Functional options

Don't be afraid to ask us for changes to our styles! It won't cost you an arm and a leg to make a change. That's because WE are the builder.
There is no retailer or distributor to take a cut! It's just us! And we are proud that we build our furniture in the U.S.A.


Upgrade your Cushions

With so many cushion options, you're sure to find the combination that's just right for you. Choose from fiber-down, all-down, 5" border seat, poly back and our premium and ultra support packages. Plus you can mix the cushion options ... for example, chose standard seat cushions and fiber down back cushions or vice versa ... Your choice. Your comfort. Our customers have created beautiful beautiful furniture with various cushion options. Also, d-rings and clips can be added for armless components which help hold cushions in place.

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Upgrade to Metal Connectors

Hidden, quicksnap hard plastic connectors are provided as a standard free feature on our sectional furniture. The connectors help to keep your sectional components stable. If you have tile, hardwood or uneven flooring, you may want to upgrade to our heavy-duty metal sectional connectors for your new sectional sofa.

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Add Cupholders

Our removable, stainless cupholders add the ultimate in functionality to your furniture. Our customers have created beautiful furniture with stainless cupholders.