Special Request Fabrics

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Our partnership program with Barrow Industries® allows you to choose from over 7500 Special Request Fabrics to get a one of a kind piece of furniture. Barrow Industries is a leading fabric supplier to many high-end design centers around the United States. We are constantly looking for ways to improve your furniture buying experience and we believe that this program complements our line of in-house fabrics and offers you the opportunity to find a fabric that is exactly what you want!

You'll be surprised that the average cost of our furniture using a Special Request Fabric is usually less than 10% higher than using our in-house fabrics. So, don't let the suggested retail price per yard scare you! We don't pay the retail price for the fabric, and therefore, you won't either! When you decide to order furniture using a special request fabric, we'll take care of everything - from deciding how much yardage is needed, to ordering and inspecting the fabric! It's just like you are buying from a fabric store or design center - except we take care of everything!

Are you ready to find the perfect special request fabric? First, select the style and pieces that interest you (have this in your mind). Second, search to find a fabric. Write down the name that is listed below each swatch of the fabric(s) you like. Third, fill out the quote form. You can also order fabric swatches using the quote form. After we receive the quote form, we'll be back in touch with you with a quote for the furniture you selected using the fabrics you specified.

  1. Choose the furniture style and piece(s) you want
  2. Search Barrow's fabric website by color, pattern or product line
  3. Request a quote and order swatches

tips for searching

(Note: Barrow's fabric website is taken down every night from 11:00 pm - 2:00 am (EST) for maintenance.)

Quotes will be e-mailed to you usually within 24 hours of completing the quote form. If you do not hear from us, please check your SPAM folder. Our response to you may end up in that folder! Remember, the average cost of our furniture using a Special Request Fabric is typically less than 10% higher than using our in-house fabrics. Swatches are available for $3 each. Up to $30 will be refunded after you place an order. Need help? Email us or call us at 1-800-653-9757.

If you're interested in ordering fabric only, you can purchase it from us at incredible savings! Call us at 800-653-9757 and we'll give you the price!