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When you click on Search fabrics a new browser window will open as shown in the example below. You may search three ways.

  1. Pattern or Product Name or
  2. Product Properties (Pattern Category and/or Color Class) or
  3. Book Name or Description

When searching by Pattern or Product Name, you must know the fabric name. Just put in the name of the fabric and use the associated submit button underneath Pattern or Product Name. All fabrics associated with that name will appear.

When searching by Product Properties, you may choose as many pattern categories as you want (or leave it blank) and/or as many colors as you want (or leave it blank). Thus your fabric search selection can be as wide or as narrow as you want. Once you make your selection, use the associated search button underneath Product Properties. This is the best search to use when you want to find the perfect fabric.

When searching by Book Name or Description, you are simply looking at all the fabrics in the sample books you select. This search option will likely not be of help in finding your fabric unless you are familiar with the Barrow Industry books. For example, searching by sample book "04W07 Casual Chic Vol. 1" reveals 33 fabrics in traditional patterns and colors. It does not give you the full selection of fabrics offered, just the fabrics in that particular book.

Note: When you find fabrics of interest, write down the name associated with the fabric. Then request a quote and order swatches. Swatches are available for $3 each. Up to $30 will be refunded after you place an order. After you complete the quote form, we'll be back in touch with you with a quote for the furniture you noted and in the fabrics you specified.

(Note: Barrow's fabric website is taken down every night from 11:00 pm - 2:00 am (EST) for maintenance.)