taking all that time to answer my many questions and helping me with the varied dimensions and of course the fabric. We can't forget about the fabric swatches. We were worried about getting such a nice sofa since we have four cats but the fabric is super durable, just like you said. The cats also send their thanks because there is finally room for all of us. The end result is outstanding! Thanks again!


Quick update 5-3-14: in-laws stayed with us last night. Loved the sleeper sofa--said it was so comfortable!!! 

J. Eder, New York, 4/27/14

We are so happy with our new sleeper sofa from Carolina Chair- it is well made, stylish and comfortable.  Cathy and all the staff were knowledgeable and helpful every step of the way- they even sent us extra fabric samples to make sure we got exactly what we were looking for.  The sofa is a quality piece that was made to our exact specifications, and it arrived very quickly.  The sofa had to travel quite a ways- from North Carolina across the country to Seattle and then on to a barge up to Alaska.  They took care to wrap the furniture carefully and worked with our freight forwarder to make sure it was safely transported to us.  We're delighted- thank you CarolinaChair!

S. Chaphell, Alaska, 4/24/2014

Hi Cathy,


My sofas were just delivered they are great! They are exactly what I wanted.

L. Homra, Florida, 4/14/2014

Hi Cathy,


Just wanted to let you know that the sofa and love seat arrived yesterday. We were quite surprised that Home Delivery came on Sunday. The furniture looks great, is quite comfortable and is very well made. Home Delivery was very professional and kept us posted on their time of arrival. 

K. Smith, South Carolina, 4/14/2014

Hi Cathy,

Got the sofa in today.  Wow it's so comfy!  Looks good in my living room too. My neighbor was jealous... or at least interested.... I gave her your website addy as well as a few other friends.


It's been a pleasure doing business with you...

M. Cutler, Mississippi, 4/1/2014

Hi Cathy,


The rocker was delivered this morning, and it is ADORABLE!  I absolutely love it, and it looks great in my dressing room.  It was a pleasure doing business with you!


J. Lorenz, Wisconsin, 3/26/2014


I purchased two identical love seats from Carolina Chair in February 2014.  I wanted to buy from the internet because I had a specific idea in mind and I did not want to spend the time shopping brick and mortar stores.  As eight-way tied springs were a requirement I focused on Carolina Chair.  The cost was as low as I could expect with this quality furniture. I must say I was a bit nervous since I was buying them 'sight unseen' and 'comfort untested'.  


Everything happened as detailed on their website.  I received the pictures of the love seats before they shipped.  My credit card was charged in the manner they told me.  I received the love seats during the time frame they told me.  


They were beautiful.  The construction was just as they advertised and the upholstery job was perfect.  I had selected a mosaic patterned fabric and the fabric was lined up symmetrically on the cushions and body of the love seats.  The fabric alignment was also identical between the two sofas.  I was totally impressed.


I give CarolinaChair my highest recommendation.  You get exactly what is promised on their website along with honest and gracious customer service. 


Cathy, Thanks for everything. You have been great to work with.

G. Sherrod, Georgia, 3/20/2014


Cathy, our sectional got here today and I love it.  Oh, and just so you know, I have given your name to several people so hopefully some will come your way :).  Everyone loved the height of the seat cushion and the firmness.  Firm, but not too firm! I love the sectional!!!!

M. Wiedelman, Indiana, 3/1/2014


We got it and it's beautiful!  Thank you Cathy ;)

R. O'Reilly, Washington, 3/1/2014


Delivery was great! Love it! Thank you!!

M. Heimerl, Florida, 2/29/2014


Hi Cathy!  Wanted to send you a picture of the sofa..  I think it looks awesome in it's new home.


N. Olson, Arizona, 2/28/2014

Dear Cathy,


They are in and are wonderful! Your brother does a fine job.


Thank you, 

J. Allen, Maine, 2/26/2014

Hi Cathy,


The sofa and love seat arrived safe and sound on Thursday. (The Home Delivery guys were very nice.) We love them! They're very comfortable and they fit perfectly in the room.


We live in a very small bungalow. In our long search for new furniture, we just couldn't find a matching sofa and love seat that we liked where both were small enough to fit in our tiny living room. We found some that were close to the right length but couldn't find anything with a small enough depth and that is why we chose your company. We loved that we were able to customize pretty much every dimension as well as the style. We are very happy with finished pieces.


Thanks so much!

J. Ganzevoort, Washington DC, 2/24/2014



They just delivered my couch and ottoman and I am thrilled! I love it even more than I thought I would. You guys do amazing work. 


Pics and more details to come, I promise. I am currently playing with room configuration -- not in any way related to the furniture.  Just trying to decide if I like something different. :) Besides, the lighting in my condo is TERRIBLE this time of day.


Thank you and your whole team!




Dexter, my cat, approves. His friend Lucy, my other cat, also approves -- she's just camera shy today. I approve of how easy it is to wipe cat fur off of this fabric!


K. Langone, Massachusetts, 2/19/2014

Hi Cathy, I was going to call you and let you know they came, but I’m sending this email. They are just beautiful and we are thrilled.  Thank you so much for your help and the wonderful service provided by your company I wish I had a bigger house so I could order more from you.

E. Shapiro, Illinois, 2/17/2014

Hi Cathy,


I just received delivery of the beautiful sectional sofa that your family created just for me. It fits perfectly in my living room, and looks just great. My family and friends will love relaxing on it, and I know from past experience that the solid construction of your chairs will hold up for years and years of use. The guys who delivered the sofa could not have been better. Very careful, friendly, and efficient. Thanks so much for your help in choosing just the right fabric and color. You guys are the best!


I will be more than happy to send along a great recommendation to you. I always tell my friends about you, and wish more people would consider buying from a small family owned and operated, USA business such as yours.  Your products speak for themselves: well made, well designed, and affordable, not to mention the fabulous personal service and attention.


(note from CarolinaChair: this is one of our many repeat customers)

B. Patrizzi, Pennsylvania, 2/17/2014



The much anticipated delivery of our sectional has exceeded our expectations!  The quality is amazing and it is so comfortable.  I had a hard time making my husband get off the chaise so I could snap a photo or two.  


Our house is small and we did not want to settle.  We were so happy that you guys were able to customize a sectional that would work for our space and give us the style and comfort we wanted.  I know we will enjoy it for years to come.

R. Sublett, Texas, 2/11/2014

Hello Cathy.


I received the furniture on Sunday, February 2nd. It arrived in excellent condition. After a few naps (it sleeps well) and much lounging, I have no regrets. Quality always commands premium pricing and furniture is no exception (I have learned this lesson over many years).


Upgrading the back and seat cushions and borders, as well as the ottoman storage, were definitely good decisions. The sectional/ottoman/pillows style, construction, strength, comfort and firmness meet or exceed my expectations. Considering my daily routine of turning, rotating and fluffing the pillows and cushions, I believe this investment will be paying off for many years to come.


M. Bolick, North Carolina, 2/11/2014

I spent a decent amount of time searching for the perfect sleeper sectional. Eventually, I came across Carolina Chair and realized I had a strong contender. After a few emails and phone conversations with Cathy, I knew I was right to have held out like I did. This was the most helpful, professional, and fun customer service experience I had in my search. Being the owner, she was the perfect one to deal with. She made it so easy for me to bring it all together.


My sectional arrived in the amount of time I was told, and it is absolutely beautiful!


It's comfortable, well-built, and I'm getting tons of compliments. I can't emphasize enough, the value of true professionals. So glad this is the company I chose to create a custom made centerpiece for my home! They earn their praise, and I highly recommend them! Couldn't have been a better experience. Thanks Cathy and all who are involved in your terrific company! 

G. Stefanelli, New Jersey, 2/10/2014

Hi Cathy,


I’m remiss in telling you that the sofa arrived last Sunday about 3 p.m., just in time so that Brant (husband) could sit on it for the Superbowl!


We love it! The color is very similar to what we had before so that is not much of a change. The firmness of the cushions and trim lines are different from our old one. It very lovely to look at. We so appreciate the fine workmanship!


I’m trying to not be too fussy over it (as in eating food on the sofa, etc.) but it’s hard as I’m very glad to have it.


Thanks so much for to you and your brother and whoever else worked on this. You have my vote as the best customer service ever!


Sincerely and I will be bragging!


P. Miller, Tennessee, 2/6/2014

I just wanted to say thank you! I received my Air Dream mattress and pump today. Thank you for your recommendation.

S. Trapp, Michigan, 2/4/2014

Hi Cathy,

Finally getting around to telling your guys how happy we are with the couch and chair in our new (old) home. The whole process from the first call to you on a weekend night and you answered, well we knew this company was run by people who really cared about their business and customers.

Your couch which I'm sitting on now and do a lot of sitting on is perfect. Your recommendations to changes in sizing the seats and back worked out really well.

Thanks for such a nice experience and product.

P. Mathias, South Carolina, 1/29/2014

We downsized to a townhome and needed to replace our long sofa. Shopped around for over a year and did not find anything that fitted our needs. Everything was very bulky with wide arms, two cushions, did not blend with the rest of our furniture and had limited options for seat height in the length we needed.  Being somewhat tall and having had both hips replaced I wanted a firmer seat with a little higher seat height. One day while surfing the internet looking at all the different manufacturer’s sofas I accidently pulled up Carolina Chair and was intrigued by the all custom options they offered. I immediately called, got more information, and explained what I was looking for. Cathy said the options I wanted could be done and she mailed out some fabric samples. Just so happened our vacation took us past Carolina Chair so we stopped for a visit. The shop was immaculate; we saw some finished pieces and were impressed. After vacation went home and placed our order (higher seating, custom length,  and three extra firm seat and back cushions). The sofa has since been delivered and has all the options we requested. We are extremely pleased.

J. Zirzow, Illinois, 1/28/2014

Hello Cathy,

I just wanted to let you know my beautiful chair arrived and I love it. I don't think I want anyone to sit on it:).

A. Martinez, California, 1/28/14


The mattress just arrived!  Wow!  You guys are fast!  Thanks a million for your good service.  The 25 year old mattress that was on the Ethan Allen Sleeper (which belonged to my mother-in-law) is on its way to the dump!  Thanks again!  I love doing business with you.

T. Masters, Texas, 1/24/14

Very pleased to be getting another fine quality, "made in the USA" sectional sofa from the Fry family. The first one was terrific, and I'm sure this one will be as well. If not for my psycho cat, the first one would still be going strong.

B. Patrizzi, Pennsylvania, 1/15/2014




It has been a month now since my sofas arrived. 


I meant to send you a big thank you note before Christmas but got caught up in the craziness of holiday preparations.  Thank you !!!  


They are not only gorgeous but exactly what we aimed for! When Jet Blue suspended operations in New York, we had 5 "Jet Blue Refugees" in our home, three of which slept comfortably on the sofa!


Have a great New Year!  


I have plans for more sofa pieces and will let you know as soon as I am done!



B. Jostmeier, New York, 1/13/2014

Everything looks great and I can't wait to sleep on this.

Thanks for providing great customer service!

B. Bolhman, South Carolina, 1/10/2014

Hi Cathy,

I just wanted to let you know that I took delivery of my new sofa on December 30th and am totally in love with it. Fits in the space perfectly, is very comfortable and seems to be a quality piece.  Thank you for all you did to make this a success. I am very pleased! Also, the delivery guys were friendly, professional and quick.

Thanks again, 

A. Bissette, North Carolina, 1/6/2014


Hi Cathy!

With the holidays and everything I am a little behind sending you the picture of my new furniture. The sun was out this afternoon and caught a good picture with my phone.We love the new furniture and are very pleased with the quality and the beauty of it!

Thank you for all your help!

P.S. My Mother in Law loved it!!!


D. Gilmore, Florida, 1/1/2014


Cathy, thanks for everything! The sofa and chair looks terrific and my client is happy … YAY!

Happy New Year!


J. Mang, New Jersey, 1/1/2014


Everything is beautiful! Fits perfectly in my room. My husband loves everything! Y'all did an amazing job. He especially loves the chairs. He was not sure about ordering furniture on the internet.


J. Parks, Alabama, 1/1/2014

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