Hi Cathy,


My loveseat was delivered this afternoon, almost a week early. I couldn’t be more pleased! Everything is perfect - the fabric, the workmanship, the color and the size are all exactly what I wanted. Add my name to the list of people who were a little nervous about buying furniture they hadn’t sat in, but were Carolina Chair converts as soon as it was delivered. I will recommend you to everyone I know.


I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas.


With very best regards,


T. Pinck, California, 12/11/13

Hello Cathy and Loretta, 

 Christmas comes early for Barb and Steve! The delivery team have left about an hour ago and we are still gushing over our new sofas. They look great and are very comfortable. Thanks for getting them up to cold Chicago in such a short time. Amazing! I made the right choice in choosing your company for high quality and excellent customer service. I will definitely pass on the good word to family and friends. Again, thanks for making the whole process very easy. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Barb and Steve Gushurst

B. and S. Gushurst, Illinois, 12/11/13

Hi Cathy!


I'm a repeat customer and I spoke to you (via email) a while back and you where super helpful. My experience with Carolina Chair has been excellent + + +, and if not for my pets and my friends pets, my original CarolinaChair sofa would still be going strong. I'm ready for a new fabric. I will almost certainly be ordering two loveseats from you, but I want to make the absolute right fabric choice.


Obviously, I'm going for some kind of neutral....and I will have to see about the textures....some are more attractive to my cat and her claws than others..... :/  I have a crappy IKEA chair that she never touches, although I wish she would !  Ha. She likes the expensive stuff. Never uses the scratching post I got her.


Thanks so much. Your furniture and service are rock solid.


B. Patrizzi, Pennsylvania, 12/11/13

I received the Pump for our AirDream sofa yesterday. I have not used it yet. Thank you for your prompt and courteous service. Thank you!

R. Zoco, California, 11/11/13


Hi Cathy! I want to let you know how pleased we are with our couches and ottoman. They all look great in our living room and fit the space perfectly. I am sending you a quick picture and will try to send some better ones soon. Thanks for the great job!

L. Doll, Florida, 11/10/13

Received our delivery in Hilton Head and we couldn't be more pleased. Sofa is lovely and the Air Dream mattress so comfortable. We slept on the sofa bed the first night and it was like sleeping on own bed like you said. I neglected to keep a fabric sample for shopping now that I am home in Ohio. I believe it was Montego salmon. Please confirm and send to my Ohio address. Thanks.


D. Rositani, Ohio, 11/7/13


Got our chairs yesterday!!  Love them!! Can’t wait to show all our friends!


P. DePeter, Virginia, 11/6/13

Hi Cathy,

The sofa arrived last week, and we are very pleased with it. The delivery people were prompt and courteous, and commented on how well protected the sofa was.

We live in a old farm house, with fairly small rooms that are overpowered by the size of ready-made sofas. Ordering from Carolina Chair allowed us to order the largest size sofa that would fit comfortably in the room. It was an added bonus to order the style and fabric that most appealed to me, AND to get down-wrapped cushions, AND to get kiln-dried hardwood frames, 8 way hand-tied springs, all at a very reasonable price. Thanks!

S. Nelson, Illinois, 11/5/13

Hi! I ordered my custom couch from your company 8 years ago and I'm still in love with it!!! The condition of the cushions is still excellent although it's our main family room couch :)) My question is... if I can order a replacement cushion for a chair that was not made by your company. I would like to order the same standard seat cushion that your company used for my couch. The measurements are 26 x 23 x 5.5...Please let me know if I can order this one cushion and what the price would be. Thank you in advance for your help. 


N. Villare, New Jersey, 11/5/13



I just assumed that you knew we received the sofa and it is great! They deliveried it Saturday a week ago. I took a picture with my phone but it was too dark and did not do it justice. 



Thanks again!



J. Watkins, North Carolina, 11/4/13

Hi Cathy,


Delivery went without a hitch.  My wife Kitty and I are delighted.  Looks beautiful and

extremely comfortable.  Will pass the word.

L. Wayburn, New Mexico, 10/31/13

Cathy, My sofa looks gorgeous. The reason I created this sofa for my home is to get a bench seat. Bench seats are very stylish now and very comfortable, used as an extra place for a grandchild to sleep. I added the track arms to keep it's modern clean lines.Many sofas with bench seats are considered settees and the length is quite short (not good for short cat naps in the afternoon). This one is long enough for my tall husband to stretch out on. Your customer service (you, Cathy) is wonderful,so enjoyed working with you, had a real feeling of trust in the whole process. Thanks for being who you are.


B. Steanson, Oklahoma, 10/31/13

Hey Cathy:


We got the replacment casings and ottoman slipcover yesterday and everything fit perfect!  It's like a whole new couch! Thank you!


Note from CarolinaChair: this customer ordered a sectional from us in 2006 and wanted a new slipcover and fabric casings (just another advantage of us being a small, family-owned company).


J. Laqueur, New York, 10/28/13

Dear Carolina Chair,
It has been over a year since you delivered our sectional sofa arrangement.  I've been meaning to write to you to tell you how pleased my family is with our new furniture, but in the blink of an eye, a year passed.  It turns out that I can write to you now with the same enthusiasm that I had the day it was delivered.  The sectional is beautiful, fits perfectly in the space and fulfills every expectation I had for it.  Countless numbers of teenagers and family members have sat on, sprawled over, slept on and jumped on the sectional, yet it still looks and feels like new.  I couldn't  be happier!
I'd also meant to thank you for your fabulous customer service throughout the ordering and delivery process.  Your staff was incredibly helpful from the time I called to inquire about your company until the day I called and said I was ready for delivery.  And I was so thankful that you were able to hold my furniture in your warehouse  (for several weeks, I recall!) until my renovations were complete.  If only every company had such service!
Thank you for a fabulous experience.

S. Wiltshire, Washington DC, 10/26/13

The sectional sofa and ottomans were just delivered, and all I can say is W0W!!!  I am speechless!  I knew they looked good from the preliminary pics, but they far exceeded our expectations.  They are amazing in person.  Not a detail was missed...from the horizontal alignment of the back cushions to the comfort of the seat cushions to accomodate my husband's 6'6" frame!  The attention to each and every detail is so much more than I could've hoped for... Especially the aged nail head trim!  Your brother literally 'nailed' it all!  The ottomans are perfect, the fabric colors greatly compliment my accessories, and the accent pillows are exquisite!   You are truly a master craftsman in every way!  I will always come back to you for all seating needs in the future, and recommend you to friends and family!  Thank you for creating such  wonderful family room seating... Even our children were impressed!  Warmest regards,  

L. Cantrell, South Carolina, 10/19/13

Hi Cathy,


We just received the delivery of the sofa yesterday and it is beautiful! It is exactly what I wanted!  I love the sultry suede fabric.  I can't wait to curl up in the corner and relax!  I was impressed with how tightly and carefully it was packed and the delivery service guys were very professional and helpful. They called me when they were about one hour away and they cleaned up and removed all packing materials.



I might be looking to order a chair now from you all now!  I will definitely refer others to your company.

L. Dallachie, Virginia, 10/13/13

Hi Cathy, 

Philip and I looked for couches for our living room for about a year. We wanted them to be beautiful but not too stuffy. We had concerns about either quality, size/style, or bad on-line reviews with every couch we considered. Then I came across Kimberly Causey's 2013 book which introduced me to Carolina Chair. Though designing our own furniture was scary because we had never tried to do anything like this before, your great reviews, quality and examples convinced us to give it a try. We loved that we could put all the style choices we liked from various couches together in a size that would meet our needs. Also, it was great that we could go to our local fabric store and check out fabric books by Barrow so we could get the right fabrics to match our rug. Our choices were confirmed, and we felt more confidence when Barrow sent us such nice big samples. You guys were super patient and supportive throughout the process! We are very excited about our new furniture! 

Thanks again! 

L. Doll, Florida, 10/11/13

Hi Cathy, sofa just arrived--delivery went off without a hitch, nice piece and I like it very much.
Pleasure doing business with you.   

S. Singley, Florida, 10/9/13



We love our new sofa. It is a perfect match with our room and we can't say enough about your customer service.  I have several sofas and the quality of your sofa is very high- little details make a huge difference. We were really impressed with the air mattress and know our guests will be pleased. The delivery was just as promised and we received good instruction on the sofa bed operations.The big bonus for me was buying something of such high quality, at a reasonable price that was made in America.  


Much success to you and your family in your business endeavors.   

L. Swisshelm, North Carolina, 10/2/13

WOW!  Our new sofa, chair and ottoman look and feel great. Thank you so much for your guidance and great service.  Please extend my gratitude to your staff of professionals and craftsman. 

R. Esser, Ohio, 10/1/13



My apologies for not responding to you sooner.  We received the chair in good order.  The chair color is better than we anticipated and fits our room décor famously.  I’m impressed with the construction and quality of material.  My wife enjoys the comforts of not only the chair but the ottoman. 


When we are looking for fine furniture Carolina Chair will top the list.

G. Schexnader, Louisiana, 9/30/13


I received the sofa on Thursday Sept 12 and it is very nice. The delivery went very well. It is not easy to get furniture in this house and the men could not have been more accommodating. I am very happy with the quality of the sofa and your excellent customer service from start to finish. Thank you!

K. Stanwood, New Jersey, 9/16/13


I thought you'd like to see the sofa in place. We love it. 

M. Nelson, Maine, 9/11/13

The chair has arrived and is gorgeous! Thank you so much!


J. Bailey, Massachusetts, 9/9/13

Hi Cathy,


The sectional arrived on Sunday. Below is a picture in its new home. Everything is perfect...the couch and the delivery. Feel free to use the picture on your web site.

F. Svekric, Ohio, 9/3/2013

Hi Cathy

Wanted to let you know how much we appreciate your company. We are thrilled with the look and comfort of our new sectional. It was completed in a timely manner. We were able to have it in place for our daughter's wedding.

Many thanks! 


R. and A. Scharf, Maryland, 8/22/13

Hi Cathy,


I received the sofa yesterday.  It’s better than I even hoped for.  I’m simply stunned at the quality.  Simply stunned.  Below is maybe something for your testimonial section.


“Purchasing a sofa sight unseen, never mind not sitting on, is not something I found all that appealing.  Then during my research of just what is well made furniture I stumbled across Carolina Chair.  The more I read the more I became convinced on the quality of their product.  Couple that with the fact of a small family operation made here in the USA and I was starting to become a believer.  Craftsmanship and personal pride/family name does exist.  So now it was simply “what did I want”.  I have a small place and a full size sofa was too large, yet a love seat too small.  Once again, this was another strength of Carolina Chair.  I could build any size I want for a very reasonable price.  I modified just about everything you can modify and the price was still less than a much lower quality product locally.   Cathy of Carolina Chair was a pleasure to deal with and had good input on materials and modifications I was thinking of.  Delivery was seamless and excellent.


Upon receiving my sofa today I am stunned at the quality of the product.  Simply stunned.  It’s beautiful and very well made.  Better than anything else I have ever owned or for that matter seen.   I’m so happy I took a chance on Carolina Chair.”


T. Materazzi, California, 8/15/13

Dear Cathy and Dee,


We received our chair and loveseat, placed them and immediately tested them out with a big family gathering!  Everyone loved them and commented on how comfortable and stylish they are.  They fit into the area of the kitchen/dining room like they were made especially for the places they are sitting!  No, wait......they WERE made exactly to our specifications!  You offered to customize the sizes for us but we decided the smaller standard sizes would fit perfectly.  Visiting with you at the factory was a big plus and when we 'tried out' a sofa in your workroom, we knew we had come to the right place!


AND you rushed this order for us so we could have it in time for our family reunion! 

AND, you made the furniture right here in the good old USA which we really, really wanted!


When we replace our old large sofa, we are coming straight to you!


Thanks so much!

C. & J. Glonek, Georgia, 8/14/13



The sofa came today, its beautiful and so comfortable!


Thanks again. I'll go on facebook with lots of praise!


M. Barton, Ohio, 8/13/13

Our couch arrived this morning and it is just what we wanted.....we love the color and comfort. The delivery men were efficient and courteous and the pieces arrived in perfect condition.

Thank you!

C. & B. Bierman, New York, 8/6/13

Received package two days ago!!! Wand was the problem as the new one worked great. We inflated the bed and left it inflated overnight. No leaks, etc. deflated it and folded mattress in place. 


Thanks for your speedy service and I will remember and recommend your company!


S. Ehly, Florida, 7/31/13


Thanks for the extra cover/casing you made for the chaise cushion so we could flip that cushion, too. Thhe couch is beautiful and very comfy.


We appreciate the great job.


T. O'Sullivan, New York, 7/29/13


I installed the new air mattress in our sofa bed this morning and tried inflating and deflating it with the separate pump.  It works great and I just wanted to thank you for telling me that I could save a few bucks with purchasing the one with the "separate pump option." I certainly appreciate it when companies treat their customers with proper respect.

R. Natoli, Ohio, 7/29/13

We are loving our furniture! I wanted to ask you if it was possible to have another cushion made just like the blue one, except 3 inches thick this time instead of 4 inches. I keep finding more uses for them since they are so comfy for children to sit on and look at books. Thank you!

M. Gerber, Oregon, 7/22/13

New pump and bladder arrived yesterday. Took out the old bladder and pump and installed the new ones today. Very simple to do and inflation and deflation easy. Thanks for your advice with this purchase. Will tell my friends and family about you folks.



J. Armbruster, New York, 7/18/13

Hi Cathy! The 2 pillows arrived. They are gorgeous beyond words!!

M. Smoot, South Carolina, 7/14/13


Hi Catthy--we're thrilled. Also wanted you to know that the delivery guys were fabulous. They even took down a light fixture to get the sleeper in the door. They left everything in perfect condition.


You all are beyond fabulous!! Thanks so much. Here are some pictures of my furniture in my home.


M. Smoot, South Carolina, 7/13/13

Hi, Cathy.


Thank you so much for your help. The cushions arrived and look great!  The style really fits the room.


Over the holiday weekend, the sleeper was used by my sister-in-law. She gave the comfort level a huge thumbs up.  A new customer is on the way.  I gave her your website.


Take care!

N. Singel, Washington, 7/10/13

Hi Cathy---


Everything worked out well & looks great & exactly like we ordered it for our apartment in Sparks NV. The workmanship, color and material were all beautiful, and according to others this furniture is the most beautiful thing they've ever seen. Will send you photos later so you can see for yourself.


If we need to purchase any more furniture for our primary home in the Oakland Hills in CA, we'll definitely get it from CarolinaChair. Our friends agree--your quality & prices cannot be beat!

C. Williams, Nevada, 7/8/13


We love the sofa and hassocks and pillows! Thanks again for a great job.


B. Hauschka, Massachusetts, 7/2/13



The pieces arrive the day before we went away for vacation, so I apologize for just getting around to saying thank you.
Everything looks great.
I appreciate you and your great service as always. (repeat customer)


P. Rienzi, New Jersey, 6/30/13

Perfect! Thanks so much!

A. Rawls, Virginia, 6/30/13


Here it is in place. Thanks  You have met our needs in two houses, with a great product. (repeat customer)

J. Bates, North Carolina, 6/23/13


The sectional is here and looks great! Attached you can see that my dog has picked his favorite spot already.  Thanks much!

C. Brenn, Minnesota, 6/8/13

I have a wonderful sunroom in my house – wonderful except that the sun quickly fades any furniture I put in that room.  I had to find some furniture that could be covered in Sunbrella fabric!  I did not like the other option – keeping the shades drawn.

After an extensive search on the internet, I found CarolinaChair.  They offered a diverse selection of Sunbrella indoor fabrics and they offered several choices for sectionals.  After inquiring about some issues I had with the standard sizes of the sectional components, I found out that customizing the size of a piece was easy and fairly inexpensive.  All my questions were answered promptly and courteously.

So I ordered a nice sectional in Pacific Blue Sunbrella Indoor Fabric. It took about 8 weeks for the furniture to be delivered.  I was notified of the delivery time frame.  I was very pleased with the service provided by the local delivery company as well.

Do I like to furniture?  Absolutely LOVE IT!  I have two dogs that are on and off the furniture all day long.  Not only is the furniture/fabric holding up to the effects of the sun, anything tracked on by the dogs is easily wiped off. The fabric is bright and sturdy without having an outdoor fabric feel to it.

I am thrilled with my purchase from Carolina Chair.  Cathy and her staff are great to work with and the prices are very reasonable. Do yourself a favor and check out their products and service. 

S. Smith, New Mexico, 6/5/2013

Hi Cathy. The chair is perfect and beautiful. It looks like it belongs here and I love it. The whole experience was so nice. I was completely at ease because I trusted that you would do exactly as you said and I was not disappointed. I felt like I was your most important concern during the whole process.


I was nervous about the fabric that I chose because I had always in the past only chose plain fabric. This was my first time choosing something with any pattern. I am happy with my choice and that's a big relief! I'm still deciding exactly how I want it positioned. My husband thinks I'm nuts. He just laughs at me. It's been in 3 different positions already.


Well, anyway, I am so happy I wish I could give all of you a hug. Thank you so much.

P. Concannon, New York, 6/5/2013



My chair arrived today and I love it!



K. Weaver, Maryland, 6/3/2013



Our new couch was delivered this morning, and it’s wonderful!  Picture attached.


Thanks so much for all your advice and assistance.

L. Ritchie, California, 5/24/20013


Hi Cathy, here is the couch in our mountain home. We love everything about it

C. Chandler, New Mexico, 5/22/2013


Hi Cathy,


Let me tell you that my children love the sleeper with the inflatable mattress.

C. Alvarez, Florida, 5/16/2013


Hello, Cathy~


First of all I want you to know that the sofa is absolutely beautiful!  It looks much more substantial

than I had realized!


Secondly, the comfort level is next to none!  (I sure didn't miss that pole in the middle of my back,

either). And I was most surprised to find that it sleeps better than the customized mattress on my antique

bed - no lie! (no pun intended)


Take care,  

L. Sarka, Georgia, 5/15/2013


Hi Cathy.  Sorry it took me so long to write.  The sectional is awesome as is the window seat - fits perfectly. 


Thanks again!!

T. Glanville, Connecticut, 5/16/2013


Everyone LOVES our CarolinaChair Sleeper!!  

M. Sherman, North Carolina, 5/7/2013


Our Vanity Chair arrived today. It looks great. Thanks so much.

B. Demis, Colorado, 5/5/2013


Thank you very much for the replacement hand wand for my Air Dream mattress. The delivery was timely and if I ever need some quality furniture, I will think about you first. You were more helpful than the furniture store where I bought the sofa sleeper (wish I had know about you then). You were great. Thank you again!!!!!

G. Crowley, Wisconsin, 5/1/2013


Hi, Cathy!  I just wanted to let you know that the couch and loveseat just arrived and they are fantastic!!!!  The color is exactly what I wanted and they are so comfortable!  Especially the loveseat, since our old one made you slide to the middle when you sat on it.  I will work on a blurb for your custom inspiration page, and if I can figure out how to upload a picture of it in our living room I will.  And the delivery people were also wonderful; they were very careful and did a great job of getting everything in the house.  Thank you so much!  I will recommend you to anyone who tells me they are in the market for a new couch! (note from CarolinaChair: Kathryn slightly modified the arm style of our Henley style so that the arms go straight down and not taper at all)

K. Walsh, Illinois, 4/29/2013


Hi Cathy!


I have been remiss in not contacting you sooner!


We took delivery Tuesday, and we love it!! The material met all expectations, very fun and totally suits the room. The sectional is very comfortable too!


K. Harlon, Michigan, 4/25/13




The shipment arrived safe and sound. My compliments to the shipper and delivery guys, Jimmy and Roger. They were true gentleman and did a great job.


The sofa is lovely and very well made. It fits in perfectly with the size of the room and my décor.  I'm very happy with it. My neighbor came by to see it and was very impressed with the quality. 


C. Kreiss, New Jersey, 4/16/2013


Cathy, we just received our furniture, it is GREAT, just what we were looking for. I would like to thank you for all your help and understanding.  The whole experience from start to delivery has been extremely easy and simple. I would recommend CarolinaChair to everyone who is looking for a great product and a pleasant experience from start to finish.  Thanks again.

S. Mihalow, New Jersey, 4/15/2013


Hello Cathy,


Just wanted to let you know that both ottomans arrived yesterday. They are wonderful. Also I wanted to thank you or someone for correcting an oversight I had made. I ordered both ottomans with mahogany feet. I overlooked the fact that the solid black ottoman would look a little "gaudy" with reddish mahogany feet on it. You had the foresight to correct this mistake and had black feet put on it which naturally looks perfect. I can't thank you enough for making sure that it was done right. 




R. and G. Dockery, North Carolina, 4/11/2013


Cathy, hello and thanks so much for the ottoman and pillows! They are going to be enjoyed much in my office! Loving it!



D. Henley, Virginia, 4/4/2013


Dear Cathy,

My husband and I love our new sectional, chair and ottoman - thank you so much for helping me through the process! You were very patient and helpful to me while I fine-tuned my order. I think the pieces are very well-made and the fabrics are soft and comfortable. My husband is especially thrilled with the extra complimentary ottoman which attaches to the sectional. I love the tufted ottoman! Since this furniture was to be for our beach house in Hilton Head and we live mostly in Pittsburgh, we were worried about delivery. It was fantastic! They scheduled it for the one week we were there, came at the arranged time and were very effiecient and curtious. I would absolutely recommend Carolina Chair to my friends. 

Most sincerely,


M. Abbott, Pennsylvania, 3/28/2013

The sofa sleeper arrived and it looks great! The delivery service was friendly and efficient. Thanks so much. Your customer service is wonderful and much appreciated. 

M. Marshall, New York, 3/11/2013

Hi Cathy,

We got it today, and I love everything about it! That sofa is built like a tank, which is exactly what I wanted. :) My husband doesn't seem to be at all reticent about sitting on it, something that can't be said for most furniture. The delivery guys were great, even with how heavy it was.

Here are the pictures I took with it in its new home, but I couldn't get a good photo because 1) camera was dead, so only the phone was available, and 2) we have a shallow living room, so I had to go off to the side to get a decent image. I also have one from head-on that has a weird perspective (since I had to have the phone above my head to even get that much in the picture).

Best regards,

M. Sterlingshires, Tennessee, 3/2/2013

CarolinaChair is unique in the 21st century furniture business.  


After dealing with the huge furniture chain stores and the few  locally owned, we did not find a  company that gave us their undivided attention married with  in-depth knowledge of their product. It seemed like everyone was just a salesperson.


Then we found CarolinaChair. Their family legacy of furniture professionals is demonstrated in their personal guidance through the maze of selecting the right furniture for your specific taste and needs .  


We are appreciative of their time an energy in helping us select the perfect sectional. 


Gail Fox , Lt Col USAF ret and Dick Rozier, Col USAF ret, Michigan, 2/27/13



J. Markson, Pennsylvania, 2/22/13


My furniture arrived yesterday and has already received the stamp of approval from both my husband and the dogs. Your brother did a great job of recreating my picture, and I am extremely pleased with the quality and comfort. Thanks for everything.

P. Pate, Virginia, 2/18/13


Hi Cathy. The sectional arrived today and I am so pleased! Everything about it is first rate, including the delivery service. The fellows who delivered it even remarked about the quality and they said that they deliver for lots of manufacturers. 


Once my pocketbook recovers from this purchase, I'll be back to order a daybed for my basement playroom.


Thanks for all your help!

J. Ratcliff, Massachusetts, 2/5/13


Thanks for the great service! We got the air bladder and are so happy to have it and it works great!

A. Stogner, Colorado, 1/16/13


My husband and I haven't had new living room furniture in almost 20 years.  It was important to us that our new furniture be "made in America"...I wasn't finding anything in the outlets here in NC, and someone mentioned that your company had been featured on "Good Morning, America".  I checked out the website and immediately found what I was looking for. 

I took advantage of the Special Request" fabric selections, and chose "Kennedy Garnet". 
I read and re-read the descriptions of the construction process until I was sure I could be confident in an online purchase.  We decided on a loveseat, chair and storage ottoman.

After placing our order, it took about 7 weeks for production.  Everything went smoothly from the placing of the order through delivery and set up. 

We could not be happier with our furniture.  It has exceeded all our expectations!  It's so reassuring to see the craftsmanship in this furniture.  Thank you to everyone involved.

P. Hartung, North Carolina, 1/21/2013


Our chairs and ottoman arrived last Thursday evening. I would have written soon but we left for out of town the following morning. The company delivered them properly and in good shape. We are very pleased. 


I thank all of you for your hard work and I am very happy with everything. 

B. Kimm, Washington, 1/20/2013


Oh my--it is even BETTER than I thought it would be and I had high expectations after the fantastic job ya'll did on my den sofa!  WOWOW!  I can't wait to see it-though they can take their time since they just started the foundation on the sunroom!  But, not matter-there is room in the living room to hold it until all is done!


Thank you again for a superior, professional job and believe you me--I tell people about you all the time!  Will be leaving feedback for sure!


Thanks again!  

P. Murphy, North Carolina, 1/17/2013


Good morning Cathy!


Our new sofa arrived this morning and I am so excited! It is beautiful, fits perfectly in its spot and is super comfortable. My 3 yr old daughter and I have already had a nap on it. Today is my birthday and our new sofa is the PERFECT gift.


Thank you so much for everything. Y'all were so easy to work with. The hardest decision was picking out the fabric. Everything was exactly as promised and Home Delivery Service was right on time and very courteous.


Thank you again. I will defiantly spread the word. Happy birthday to me ;)

K. Miller, Alabama, 1/12/2013


Hi Cathy. Just got our sectional in perfect condition and way sooner than expected.  The Bayport Granite/Gray fabric is exactly what we wanted and all of the pieces just have that quality look and feel.  We’re so glad we ordered the metal connectors, too, they really make a difference on our wood floor.  Thanks to everyone involved.  I just wish I had known sooner just how great your customer service really is.  You can believe that my wife and I will be telling everyone we know for years to come about CarolinaChair.

M. Hall, Alabama, 1/4/2013


Hi Cathy - we love our new sofa, and used the pullout bed (Air Dream mattress) for the first time over the holidays. Our guest indicated that it was very comfortable. It just fits in the small workout room in our home, making it double as a guest room when needed. I love the fact that we could customize the seat cushion since most of the time we use the couch for watching movies with our daughter - by ordering one big cushion, noone has to sit in the "hole". The delivery service was great as well, calling to update us on their status as they were delayed. Thanks again for a great product.

K. Godsey, South Carolina, 1/1/2013

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