Dear Carolina Chair,

For those people in this world that know exactly what they want, your company is an answer to prayers! We had searched and searched for a company that would design exactly what we knew we wanted. The design process was easy, efficient and every wish we had could be specified. The fabric color matches our rug perfectly. Quality construction, a Queen Sleeper sofa section that sleeps so well and a professional delivery service were icing on the cake. Most of all, I want to thank you for such professional, responsive and quality customer care. We are extremely impressed! view photo


J.N. Casey, New York, 12/31/07

Dear Cathy, I just want to tell you and your brother that the couch is lovely and beautifully made! I thank you for your extreme measures in getting it to us and the delivery guys (one who was named Brett Paulson) were wonderful and extremely hardworking and helpful.



J. MacMurray, New York, 12/19/07

I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience with the folks at CarolinaChair. From the personalized attention to creating my custom sectional and sleeper sofa for two rooms in my home - to the quality of the workmanship. I am thrilled! Wishing you the best of luck in your business - YOU ARE ONE-OF-A-KIND! view photos


E. Pettrigrow, New York, 12/14/07

Just wanted to let you know that I love my beautiful sofa that you made for me. It was a bit nerve-wracking to spend so much money for a piece of furniture that I had never seen nor sat on, but it turned out to be perfect!

Thanks again,


M. Linn, Massachusetts, 12/11/07

Cathy, I just received my sofa and I love it. I mean, I seriously love it. It is perfect in every way. I can sit down and get up without having to use my cane and its beautiful to boot. I'll send you a picture of how it looks in my room -- it matches my chairs perfectly. Thanks for all your help. View photos of furniture.


L. McCurry, Georgia, 12/6/07

Dear Cathy,

Hope you and your brother are well and hope the Plant Manager is doing better, too. My sofa was delivered last Thursday morning (11/29), and the delivery went smoothly and quickly. After the delivery men left, I spent most of the day just admiring the sofa. It is really even prettier than the photos you sent me because it's a deeper, richer black color than it is in the photos and it feels so soft and luxurious to the touch. The sofa makes my entire room look very sophisticated and classy. I am also impressed with how sturdy it feels when I sit on it. I have a bad back, and sagging couches make my back hurt. My new sofa actually gives me support when I sit on it so that my bad back feels quite comfortable. I am so very, very pleased with the workmanship and customer service I received from your company that I have been singing your praises all over Brooklyn. I think I'm eventually going to buy one more chair for my living room and I don't have to tell you I'll be buying it from you. Even though I was a little skeptical at first about buying furniture over the Internet, I am so happy I stumbled across your website because I made the best choice I could ever have made when I decided to buy my sofa from Thank you very much. View photos.

Happy holidays and the very best to you and yours,


D. James, New York, 12/5/07

Hi Cathy,

WE SIMPLY LOVE THE CHAIR AND OTTOMAN!!! It is the PERFECT addition to our cozy cottage. We had a big over sized sofa and you provided us with the perfect complementing chair. I know I changed my mind a big and fussed & fretted over what I wanted but YOU were wonderful to deal with and seemed to view the picture I had in my head. It looks great and is the perfect blend with the padded down. My husband has already had his first nap! Thank you! You were great to deal with and I'd recommend you to everyone. View photo of furniture.



V. Rosenberg, California, 12/4/07

Dear Cathy,

My husband and I just got back from visiting our son, daughter-in-law and granddaughters. We were there for the Thanksgiving holiday. They purchased a farm house a few months ago and my husband and I decided to buy them a sleeper sofa as a house gift. When I spoke with you, Cathy, concerning our needs I was somewhat apprensive as my husband and I are in our mid 70's and not small in size. Thank you Cathy, you were absolutely right. The sleeper sofa with air mattress was more comfortable than our bed at home. Your delivery people were great, delivering on Thanksgiving morning. It was a pleasure dealing with you and your fine furniture company. Our entire family thanks you for your personal service.

Happy holidays,


A. Biviano, Virginia, 11/30/07

The ottoman arrived and it complements the chaise beautifully. The chaise now allows my husband to lie completely flat and is just as comfortable as our bed. The fabric was an excellent choice for his condition. I recommend this fabric for anyone in our situation or who has small children. It's great. Thank you so much for your generosity and I look forward to contacting you in the new year.

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas to you and to all the family members of CarolinaChair. View photo of furniture in Sunbrella Linen Basil.


M. Jablecki, Maryland, 11/21/07

Dear Cathy,

Somewhat belatedly, thanks so much. The sofa, loveseat and armchair look great! We are very happy! View photo


J.Blatt and L. Pross, Maryland, 11/20/07

Cathy, my chair arrived last night and it is beautiful. They called to see if they could deliver it early and I wound up going out on the road to lead them to me house!! Can't fault them, however, as I live on a very dark street, not easily found at night.

The workmanship on the chair is excellent. I am very happy to have acquired this lovely, American-made, piece of furniture. The whole experience has been delightful and I thank you and your company for the personalized service. You can be sure word will get around.


M. Fitzsimmons, Michigan, 11/12/07

Hi Cathy! The chairs arrived today. They are absolutely perfect! The quality and design are exceptional. We are looking forward to getting more furniture from you in the future!

Have a happy and healthy holiday season. Thanks again. View photo


J.Vitha, New York, 11/8/07

Cathy, my furniture finally made its way here yesterday. The delivery service personnel were pleasant, efficient, and on time. I'm pleased with the chair. The workmanship is very good, and I'm particularly happy with how the fabric pattern was placed and matched. What's more, the chair is comfortable! It's not always possible to get a "look" as well as comfort. I expect I'll be ordering again in the future. Your on line process works well for me. I'm hard to please; I hate to shop; and I like to customize my purchases. (How about adding an elegant and comfortable wing chair to the line?)

I'll spread the word about CarolinaChair.


G. Abels, West Virginia, 11/5/07

Hi Cathy,

Just a note to let you know I received the sofa and chair in good condition. The set looks members have been over to see it and they love it, too! I'm very appreciative of all the help you gave me during the entire process. A+ customer service; A+ quality; A+ value...what more can a consumer ask for?

Thanks, again, to you and your entire staff for a job well done.



J. Roberts, Massachusetts, 11/3/07

Cathy - My new sofa was delivered today, and it is splendid. It's so well-made, and so incredibly cool looking (with the stump end), I am in love with it. It's also COMFORTABLE! I'm so glad I got the fiber-down cushions - heavenly.

FYI, the delivery guys (New England Retail Delivery) were great, courteous and careful.

Thanks so much. I am thrilled with my sofa. View photo



C. Twitchell, Rhode Island, 10/24/07

Working with CarolinaChair was a true pleasure. My sofa turned out gorgeous and exactly how I hoped it would look. Their customer service exceeded my expectations. I will definitely place more orders with CarolinaChair and refer my friends to them. View photo


M.C. Williams, Florida, 10/17/07

First of all, the chair is gorgeous!! It was more than I had hoped for. It was also exactly what I had wanted. I thank you very much. Secondly, the delivery personnel were the best! They were fun and prompt and were wonderful during the delivery. I see why you like the company so much.

This has been a tremendous experience and I wanted to pass along my sincere thanks.


C. Averill, Florida, 10/17/07

Hi Cathy,
My client really likes her new RED sectional sofa. Thank you for your great customer service during the design and ordering process. The delivery service was wonderful too! View photo


K. Westwong, Washington, 10/15/07

Hi Dee, Cathy and Loretta! Just a note to say that the 3 pillows arrived and they are perfect!! Thank you so much for such a beautiful sectional. We are enjoying it every day and remembering our short but wonderful visit to your factory and to North Carolina. View photos

Our best,


C. & L. Wight, California, 10/12/07

Hi Cathy,

Yes, we finally got the sectional last night. It's great. Cindy really likes it, it fits perfectly, and Charlie, our 15 year old, has already monopolized the corner unit extending to the stump-end for falling asleep in front of the TV. Hopefully, Cindy and I will someday have a chance to use that portion of the furniture. The furniture is very comfortable and has the right proportions of slump and support.

Thanks again for your help in the design and making such as nice product.

Best Regards,


J. Powell, Texas, 10/4/07

Hi Cathy. Just wanted to let you know I received my order yesterday and as usual the drivers were very nice and courteous and the furniture arrived in excellent condition. It looks great and I couldn't be more pleased. I think I have all the furniture I need now. It has been a pleasure working with you and Carolina Chair and I will try to "spread the word" as much as possible. (note: the Esler's are repeat customers - View photo)


L. Esler, Georgia, 9/21/07

Hey Cathy,

WE LOOOOOOVVVVVVVEEEEEE THE SECTIONAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Its gorgeous and we are so very pleased with the work you all did from beginning to end you guys are the GREATEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We keep going in and looking at the couch AND LOOKING!!! SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I have waited about 7-9 years to order from you, a long wait but I am so thrilled to finally have my very own sectional. Cant wait to order the second part to the livingroom (same fabric/ordering probably FEB 08).

WE LOVE THE COUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks so very much! View photo



S. Albertson, Colorado, 9/19/07

Our furniture arrived yesterday. I could say I was speechless but that has never happened. It is beautiful!! I sit in a chair across from it so I can look at it. It has been fun calling friends to come over. I did have some mention they would be scared to order without sitting on it first. So I was a little concerned about that. But it is extremely comfortable. The ottoman was fun to see. Perfect!! Again, I thank you for your work, service and patience. I will happily recommend you. View photo



G. Myers, New Mexico, 9/6/07

Cathy - We just love our sectional, loveseat and ottoman! We were so pleased to be able to customize all elements of a sectional for our playroom that we were looking for - virtually indestructable, durable fabric, an amazingly comfortable queen-sized sleeper and the perfect configuration for us. We had looked at all the catalog and furniture store sectionals, but none had everything we were looking for.


W. Hecimovich, North Carolina, 8/29/07

Hi Cathy,

I want to tell you what a pleasure it was doing business with you. In the course of the building and furnishing of our house in the Caribbean, we dealt with many companies, as you can imagine. I had been told that it would take between three and four months for couches to arrive. After finding your company on the web, I called and spoke with you on the phone. You told me that the order would arrive in six weeks. Several friends more experienced than I am in furnishing a house, advised me not to count on that. Nevertheless, six weeks later, the couches arrived. Your website is very easy to navigate, and there are plenty of choices. Even with the special order of Sunbrella fabric, the wait time was half of any other company which we had found.

I have recommended your services to many people and will continue to do so. Thank you and good luck with everything!


T. Roche, St. John (US Virgin Island), 8/20/07

Dear Cathy and all the craftspeople at CarolinaChair,

I do love my new sofa. I tried the air mattress on the sleeper and it is wonderful--can't believe it. No more achin' backs from sleeping on the sofa bed. Having the swatches ahead of time was so important when deciding on color and fabric. I really appreciated the ability to modify design--the lower arm height for our sofa is perfect and you still get good arm support. We are planning on having this sofa for a long time at our cottage. The delivery was good -- they were a day late, but called at the time they were supposed to be at our cottage and asked if the next day was possible--the truck was being repaired at the warehouse. I'm glad I planned on being at the cottage an extra day. View photo

Thanks again.


C. Meeker, Michigan, 8/17/07

FYI: The 3-piece sectional arrived today. It looks terrific, is just as we ordered it, and really completes the “living area" of our home comprised of the kitchen, dining, homeschool/office (and now) the sitting areas. The in-laws and I agree that it certainly helps make my case that I provide them with Xtreme In-law Care. (They are caring for our home while we're away on the next segment of our vacation. We leave tomorrow so the time is perfect). I'd try it out the new sectional but my mother-in-law has commandeered it for the duration of her visit!

Please thank all those who had a hand in building it!


T. O'Malley, California, 8/15/07

We are so thrilled with the sectional we just ordered from CarolinaChair, because they and only they allowed us to work out the exact configuration of our sofa sectional "OUR WAY". Not their way, which is how the big mail order retailers PB and C & B make their customers choose. We have a very small room and it had to be planned very carefully in order to function for us. We used graph paper and plotted out various units according to the dimensions given on their website. Unless I am very much mistaken, I am sure we will order another sectional for our living room, since I'm sure my husband will find our present sofas very much wanting now that we have the a quality product to compare against. Thank you Fry Family and all who work in the factory for keeping American craftsmanship alive and well.

Sincerely yours,


C. & B. Coate, California, 7/20/07

Cathy, we got it today at 6:30am! Thank God my husband was awake - they had said 7am-9am. Holy Cow, that was early! Anyway, it's beautiful, perfect, REALLY STUFFED - and Matt is finally not complaining! Thank you and your brother and co-workers very much for a job well done! I can't wait to move into a bigger house to add onto what we have! View photo


T. Trail, Florida, 7/6/07

I forgot to send you a note to say thank you for all the great work you did. We got the sectional and we love it. As you probably noticed my husband Jeff was very sceptical in me purchasing a sectional online, but you guys were great. I love it. It fits perfectly and is so comfortable. The only problem is that I am afraid my marraige will end over this thing. Since we got it Jeff has only slept in bed once, and that was because we had a guest sleeping on the couch! We have a comfy bed too!

It was very difficult to get any kind of contact that was useful from the shipper, but they finally came and set it all up well. Once again, thank you for having the sofa we wanted. Great quality too!


M. Kostiuk, Massachusetts, 7/6/07


A quick note to let you know the sofa arrived. It is wonderful and arrived in great shape. Here are some photos. Thank everyone for their prompt and kind attention and great attention to detail. View photo

Hope you all have a great summer.



C. & R. Ducibella, Massachusetts, 6/25/07


Our sectional arrived at our Ocala, FL home in perfect condition on June 7. The delivery crew was very careful and unwrapped it at the door. The color is just perfect and it is perfect size match for our living room. The down wrap cushion option makes it great for sitting or snoozing. We appreciate the chance we had to visit your factory and make a seating test which led to us choosing this option. We will certainly recommend you to our new neighbors when they see the sectional. We are very pleased with the curved back corner wedge. The curved back faces into the center of our great room and makes a very dramatic impact. The wedge is my favorite place to sit. View photo


C. Sugierski & V. Weaver, Florida, 6/14/07

Here are a few photos of our couch. It is comfy and beautiful! The sofa fits perfectly in the space and gives us plenty of room for walkways and other sitting areas. Plus, we can all fit on the sectional for games, family meetings and watching t.v. as a group. It is exactly what we wanted! We will recommend CarolinaChair to our friends and family. Thanks for everything! View photos


The Peele Family, Ohio, 6/4/07


My wife and I are sitting on the new sectional now, and we LOVE IT!

It works perfectly in the space we had it made for, and we are not disappointed in any way in the color, quality, or comfort of the pieces.

In fact, my wife has already started talking about maybe having a few more things made for the house, and she has given info about your company to our decorator, who gets a fair amount of furniture made for her clients.

It has been a good experience working with you, and your attention has been greatly appreciated.

You may hear from us again soon!

Thanks again.


M. Pitts, Maryland, 6/4/07

We ordered a full sleeper from you last fall. We purchased the air mattress for the sleeper; after using it several times with guests, they say they sleep very, very comfortably. My husband and I are very pleased with the sofa. The craftsmanship is superb, the denim fabric is sturdy and fits the rustic decor of the guest room. The large ottoman is perfect for lounging or with a tray as a coffee table. We were also pleased with the shipping, although we were not able to accept the first date the shippers wanted to deliver. They still delivered in a timely manner. Thank you for the fine product.

Best regards,


J. and D. Leech, Texas, 6/2/07

Dear Cathy,

I love my couch! I looked everywhere for a couch this size! We needed a special size for the space. I looked at some of the 'higher' end stores and actually sat on their products. They aren't made as well nor do they have warranties. I could have spent the same amount of money for a couch from R&B with no ottoman, no custom size, only a few choices of fabric, not the same quality of workmanship, & no warranty. I read all of the testimonials and was impressed that everyone loved their furniture. I ordered a Crawford custom couch in Sultry Suede L:ichen with a sofa bed on one side. We increased our seat cushion to 5" & included the fiber down package. The fiber down package is wonderful. We needed a special size for the space, so I gave Cathy a measurement & it fits perfectly. We both love it. I'm impressed with the workmanship. So if you're looking at PB, C&B or R&B, shop here instead. You won't be disappointed. View photo


L. Jury, Colorado, 5/30/07

Dear Cathy,

Thanks so much for helping me figure out what sofa would work best for us. We love our sofa! I can tell it is made from the highest quality fabrics that are not only easily cleaned (important when you have 3 little boys), but is also so incredibly soft and cuddly. Thanks also for accommodating the changes we asked for in the Eliot sofa. I will spread the word! View photo in home.


W. McGraw, Washington, 5/29/07

Hi Cathy,

Just wanted to let you know that we love our new couch! It fits perfectly in the motorhome and looks great. It is the most comfortable couch I've had since we sold our house and started full time RVing 9 years ago. I will most definitely recommend you to anyone who asks where we got our wonderful couch.

Thank you so much for all your hard work. View photo

Attention RV and travel trailer owners: There is an alternative to replacing your furniture with only Flexsteel options. We have found a great company to work with that will custom fit ANYTHING you want to replace what you currently have in your RV or trailer. It seems impossible to get RV furniture that does not include a sofa that makes into a bed. This is not what we wanted, the Flexsteel sofas are terribly uncomfortable to sit on, and more than uncomfortable to sleep on. Unfortunately, we do not have a choice out there. Well, guess again, CarolinaChair will work with you and will custom make a sofa or couch to fit your needs. We did not want our couch to make into a bed; this coach will feed 8, entertain 12, but it only sleeps 2. Therefore, we searched for a replacement couch for the Flexsteel and found it at CarolinaChair. This is a wonderful company to work with, and we did it completely over the Internet. I must admit that at first I was not comfortable ordering a couch over the internet, thinking I was buying a "pig in a poke" (guess that is dating me), but it is the best investment we have made since becoming full time RVers in 1998. If you are thinking about replacing sofas or chairs in your rig, you can't go wrong with considering CarolinaChair. I am so glad to finally be comfortable while watching TV.


M. Friske, Texas, 5/23/07

Hi Cathy,
The couch is phenomenal! The fabric is perfect! I just wanted you to know that I am highly satisfied with the craftsmanship of this furniture and I appreciate you going the extra mile to get my fabric. Also, HEP Direct was awesome with the handling of my furniture - you were right, I was just nervous.

Thanks a million,


D. Piterski, New Jersey, 5/13/07

Hi Cathy!

Thanks for all your help with the process of selecting, measuring, color and fabric coordinating, designing and constructing the chair and ottoman. Your customer service and attention to detail made the process better than I could have expected. View photo

With gratitude and satisfaction,


R. Rimbault, California, 5/12/07


I have tried several times to send you a message to let you know how much I am enjoying my new sofa but my server was down. It fit the space perfectly and has enhanced my room. I also noticed how well made it is. My dogs love to look at it too but are keeping their distance as "Mom" told them they couldn't get on it unless they were lying in her lap. This is the first new sofa I have had since my husband died several years ago. I plan to add a few more items eventually so I may be e-mailing you again in the near future. View sofa

Thanks to all of your who have made such a good product.



S. Pitman, Oklahoma, 5/11/07

Hi Cathy,

I wanted to let you know that our chairs arrived and we just love them!!!! They are really comfortable and fit perfect in our space. Even my kids love them.


L. Bini, New Jersey, 4/24/07


I just wanted to say thanks for making a great product. Our 2 year old daughter has written on every sectional component at least every other day with pen, permanent marker, and crayon and each time the stain has come out. We will be recommending you to everyone. Thank you again for the great customer service.


J. Zielinski, New Jersey, 4/23/07

Hi Cathy. The big truck made the long trip from Manhattan to Liverpool on Saturday. They were anxious to turn that rig around and head South before getting caught in the Nor'easter. Very wise (smart) guys!

I know you've heard it before - and will again in the future - but the furniture you made is Beautiful! Lots of blue but I'm tired of green. The ottoman is HUGE, large enough for 3 pairs of feet. I almost ordered another one as a sitting stool for extra company; but so glad I didn't. My family room isn't that large and two would have been too much.

I'm trying to spread the word about your company. Anyone who stands still for five - gets the story! Thanks again for your help - CarolinaChair is a positive for Internet sales. View furniture


F. Hunter, New York, 4/17/07

Dear Cathy,

We received the sofa on 4/15 and it is as nice as we expected. We really like it - the quality and the fabric - and are so pleased with our choice. It looks fabulous! Thank you and please thank your brother for us.


S. Clark, Virginia, 4/17/07


The sectional arrived today and we love it! The size and color and everything is perfect for our room. The delivery was painless and went off without a hitch!


P. Charpentier, Illinois, 3/28/07


The picture didn't turn out well enough to do our new sofa justice - but we absolutely LOVE it. It has really improved my mom's living area and we are EXTREMELY satisfied. As soon as any of us are ready to purchase more furniture - it will definitely come from Carolina Chair! View furniture.

Thanks so much for everything,


C. Shell, Oklahoma, 3/24/07

Dear Cathy,

The couches are lovely and everything turned out great. I look forward to recommending you and hopefully do more business in the future.



J. Shatz, Maryland, 3/22/07

We received the furniture and it is all in place. We really like it and are so pleased with the workmanship, fabric and overall appearance of our couch, chairs and ottoman. We just couldn't be more pleased!

Thank everyone for us, please! Your company did a great job for us ... and right on time!


K. Biegay, New Jersey, 3/19/07

Cathy, the delivery service had our sectional to us the Thursday after you e-mailed us! Not only did you build the furniture faster than we anticipated, the delivery was quick as well.

We love our new furniture. Thanks for working with us to get the exact dimensions we needed to fit our room. The fit and fabric are perfect. With your brother's help, we decided on the thicker cushions and found that they are exactly what we needed. Please thank your brother for the time he took to give us the tour of your facility and help us decide on exactly the right style for our needs. If we decide we need additional furniture for the room, we definitely will contact Carolina Chair. Again, thanks for the personal attention! View furniture.


C. Bruno, South Carolina, 3/11/07

I wanted to let you know that our sectional was delivered at the end of last week and it is beautiful. The photo you sent us didn't do it justice! I'm so glad we custom ordered the fabric because it is exactly what we needed. We have two large dogs and a yard full of red clay. We wanted an attractive, comfortable, sturdy sectional, in a dark print fabric, that could co-exist with our animals....and us! Your sectional is perfect! I was a little hesitant to order furniture on-line because I was afraid I wouldn't be able to check the quality or the comfort. My concerns were totally unfounded. The sectional is so well made and it is extremely comfortable.

Our positive experience with your company will make us two of your best salespeople! We'll pass the word to anyone interested in purchasing quality furniture.

Thank you so much for your personalized attention and the wonderful service we received throughout the process.

Warmest regards,


B. and L. Bloomfield, North Carolina, 3/8/07

I received my couch today and all I can say is, "WOW!!!" Everyone thought I was crazy to buy a sofa without going to the store, but you guys sure proved them all wrong. We have three boys and I needed something built to last. I was tired of having to buy a new couch every two years because the springs would give out. However, after seeing how you construct your furniture and being able to choose the exact fabric I was won over. I have the nicest looking and best built couch in all the family. I have told everyone that if they are looking for high quality at an affordable price to visit your website. I just wanted to give a big "THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!" to everyone at Carolina Chair for making me my dream sofa! view photo


S. Mann, Kentucky, 3/8/07


I love the couch. It looks perfect. The fabric is exactly what I wanted and the measurements worked great.

Thank you.


I. Kunsman, Washington, DC, 3/7/06


Thanks for the picture. The couch arrived early today at 8:30 am, the driver called me yesterday to give me the heads up. The delivery service was great. The couch is beautiful and the early delivery was a nice surprise. Thank you so much for making the couch buying process so easy and enjoyable. I will definitely recommend your company to everyone I know. Thanks again.


D. Cortes, New York, 3/2/07

Dear Cathy,

At long last, here are three pictures of our beautiful sofas. We love them! Thank you for your advice and guidance in helping me to customize them - the results are perfect, and you took the anxiety out of the process. Please, too, pass along to your manufacturing employees how much we appreciate the top quality - they are everything we had hoped for and more. We have had them now for three months, and I am so happy to say they have passed every possible test: the down-wrapped cushions hold up beautifully with minimal periodic plumping and are so comfortable, just right; the frames are solid and heavy - no squeaks! (which makes me realize of what lesser quality were our previous sofas); the material is beautiful and will wear wonderfully.

You can see from the pictures that the situation is a 'great room' - and the idea for the sofas was to have them tie together the dining chairs and the oriental rug in the seating area next to the fireplace. This they do most beautifully.

Friends who couldn't believe we were going to make such an important major purchase over the internet now compliment the couches and our shopping acumen - so I hope you will have more California business as a result.

I would like to add that the shipping was exactly as promised, and the delivery personnel professional, polite and on-time.

We will be ordering a chair and ottoman from you in the next few months, which ought to be the best testamonial of all. Thank you too, for sending the extra long arm covers - they're just right and we greatly appreciate you making them for us.


A. and D. Logar, California, 3/2/07


We received our sofa and loveseat today and it is perfect. Thanks so much!
view furniture


B. Jeter, California, 2/28/07

Hi Cathy,

Our couch arrived last night and it's wonderful! You guys did a swell job and it is well worth the money. The shipping company was also excellent; although they had truck trouble and came several hours late, they called me every couple of hours with updates on their whereabouts. Job well done!


P. Lichtenstein, Indiana, 2/22/07

Dear Cathy,

We been using the L shaped three piece sectional now for 6 weeks and we are amazed with this product. This was such a high ticket item and I had some reservations about purchasing on-line. I knew what quality sofa (in terms of structure and fabric) I was looking for because I had done my “homework" at a local high-end furniture dealer. CarolinaChair had equal quality with even better fabrics than what my local retailer had - at a much better price. Then, you have to ask yourself about customer service and how your local dealer should be able to give you excellent customer service and piece of mind. How can you find that on the internet? Well you need to speak to Cathy Fry. Cathy handles the customer inquiry and was my only point of contact at CarolinaChair. Her family has been in the furniture business for generations and really knows how to treat a customer. This is a small family run business which allows Cathy to provide an extremely high level of customer service. She attended to every question and concern I had about the product. When I spoke with Cathy, I mentioned the cushions style were not just what I was looking for. She had a perfect solution. She replaced the standard style with the one I was looking for - at NO additional cost may I add. I can honestly say I have never had a more positive retail experience either at a normal store front business or on the internet. That's pretty amazing to think I've not even met Cathy, but I feel that she was really looking out for my best interest. This is an honest, high quality, reputable business and I would not hesitate for a minute making another purchase here. I wish all my retail experiences could be this good!!


T. Supple, New York, 2/20/07

Hi Cathy. Thank you so much. We love our new sofa! It's more comfortable than expected and perfect for our needs! As for the delivery, everything was perfect. They were quick, accessible and professional.

Thanks again. Unfortunately, everything else we have looks really shabby next to it.

See you next time!


C. Perraud, Massachusetts, 2/20/07


The chair was delivered about an hour ago, I couldn't pull myself away from it to write any sooner.. It is just what I expected!!! The color is perfect with my other furniture. The Reflex cushioning is so comfortable. I will try to get my son to take a picture of it where it will stay put for a few years (I hope). The young man that delivered the chair was very careful, and friendly. What more can I say except Thank You! You and your brother deserve a big hug. God bless you both.


R. Olsen, Washington, 2/15/07

Dear CarolinaChair,

When I was considering purchasing on-line furniture for my home theater I had a lot of concerns about buying a big ticket item before seeing it. I visited your website more than a dozen times as well as other sites. The reason that I was considering this purchase was that I could not seem to find what I was looking for in traditional furniture stores. The cost and long waits of specials orders in these stores led me to seek an alternate solution.

My experience purchasing from CarolinaChair was a pleasant one. I was able to find the 5-piece sectional that I was looking for and the right fabric at the right price. Another advantage was that I didn't have to pay for the furniture until it was actually shipped so my money was not tied up for months. I received my furniture before it was promised and the delivery and set-up was great.

I will definitely purchase from CarolinaChair again. view furniture


D. Fussell, Georgia, 2/2/07

I recently moved into a new home which has small, pine-paneled den. I wanted to create a cozy atmosphere echoing the rich, woodsy feel of the wood floors and paneling but had limited space. A full-sized couch would overpower the room. After reviewing CarolinaChair's website, I determined that with modifications, this loveseat would work well. It was important to me that I could modify elements of the loveseat to achieve a piece of furniture that worked well in this room. After obtaining several swatches of custom fabric, my final choice insured that my final product would work with my two leather recliners and achieve the masculine look I wanted. I can recommend CarolinaChair highly—they did everything they said they would when they said it would be done. The loveseat is comfortable and well-made. view furniture


R. Stroud, Louisiana, 1/17/07

Cathy, our sofa and ottoman arrived safely and just before we needed it during the holidays. The delivery service did a great job of getting it into the room and we were impressed with the wrapping around the piece. We like the sofa very much and it will be a great addition to our home office/guest room here in the country. I've already recommended your company to several friends.


M. Folmar, Alabama, 1/10/07

Cathy - I have been meaning to e-mail you since Sunday afternoon, but the extra day off made me lazy! :-)

We have our furniture already! It looks great!... and it's so comfortable!! It makes our houseboat seem 10 years newer! That's right, we have already transported it to the houseboat and unpacked it. We only had but a moment to sit on it as we had much to do, but we could tell we choose the right furniture and company! Thanks for allowing us to visit your facility, customizing the pieces and building such quality furniture. Dee, Loretta and everyone else was extremely hospitable and helpful when we visited and the only thing missing is that we were not able to meet you, but I can tell you're equally as pleasant.

You requested feedback on the delivery so here are my comments. HDS could not have been more accommodating. After your e-mail on Tuesday, I called them for scheduling, told them about our trip scheduled for January 12-22 and requested a delivery either before the 12th or after the 22nd. The lady understood and suggested it might be after we returned, but said things could change and they would call me once a schedule was established. I received a call from them - I think on Thursday - and they said the furniture would arrive Monday between noon & 4pm. I questioned this because Monday was New Years Day. She confirmed Monday and I agreed. On Saturday, Tim (the driver) called and said they were running ahead of schedule..."Could I take the delivery on Sunday during the same window?". I agreed. I called Tim Sunday mid-morning to acquire a more accurate time of delivery and we discovered he had been routed past us twice (crossing counties and very inefficient) before the stop for our delivery. In fact, he was literally going to be driving within 500 yards of our office/warehouse - the delivery point. Further discussion resulted in me meeting him at the exit for his next stop (at my request, on his first pass by me) and us simply transferring the furniture directly from his truck to mine. The unloading process was less than 10 minutes, but it had to have saved them so much more in 'back & forth' travel time. Tim was very appreciative. Tim and his helper (I can't remember his name) were very courteous. In fact, after parking their truck, both of them approached me with their arm outstretched for a handshake and introduction. Both of them were very team-oriented, hard workers and a pleasure to experience. I can't imagine HDS is fortunate enough to have that kind of staff throughout their entire organization, but one things for sure, y'all picked a good company to make your deliveries.

This entire experience causes me to wish we needed more furniture!! Hope y'all have an unbelievably successful year - both business wise and personally. view furniture


T. Johnson, Tennessee, 1/2/07

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