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Because we are the manufacturer, you can make dimension modifications to our standard styles when needed. Below are just a few examples of custom modifications our customers have made. Photos are positioned above the stories.  Be sure to start the shopping process by checking out our standard styles, dimensions and prices by using the links on the left hand side of this page (sectionals, sofas, sleepers, etc.). Call us at 1-800-653-9757 or email us if you have questions or want a quote for making a change to our standard style. Note: If you do not receive an email response from us, please check your SPAM folder. Note: Use Ctrl + F to search for a specific word or term in this section or use your edit, find function on your browser. Click photos for larger view.


Debi's custom sofa with ultra support package

Debi and her husband are empty nesters and "on a lark" decided to list their home with a friend who is a realtor. Their house sold in three weeks (yikes!) and they were out in six weeks. They gave the buyers much of their furniture as they really wanted new furniture anyway. Debi "googled us" and loved our website. She liked our Bishop style sofa, but needed some custom changes including increasing the length to 104" and using (4) seat and (4) back cushions. Debi mentioned that her husband was a "big guy" (was a body guard for Sting) and needed extra support. We suggested our Ultra Support Package which includes a reinforced frame and an additional 2" of seat cushion – which changes the standard 4" seat cushion borders to 6" seat cushion borders. We also increased the overall height from 33.5" to 37" and increased the skirt height to 8". They chose our poly back cushion option and used Sultry Suede Cappuccino as their fabric choice.

Keri's custom sectional sleeper, loveseat, ottoman

Keri and her husband were building a home and wanted new furniture for two of the rooms. Keri liked our Roth sectional style and paired a 1-arm chaise with a 1-arm queen sleeper (upgrading to the AirDream mattress). She wanted to change the LF chaise to have a square front/end with an overall depth of 65". She used Microfibre Bromley Apple and her contrasting welt is Microfibre Hyatt Spa. Finished dimensions of her 2-piece sectional are (L to R): 65" (depth of chaise) x 111". She added (2) 16" x 16" throw pillows in Microfibre Chandon Ocean. She ordered a Brooke loveseat and a custom Brooke ottoman using Microdenier Baltimore Coffee. Her custom sized Brooke ottoman is 48" in overall length.

Tracy Designer

Tracy, a designer in New York, had previously ordered a custom sectional from us for one of her clients and they loved it! When she began designing another room in their house and needed a special size and configuration for the sofa, she didn't think twice about where she was going to order it. Her custom sofa sits against a bank of windows and into a corner where there are a set of french doors to the right. Tracy knew that she couldn't find a sofa and chair that would fit in the room without blocking the french doors, so she wanted to combine our 1-arm Crawford style sofa with a curved corner wedge. To fit the space exactly, we decreased the length on her LF sofa. Her clients can now snuggle on the couch without it being in the way! She chose Sultry Suede Garnet for the body of the sofa as red is an accent color that she used throughout their house. Tracy participated in our C.O.M. program for the cushion fabric which worked so well with the Sultry Suede Garnet and with the rug she ordered for them. The C.O.M. fabric she used for the ottoman and the throw pillows adds a bit of whimsy and "country-ish" look to the set and pulls the black out of the rug and wrought iron furniture in the room. Finished dimensions are (L to R): 123" x 45.5".


Lenny and his wife moved into a new house and needed a sofa that was a little more formal than their current one. His wife has always wanted an off white sofa. Unfortunately, they could never agree on the color because they have two kids (5 yrs and 1 yr) and Lenny didn't think a white sofa would work for the family. A friend told them about Sunbrella fabric (how it cleans easily with soap and water and will not fade in the sun), so they asked for several swatches. They really liked the material, so Lenny agreed to go with white. When looking at our website, they saw that modifications to our styles could be made so they sent us a link/photo of a style they liked. We modified our Crawford style sofa to closely resemble what they showed us. Their 89" 2-arm modified Crawford style sofa has 5" seat cushion borders and our fiber-down cushion package. They chose Sunbrella Sailcloth Shell as the fabric covering.

Kim's Custom Furniture

Kim built a new house on the property where she has lived for 14 years. She came to us for furnishing several rooms. Her Brooke style sofa, loveseat, chair and (1) storage ottoman will go in her family room. Her fabric selections for those pieces were special request fabrics Finlay Garden and Abington Elm. The remaining chair and storage ottoman will be used in her master bedroom. Kim is currently in Interior Design school. We wish her much success and look forward to working with her after graduation!

Lynn's Small Sectional Sofa

Lynn has a very small living room in her 1920 bungalow home. She wanted to fill a small space that involved making an L shape along two walls. Lynn hoped to incorporate storage and a sleeper into the design. Her custom 2-piece Byron sectional consists of a 21" armless chair/ottoman with storage and a 63" armless full-size sleeper. We made a second back cushion (not pictured above) for the armless chair/ottoman, which covered the depth of the chair, to be used against the wall (view photo in home). Lynn selected our fiber down cushion package and Sultry Suede Malt as her fabric covering. She upgraded to the new AirDream mattress. Finished dimensions of her sectional are (L to R): 44" (depth of chair) x 84".

Tressa Designer

Tressa, a designer, was responsible for decorating and furnishing a new Entertainment Center being built in Eastern North Carolina. She came to us for her furniture needs. Tressa liked our Roth style (made the change to square bordered back cushions) and ordered a variety of components. Her order consisted of (4) 2-arm 75" daybeds in Microfibre Bromley Barn fabric, (4) armless chairs in Microfibre Fairview Chamois and C.O.M., (4) 2-arm chairs in Microdenier Baltimore Navy, and (2) 2-piece sectionals in Microdenier Baltimore Navy.

Lisa's large custom sectional sofa

Lisa needed a large sectional for her den and liked our Roth style, but wanted some custom changes. She wanted to change the arm style to our Kingsley style, use multiple fabrics, increase the border size of the seat cushions to 5" and use wood tapered feet. Her custom 5-piece Roth sectional consists of a LF recliner, armless loveseat, corner chair, armless loveseat and a RF chaise. Finished dimensions are (L to R): 122" x 121.5". Lisa upgraded her free ottoman to be storage. She used a combination of Microdenier Baltimore Navy and C.O.M. as her fabric choices.

Amy Y.

Amy was in the process of decorating her sunroom and wanted a queen sleeper sofa for overnight guests. She selected a fabric from a local fabric store for her curtains and wanted to use the same bright and cheerful fabric for her sleeper, so she participated in our C.O.M. program. Amy selected our Marquis style sleeper and increased the border size of her seat cushions (from a 4" border to a 5" border). She upgraded to our fiber down cushion package.

Kathy S.

Kathy is just finishing building a new beach house in Avalon, NJ. She came to us for her furniture needs. She really liked the Sunbrella fabric because of its durability, ease of cleaning and resistance to fading in exposed sunlight. Her 2-piece Crawford sectional consists of a LF full-size sleeper and a custom (rounded end) RF chaise in Sunbrella Canvas Navy, with contrasting welt in Sunbrella Canvas White. Her Hughes queen-size sleeper uses Sunbrella Flagship Persimmon, with contrasting welt in Sunbrella Canvas Shell. The (4) English style chairs have Sunbrella Canvas White as the fabric covering. Kathy upgraded to the AirDream mattress for both sleepers.


Valerie, an architect, was in charge of building and furnishing her husband's new medical office. She previously ordered our furniture for their home and wanted to come back to us for the office furniture. She wanted a contemporary style and showed us a photo of a style she liked. Valerie ordered (1) sofa and (4) chairs. The style is a tight-back, loose seat cushion. We added 4" tapered wood feet, mahogany finish. Valerie participated in our C.O.M. program and used two different (complementary) fabrics for her collection. View close up of a chair.


Randy and his wife wanted a large leather sectional that would provide plenty of seating for their family. They liked our Roth style, but wanted to make some changes, including changing the back cushion style to our bordered T-back style. They also had some specific dimensions to meet, so we made adjustments to the lengths of several components and the overall depth of the LF chaise. Their 6-piece sectional consists of a LF chaise, armless chair, armless queen sleeper (upgraded to our AirDream mattress), armless chair, corner wedge, RF sofa and (5) storage ottomans. Finished dimensions are (L to Center to R): 67" (overall depth of chaise) x 191.5" x 120". The chose our Caprone leather which is long wearing, full grain protected and aniline dyed. View sectional without ottomans

Jay's custom bench style dining seating

Jay and his wife wanted banquet/dining seating and had specific dimensions that needed to be met. They asked us to build custom bench style seating for them. We started with our Yeats style frame and made some modifications for their 2-piece sectional. They needed the sectional length to be (L to R) 86" x 120" and an overall depth of 30" in order to fit the space. They opted for 5" seat cushion borders and poly with fiber wrap back cushions. We took almost all the pitch out of the back frame so the back cushion sits up straight for the banquet seating. They have 5" tapered wood feet, mahogany stain. Jay participated in our C.O.M. program for the seat cushion fabric and used Microfibre Fairview Lavender for the rest of his sectional.

David A.

David was looking for American made furniture when he found us on the Internet! He wanted to support our economy versus the economy of another country (thank you, David!). He liked our "simple" website and noticed our furniture is made using the finest construction methods and with excellent attention to detail. After measuring their space and determining that our standard component lengths would not work, they ask for some customizations. Their 2-piece Byron style sectional consists of a LF loveseat and a custom 32" RF chaise with a squared off front end. They added (3) Bishop style arm pillows and (3) 18" throw pillows. Finished dimensions are (L to R): 90" x 51" (depth of the chaise). David wanted a custom size storage ottoman to "help" in the compact room. The custom storage ottoman is approximately 48" length x 15.5" depth. Fabric covering is Special Request Caraway 0381 Blue.

Melissa C.

Melissa wanted a loveseat sleeper and a regular loveseat to accommodate out of town guests in the absence of a guest room. She wanted the two loveseats to be the same size, so we customized the length of the non-sleeper to be the same length as the sleeper. She upgraded to the new AirDream mattress and opted for fiber-down back cushions so her folks would be extra comfy when they came to visit. They chose the Brooke style ottoman to go with their Marquis style furniture as they wanted to "open things up a little" with some exposed wood legs. The ottoman will serve as a coffee table, so they wanted it to be a little larger and changed the size to be 25" x 40" and raised the height to 17". They decided on Sunbrella Canvas Camel as the upholstery fabric because it's durable, easy to clean, and fade resistant. 


Deborah has a small formal living room and wanted seating on each side of a black marble fireplace. She wanted to keep the look cozy and allow space for other furniture and chose our Bishop style loveseats. Deborah liked the square edges that complemented moldings in the room and chose white fabric as a clean pallet allowing for any color to be used now or in the future. She loved the durability and cleanability of our Microdenier fabrics. Deborah asked for a extra "crown" on her fiber down seat cushions. We added about 4" to the back cushion height.

Chad M.

Chad, a previous customer, called to ask if we had ever built a custom storage ottoman with cup holders incorporated in the lid. While it had been our intentions to offer this as an option on our website, we just had not done it! Chad was interested in a custom size: 36" (length) x 25 (depth)" x 18.5" (height). The inside storage compartment is 33" x 22". The (4) stainless steel cup holders are removable for cleaning. The fabric covering is our Microdenier Coffee. We plan to offer this cup holder option on our website very soon!


Linda wanted to maximize seating in her family media room (10' x 15') with a contemporary style sectional. She chose our Roth style and opted for bordered box style back cushions (Crawford style back cushions - making the overall height 37"). To meet her space requirements, we added 11" in length to our standard armless chair and subtracted 6" from our standard armless sofa. She added bun feet (mahogany finish) for a traditional touch. Because grandchildren and her King Charles Cavalier spaniel will be guests on the sectional, Linda selected one of our performance fabrics, Microfibre Hyatt Tan. Our performance fabrics (Microfibre, Sultry Suede, Microdenier, and Sunbrella) are durable and easy to clean with soap and water. She added (2) 18" x 18" throw pillows - Microfibre Hyatt Cream and Sultry Suede Cappacino. The finished dimensions of her 3-piece sectional are (L to R): 71.5" x 104.5".

Brian and Kristin

Brian and Kristin recently purchased their dream home. They just installed a 120 inch home theater system and wanted an extra large black sectional with plenty of seating that would not distract from the movie screen. They chose single seat cushions so they could watch the screen in a horizontal position and not have that typical "couch feeling" when lying down (three seat cushions). They included a sleeper sofa in the center component for overnight guests. They chose square, bordered back cushions for their Roth sectional and bun feet for a stylish look. Their 5-piece sectional consists of (2) armless sofa's, (2) corner wedge's and (1) armless queen sleeper. They added an extra ottoman to their order. Finished dimensions are (L to R): 121" x 162" x 121". Fabric choice was Microdenier Velvet Baltimore Black.

Nathan and Cari

Nathan and Cari were finishing the downstairs of their home following the arrival of their new baby. The plan is to use the downstairs for a family room and primary place for watching TV. They needed a sectional large enough for friends and their growing family. They chose our Roth style and added an extra inch to the seat cushion border size - making it 5" vs. our standard 4". We customized the Roth chaise, making it a squared off end vs. rounded end and 72" in overall depth. Their 4-piece Roth sectional consists of a LF sofa, corner chair, armless sofa and RF chaise. Finished dimensions are (L to R): 118" x 139.5". They chose Sunbrella Canvas Bay Brown for the sectional and optional throw pillows.

Kim and Jason

Kim and Jason needed a sectional that would fit into a specific spot in the living room of their 1940s cottage, while maximizing seating for viewing of the very modern TV. They also wanted something modular and flexible that would work in easily in other configurations or other homes. After having no luck at local stores that catered to McMansion-sized furniture, they decided to go custom! They chose two armless chairs and two corner chairs to make the sectional. They altered the Roth style to have bordered box back cushions and upgraded to poly with fiber wrap for a crisp modern look. They also lengthened the (2) armless chairs to be the same dimensions at the corner chairs (35.5"x35.5"); this fit the space perfectly and reinforced the modular idea. The fabric is Sunbrella Sailcloth Shell. Note: Kim and Jason configured the sectional in their home differently than our photo shows - see furniture in their home.

Donna R.

Donna designed her sectional for the upstairs loft, which is home to their computer center, TV and game area. The loft is a long narrow area that runs along one wall - around the corner - and under the front windows. She wanted to maximize the seating area for her kids, as well as allow them a comfortable place to lay around and watch TV, play or chat. Because one end of the sectional would be close to the entertainment center, she elected for that end to be "open" (no arm) which would soften the look. Her custom Roth style sectional(with Crawford center back cushions for added overall height) includes a 50" armless loveseat with stump end, a corner wedge, a 75.5" armless sofa, a RF recliner and an ottoman. She chose our fiber-down cushion option package for all pieces except for the recliner (our suggestion). The finished dimensions are 95.5" x 154.5". Sultry Suede Buckskin is her fabric covering.


Elizabeth had seen sofa/chaise combinations in some catalogs and thought that combination was a good way of providing seating near their fireplace. Most combinations they saw were too wide for their space - it would have made it impossible to walk from the living room to the dining room. Elizabeth found our website and noticed that the Crawford 1-arm full size sleeper was the perfect length, but she didn't need sleeper! So, we made her a custom 65" 1-arm loveseat to pair with our 1-arm chaise. The finished dimensions of her Crawford style 2-piece sectional are (L to R): 95" x 56" (depth of chaise). She chose our Sultry Suede fabric for its durability and ease of cleaning. Color choices were Red for the sectional and Chocolate for the added throw pillows.


Eleanor was redecorating her family room and wanted a "fun" sectional style for the room. She fell in love with our Microfibre Chandon Brandy fabric and knew the durability and ease of cleaning of Microfibre would be perfect for her family (note: our Microfibre, Sultry Suede, Microdenier Velvet, and Sunbrella fabrics are all "performance" fabrics). Eleanor had some dimension requirements that needed to be met, so we helped her design the perfect sectional for the space. She opted for our Roth style sectional, but wanted to change the back cushion style to what we use on our Byron style (knife-edge cushions). Her 3-piece sectional consists of a 54.5" Armless Loveseat with LF Stump End, a 35.5" x 35.5" corner chair, and an Armless Queen Sleeper Sofa. Finished dimensions are (L to R): 90" x 106.5". Eleanor upgraded to our AirDream mattress, our fiber-down cushion package and to our storage ottoman.

Jonathan and Cindy

Jonathan and Cindy were interested in finding furniture for their family room that would accommodate the adults and their two teenage boys. The family room has a bay picture window and window seat that looks out onto a lake, thus they wanted a stump end component so the view out the window would not be blocked. Their Roth style 3-piece sectional consists of a custom 53" armless loveseat (with stump end on the left-facing end), a 35.5" x 35.5" corner chair and a 58" RF loveseat. Finished dimensions are (L to R): 87.5" x 93.5". They upgraded their free ottoman to storage and chose Microfibre Bromley Latte as the fabric.


Karin wanted a contemporary style sectional for her basement. However, she needed to be sure it would fit down the stairs and fit the space she had available. She sent us a rough schematic of her basement stairs, with measurements, and we assisted in her selection of style and components. Karin decided on a Roth style sectional with bordered box style back cushions. She wanted single seat cushions on her armless sofas and two back cushions (option of poly back cushions). Karin wanted 5" tapered wood feet, mahogany finish, on the sectional components and hooded casters on her ottoman. Her Roth style sectional consists of a custom length 72.5" armless sofa, corner chair, and a custom length 72.5" armless sofa. The finished dimensions are (L to R): 108" x 108". Her fabric choice was Microfibre Fairview Doeskin.

Rebecca M.

Rebecca was looking for a small sectional and liked our Roth style, but wanted to make several changes. She asked for the back cushions to be bordered, box style and did not want welt applied on the back or seat cushions. Rebecca asked for mahogany stain bun feet and used Special Request fabric M6232B Chinchilla. She choose to upgrade the free ottoman to a storage ottoman (paying the cost difference of the two). Rebecca opted for our fiber down seat cushions and standard back cushions. Her sectional consists of a LF loveseat, corner chair and RF chair. The finished dimensions are (L to R): 93.5" x 68.5".

Kevin and Annie

Kevin and Annie's home is somewhat craftsman style and somewhat oriental. The living room is not huge, but they wanted a sectional that would fit their family of four - with plenty of stretching room (not to mention guests). They wanted large ottomans (48" length x 36" depth x 18.5" high) that would store throws, games and magazines to keep the place neat. The colors they chose are reflective of the craftsman era, and will go beautifully with the rug they purchased. Their 4-piece Crawford sectional consists of a LF sofa, armless sofa, corner chair, and RF sofa. Finished dimensions are (L to R): 191" x 115.5". They chose Sultry Suede Lichen for the sectional and multiple Microfibre fabrics for the storage ottomans and throw pillows. View photo of furniture in home.

Cary's small custom sectional sofa

Cary has an older home with big windows and a long, thin living/dining room. She wanted to create a cozy seating arrangement, working with the shape of the room and location of the windows, yet separate the living area from the dining area. She also had a fireplace to consider - and wanted the sectional to have an "open feel" so both rooms could enjoy the fire. The stump-end portion of the sectional will divide the living room from the dining room. Cary will use her ottoman under one of the large windows, offering another seat as needed without blocking the view. Her Byron style sectional consists of a 51.5" LF loveseat and a 90" armless sofa w/ RF stump end & LF return. Finished dimensions are (L to R): 90" x 90". Cary increased the seat depth to 25" (+ 3"). Her fabric choice was special request fabric Sendak Celery and she opted for our fiber down cushion package.

Fred's custom loveseat in Sunbrella

Fred liked our Hughes style loveseat, but wanted to change the back cushions to our bordered, box style. He found a Sunbrella fabric that he liked and we were able to purchase it for use on his loveseat. Fred also added contrasting welt. His fabric choice was Sunbrella Mason Sky Blue and the contrasting welt is Sunbrella Canvas White. Note: in some cases we can purchase other Sunbrella fabrics that are not offered on our website. However, we cannot provide swatches unless the fabric is on our website. If you are interested in a Sunbrella fabric that is not offered on our website, please let us know the name and/or number associated with the fabric and the pieces of furniture you plan to order. With this information (fabric & furniture) we can check the availability of the fabric and, if available and cost effective, offer you a quote for your furniture using that fabric. Otherwise, you are welcome to purchase the fabric yourself and participate in our C.O.M. program.

Julie's small space custom sectional sofa

Julie has a narrow living room which is in view from her kitchen. She liked our Crawford style sectional, but wanted to make some changes to accommodate her space and personal preferences. She increased the arm width 1.5" (to 6.5"), decreased the arm height by 2" (to 23"), increased the seat depth 1.5" (to 23") and decreased the overall height 2" (to 36"). Julie asked for 5" cushion borders, which increases the thickness of the cushions. She opted for fiber down seat cushions and poly/fiber/down back cushions (a custom option). She chose a black finish for her 2" tapered wood feet and Sunbrella Canvas Taupe as her fabric. Finished dimensions are (L to R): 87.5" x 87.5"


Shawn needed to stage her condo in the Colorado mountains for a quicker sale. She had a very small wall and needed something to fit her space and allow for a perfect view of the mountains and the fireplace. Shawn liked our Hall sectional style, but our standard components were too long. We built a 2-piece sectional which includes a 73" LF full-size sleeper with right-facing return and a 25" RF chair. We decreased the arm widths to 3" (-2"). The finished dimensions are (L to R): 73.5" x 50". Shawn used our Caprone leather 0972 for the body of her sectional and Sultry Suede Fawn for the seat and back cushions. She upgraded to the AirDream mattress and changed the feet to 2" tapered wood - mahogany finish.

Allyson Mt. Zion Methodist Georgia

Allyson was in charge of purchasing new furniture for her church's youth room renovation project. Their Youth Center had burned last year in an unfortunate accident. They were in the process of reconfiguring their fellowship hall to be the Youth Center and wanted vibrant, modern fabrics to inspire and please the youth. They liked our Crawford style and we suggested the option of poly-filled back cushions which offer the most support. Their order consisted of (3) Crawford sectionals and (4) Crawford style chairs - all in coordinating Microfibre fabrics Bromley Carrot, Bromley Azure, Bromley Apple and Chandon Ocean.

Patricia A.

Patricia liked our Crawford style sectional, but wanted a couple of changes. She wanted more support in both seat and back cushions. She opted for our poly back cushions and increased the seat cushion border to 5" (which adds thickness to the seat cushion). Patricia selected Microfibre Bromley Toast as her fabric. Her 2-piece sectional consists of a LF loveseat, RF chaise and (2) ottomans. Finished dimensions (L to R): 85" x 56" (depth of chaise).

Erin and Richard

Erin and Richard (repeat customers) wanted a couch for their new beach house and searched for a patterned fabric with earth tone color schemes. Special request fabric J5214 Leaf was perfect. They said they had a tricky space to fit a couch - they had a long back wall and a side wall that extended six feet - so adding a 1-arm chaise to a 1-arm sofa was a perfect solution. Now, they have a perfect view of the bay from their new 2-piece sectional. The sectional style is the Roth style with Crawford "center" bordered back cushions. To fit their space perfectly, we customized the length of the LF sofa to be 97" and the RF chaise was customized to be 60" in overall depth and to have a square end (vs rounded). Finished dimensions (L to R): 130" x 60". They requested bun feet (fruitwood finish). Note the skilled flow match of the striped fabric.

Cindy and Robert

Cindy and Robert have a long, but narrow, room which serves as an Audiovisual room. They wanted a sofa that would comfortably seat four people and liked our Kingsley arm style. They had spent a lot of time thinking about the perfect sofa and sent us a sketch of their ideas for custom design changes as well as fabric placement. Their request included (4) bordered, box style back cushions that have rounded/curved corners. They wanted the back cushion filling to be poly with a fiber wrap - the poly creates a firmer back cushion but will keep its shape longer. They chose our ultra support package which includes a re-enforced frame and an additional 2" of seat cushion (from a 4" seat cushion border to a 6" seat cushion border). We placed the bun feet 8" toward the back of the frame so the feet would sit on the customer's hardwood floor instead of their oriental dragon rug. They selected multiple Sunbrella Canvas fabrics and utilized contrasting welt on their sofa and optional throw pillows. The fabrics are Canvas Vellum and Canvas Coral. Photos above are with and without optional throw pillows.

Mike's custom sectional sofa

Mike wanted a sectional for his living room (which he described as odd-shaped). He wanted to maximize seating and napping possibilities, and asked us to increase the seat depth by 1.5" on his custom Roth sectional with knife-edge (Byron style) back cushions. Mike liked the traditional look of a skirt, so we added a visible 7.5" kick-pleat skirt. He opted for our fiber down cushion package and ordered (6) throw pillows for his sectional. Mike wanted a fabric that was durable and easily cleaned as he and his dogs live on the lake! Mike's custom Roth sectional (with Byron style back cushions) consists of an 82.5" LF sofa and a 37" RF stump-end with return. Finished dimensions are 119.5" x 74" and the fabric is Sultry Suede Silversage. View back view of sectional.


Janet wanted a couple of matching sofas for her study, which doubles as a guest bedroom. She wanted to maximize the space in her room and found that "ready made" couches were too wide and just wouldn't work for the space. She worked with a designer who suggested she customize in order to have one of her sofas be a sleeper. Janet opted for topstitching detail instead of welt/piping (see close up photo). Her custom 2-arm Crawford queen sleeper and sofa are both 78" in length. She opted for 5" seat cushion borders (adds thickness to the cushion) and our fiber down cushion package. The fabric is Special Request fabric Hobbs 0105 Cornsilk.

Janice Designer

Janice, a designer, wanted an Eliot chair for her customer and a custom built ottoman. The ottoman measures 42" (length) x 25" in (depth) x 18" (height). It's button-tufted and has a 4" front border. Janice wanted 8" tall, turned style - mahogany finish legs and Brass Ferrell casters. Janice provided her own fabric for us to use by participating in our C.O.M. program.


Nancy lives in a 120 year old Victorian home with odd shaped, small rooms. She needed maximum seating for their family room, but all the sectionals they saw in the stores were way too big. Our method of offering sectional components that you choose to fit your space was perfect for Nancy. She liked our Roth style, but wanted to switch the back cushion style to bordered, box back style. She added a skirt to achieve the traditional style she wanted. Our corner wedge offered important leg room for her four boys! To add interest, Nancy used two different fabrics in the same tonal range on her sectional - Microfibre Bromley Latte on the seats and Microdenier Velvet Baltimore Coffee on all the rest. She choose to upgrade the free ottoman to storage to hide all the blankets used in the cold winter months.

Stephanie M

Stephanie was looking for furniture for her living room and wanted armless chairs to provide more flexible seating in front of the fireplace. She wanted to add a skirt to the chairs, but wanted a longer skirt than our standard 7" kick pleat skirt to create a more tailored look. Stephanie chose our Roth style armless chairs with square bordered back cushions - and added a 10.5" kick pleat skirt. She has the fiber down cushion package and her fabric is Sunbrella Canvas Vellum.


Christine was looking for a sofa to put in her family room that was elegant, but kid friendly (wanted a dark color fabric). She liked our Eliot style, but wanted us to remove the skirt and add the spooled post legs as on our Brooke style. Her fabric is Special Request fabric Cervantes Espresso. Christine chose our standard cushion package.


Laura liked our Kingsley Queen Sleeper and wanted a storage ottoman that would cover the entire length of the sleeper seating area (seat width). Her custom storage ottoman is 68" long x 25" deep x 18" high. Laura had seen a Sunbrella fabric in a local retail store that she loved and gave us the fabric name/number. The fabric was Sunbrella Burma Cinnamon and was a "made to order" fabric requiring a six week wait. We ordered the fabric (we can sometimes order other Sunbrella fabric - but can only provide swatches of what we list on our website) and Laura now has her custom furniture in the fabric she wanted!

Brad Designer

Brad, a designer in New York, was looking for furniture for his home. He wanted a queen sleeper, but with arms like our sectional corner chair. We modified our Crawford style and added corner chair style arms. He also chose a pair of Crawford armless chairs and a custom-sized Roth storage ottoman (21" length x 30" depth ). Brad opted for 5" seat cushion borders (adds thickness to the cushion) and chose our fiber down cushion package. His fabric is Microfibre Fairview Fern. View close up of sofa.

Stephanie S

Stephanie was re-decorating her home in Arizona. Her rooms were spacious, so she could use larger furniture. Stephanie two sofa's and a matching chair and a half. She increased the length and overall depth of our Kingsley sofa making each sofa 120" in length and 27" in seat depth. She used our Polyurethane Jasper Tobacco for the frames and selected our Chenille Austin Pecan for the cushions. She added nailhead trim around the arm panels and around the front border of the sofas. Stephanie made changes to our Marquis chair and a half (wanted fan-pleated arms, bun feet, increased length, an extra throw pillow) and used Special Request fabric M6694 Goldenrod for the cushions.


Ashley and her husband are repeat customers. They were so pleased with their first experience with CarolinaChair (both the product and the service), they came back to us to furnish their den. Their goal in replacing the old furniture was to add extra seating to a relatively small room and to find upholstery, especially for the sofa, that would be kid-friendly. They chose the Hughes Queen Sleeper for its classic design and the pullout bed feature. It's upholstered in durable, easy to clean Sultry Suede fabric (Red). The relatively small size of the Brooke chairs allowed them to use a pair, rather than just one accent chair. She particularly liked the bun feet for a great styling detail. Ashley wanted a tufted cocktail ottoman rather than a traditional coffee table - feeling that it would be more versatile. Her custom ottoman is 30" L x 22" D, x 17.5" H and has 8" tall turned style legs - mahogany finish. She participated in our C.O.M. program for the chairs and ottoman.

Lin's custom corner wedge chair with armless chair

Lin and her husband recently moved across the country and down-sized to a smaller home in Colorado ski country. Their living room is particularly small and situated in such a way that a smaller corner sofa seemed like it would look best, provide the best conversational angles, and maximize the seating capacity. However, there wasn't much space for the sofa's "corner" to wrap around because of a sliding glass door which they did not want to cover up. Lin began researching the internet and discovered us! When she spotted our corner wedge chair -- she immediately knew it was the answer! The wedge provided the "corner" look and angle she was looking for without covering the glass door. The wedge, combined with a customized left-facing armless chair (to maximize seating space), completed her decorating puzzle. The finished dimensions of Lin's Roth 2-piece sectional are 84.5" x 45.5" (L to R). She chose fiber down seat cushions, standard back cushions and Microfibre Accord Barn as her fabric covering.

Anne K

Anne's son has a twin-size water bed in his bedroom. He likes to have friends sleep over, so Anne wanted something in his room to serve as a sitting space by day and a bed (when needed) at night. She chose our Hughes style twin sleeper (not yet advertised on our website - we can manufacture a twin size sleeper in any style). The Hughes twin size sleeper is 64" in length (compared to the 56" Hughes sleeper chair and a half). The mattress size for the twin sleeper is 41" x 72". Anne opted to have tapered wood feet (no skirt) and she participated in our C.O.M. program.

Gail NC

Gail lives on the coast of North Carolina. She liked our Sunbrella fabric for its durability, ease of cleaning and resistance to fade in direct sunlight. Gail selected our Hughes style furniture (no skirt and tapered wood feet) and wanted contrasting fabric for her throw pillows and welt. Her Hughes chair & a half, sofa and large ottoman are in Sunbrella Canvas Camel and the throw pillows are in Canvas Antique Beige. The contrasting welt on the throws are in Canvas Camel.


Rebecca liked our Crawford armless single-size sleepers. She wanted button-tufted back cushions, and because of the tufted style, we needed to upgrade her back cushions to poly with a fiber wrap. The poly-back cushions are firmer than our standard fiber-filled back cushions and thus hold their shape longer. Rebecca participated in our C.O.M. program where the customer buys the fabric and we offer a price quote and tell you how many yards will be needed.

Colleen P Designer

Colleen, a designer with furniture featured elsewhere on this page, returned to us (again!) as a repeat customer/designer. She needed a sofa for a Model Home in a new Coastal Development called Dolphin Island. The sofa will be in the living room of the Model Home and all the material used was C.O.M. The Navy fabric used on the cushions (Nautical collection by Robert Allen) was chosen for its crisp yet water-like appeal. The solid navy fabric used on the body of the sofa has texture. She ordered (2) additional throw pillows for a total of (4) using coordinating fabrics. The fabric combination used on this sofa combines masculine and feminine prints. The sofa style was to be comfortable and casual - yet sophisticated since this is an upper end ($865K) house. Colleen chose our Brooke style sofa.


Brenda had a 90" x 100" space for a sectional. She liked our Roth style but wanted bordered box style back cushions - like our Crawford style middle back cushions - which makes her sectional 37" overall height. She asked us to increase the seat depth to 24" (+2") and add a visible "floor length" 7.5" kick-pleat skirt (sides that connect to other pieces do not have a skirt panel). Brenda upgraded the free ottoman to be storage and added a matching skirt. We customized the lengths of both loveseats to make the finished dimensions (L to R): 90" x 100". Brenda used special request fabric, M6491 5454 Ashrose for one side of the back and seat cushions, the entire throw pillows and the top side of the ottoman cushion. Chenille Orlando Beige was used for the rest of the upholstery.


Chastity was furnishing her beach home and needed a large sectional. She liked our Roth style, but wanted square bordered back cushions like we have on our Yeats style. Chastity wanted a formal look for the room, so she added a skirt. She needed a fabric that would durable, easily to clean, and able to withstand constant exposure to sunlight - Sunbrella has all those features! Her sectional consists of a LF sofa, corner chair, and RF queen sleeper. The finished dimensions are 118" x 113.5". Chastity chose Sunbrella Canvas Antique Beige as her fabric covering.

Cathy B

Cathy recently moved to a retirement community. As she was downsizing, she needed new furniture. She liked our new English collection and searched for a very long time for the perfect fabric to match her decor. She finally found fabric from our fabric partner, Barrow Industries. Cathy wanted custom dimensions for her storage ottoman - the finished dimensions are 36" length x 35" depth x 20.5" height. She also added 2" hooded casters on the ottoman. Her fabric is Special Request Commonwealth Ginger on the sofa and Special Request Fenway Riviera on the chair and ottoman. She chose our fiber down cushion package.


Addie needed furniture for her vacation rental property which has lots of large glass doors and windows to overlook the scenery. She needed a lower profile sectional so that the view would not be blocked, so she chose our Yeats style and asked for some customizations. She increased the low back frame height of the Yeats by 1.5" (from 25.5" to 27"). The overall height (which includes the back cushion height) is 35". She shortened the chaise so not to encroach on the large glass door and she shortened the loveseat in order to fit her space. Her furniture arrived just in time for the renters (whew!). Her sectional consists of LF chair, armless queen sleeper, and a RF (33") mini-chaise. The finished sectional length is 186". Addie selected Microfibre Hyatt Cream as her fabric.


Shree liked our Hughes full-size sleeper, but wanted our bordered box style back cushions instead of our standard Hughes back cushions. Her fabric is Sunbrella Canvas Aruba.

Debbie's Sectional

Debbie liked our Crawford style sectional, but wanted to customize the length of a RF chair to make the right side just a little longer. We added 12" to the RF chair making it 42" in length. Her finished dimensions are (L to R): 115.5" x 77.5". She requested 3" tapered wood feet and (2) 16" throw pillows in Twill Chocolate fabric and (4)18" throw pillows in her sectional fabric of Special Request Fabric Minot 0337 Blaze.


Marnette and her husband are empty nesters and have downsized their home. With their fairly small family room, she wanted to maximize the seating along the only open wall without going to sectional style furniture - so she asked for her sofa to be lengthened by about 10" (sofa is 97.5" long). She liked the Hughes style (without a skirt, bun feet), but her husband wanted the arms to be low enough for him to rest his head comfortably while laying down. So, we lowered the arm height to 22" (standard is 26"). Her son wanted a soft fabric, so they chose Microfibre Arcadia Grass. Marnette upgraded to our luxurious all-down cushion package for all cushions, including the extra throw pillows. She also ordered a matching storage ottoman that will tuck into a little nook near the sofa and serve as a mini-chaise when not in use as a footstool.

Matt's Custom Sectional Sofa

Matt liked our Roth style sectional, but wanted some customizations to provide as much seating area as possible. He also wanted to add a visible Hughes style (7") kick-pleat skirt. Matt asked us to increase the seat depth of the sectional (as he is rather tall) and to add length to one of the loveseats. We added 14.5" to the length of the RF loveseat and increased the seat depth of the sectional to 23" (+ 1.5"). Overall depth increased accordingly to 37". Matt had a small pocket-door entry width to consider (28") as well, so we added removable feet which would give him 2 extra inches for entry through that doorway. For extra support, he chose poly-filled back cushions and increased seat cushion borders to 5" (from 4"). His sectional consists of a LF loveseat, corner wedge, custom length RF loveseat and (2) ottomans. Finished dimensions of the sectional are 103.5" x 118". The fabric choice was Microfibre Fairview Taupe.

Mark's Custom Sleeper Sofa and Storage Ottoman

After ordering from us just a few months earlier, Mark returned to us for furniture for their den. They have a small den at the end of a straight, narrow hallway and only limited room for manipulating a sleeper sofa through the door. Our Yeats style has a low back frame height of 25.5" and would make it down the narrow hallway and through the door. For added back/neck support, he asked for taller back cushions (we used our Crawford middle back cushions) making the overall height around 37". The custom storage ottoman is almost double sized to keep sheets and blankets handy for the sleeper sofa. It measures 50" length x 25" depth x 18.5" height . The fabric is Sultry Suede Cinnabar.


Marty was furnishing several rooms with new furniture. She ordered several pieces from us, including this sectional based off our newest collection style, the Kingsley. Her sectional consists of a LF sofa, corner chair, armless chair, RF sofa and ottoman. The finished dimensions are (L to R): 120.5" x 146.5". She ordered (2) throw pillows in C.O.M. and (2) throw pillows to match the sofa fabric (Microfibre Fairview Dark Blue). Marty wanted our fruitwood finish on the bun feet. View her other furniture: loveseat, recliner and storage ottoman.

Teresa's Custom Sectional with Storage Ottomans

Teresa had looked at many stores to find furniture that would fit in the small space she had available in her den. She specifically wanted a chaise and sleeper sectional, but was having no luck finding anything to fit. She found us online and liked our Crawford style, but could not fit a chaise and a full size sleeper in her space. We told her that we had a twin-size sleeper available that was 55" in length (1-arm version) and that measurement was perfect! Her LF chaise and RF twin sleeper is 60" (depth of chaise) x 85". She opted for poly with fiber wrap back cushions (firmer than our standard) and ordered (2) custom Roth style storage ottomans (20" L x 20" D x 18.5 H) with a skirt and tread ball casters. She chose Microfibre Fairview Doeskin as her fabric covering.

Debra's Custom Sectional Sofa

Debra liked our Hall style, but wanted to make some changes. She wanted the Hall arm to "run" to the back of the frame - like our Roth/Yeats style arm. She wanted the frame height to be 30" and the overall height to be 33". Debra asked us to customize the length of the LF sofa, armless loveseat and RF chair, making the finished dimensions of her custom Hall sectional be 176" x 168" (L to R). At her request for firmer back cushions, we used poly with a fiber wrap. She chose Microfibre Hyatt Tan as her fabric.

Kathy's Custom Apartment Sized Sofa and Chaise

Kathy, a repeat customer, liked Terri's apartment size sofa shown in this section and wanted one exactly like it - but a little shorter. Kathy's custom loveseat is 70" in overall length and has Kingsley style arms. The seat cushion borders are 5" (instead of 4") and her fabric is Microfibre Quasar Sky. Kathy also ordered a Hughes style chaise, but needed us to shave a little off the arm width in order to get a 35" overall length (she had space constraints). She asked for a custom round end (vs. the standard square end) and wanted her chaise to be 60" in depth. Her fabric for the chaise is special request fabric Midwest 0197 Straw.

Laura H

Laura liked the look of our Hughes Collection, but wanted square bordered back cushions. She opted for no skirt and 3" tapered wood feet (mahogany stain) and decided to go with our 5" border seat cushion for extra support (adds another inch to the thickness of our standard seat cushion). Laura added (2) extra 16" x 16" throw pillows. She was thrilled that we had the Celadon color as a fabric option and chose Microfibre Bromley Celadon.


Alison was looking for new living room furniture and wanted several coordinating pieces. She liked our Lewis style sofa, but wanted to make several custom changes. She changed the overall length to 100", added 4" to the seat depth and increased the frame height 5". Her fabric is Microfibre Bromley Toast. Alison participated in our C.O.M. program for her (2) Eliot Swivel Rockers. Notice the excellent matching of the stripes as they flow down the pieces.

Deborah's Sleeper Sofa and Chair, Storage Ottoman

Deborah liked our Hughes Collection, but did not want the standard skirt. She chose 3" tapered wood feet (mahogany stain) for her queen sleeper, sleeper chair and storage ottoman. Her fabric is chenille Philadelphia Golden.

Stephanie's Custom Sectional Sofa

Stephanie had shopped around for the perfect sectional, but could not find one that would maximize her room for seating space. Everything she found in stores had a chaise on one end and that would not work for her room. She realized she needed to customize and build her own sectional and thank goodness she found us! Stephanie's 3-piece Roth sectional consists of a 100.5" LF sofa, a corner chair, and a 58.5" RF loveseat. The finished dimensions are 136" x 93.5". She chose our fiber down cushion package and Microfibre Hyatt Honey as her fabric covering.


Rhonda liked our Crawford style sectional, but wanted to make several custom changes due to space constraints and personal preferences. We modified the arm width to 3 1/8", the arm height to 28", and the frame height to 28". Rhonda wanted a 2-back, 2-seat option and wanted the seat cushions to be "T" style. We used the square bordered-box back cushions and the overall height was 35". Her sectional consists of a LF sofa, corner chair, and a RF Queen Sleeper (L to R): 115.5" x 110.5". She added (4) 18" x 18" throw pillows. Her fabric is Microfibre Hyatt Sage.

Colleen P's Custom Sofa and Storage Ottomans

Colleen, a designer with furniture featured elsewhere on this page, returned to us as a repeat customer/designer. She asked us to build a button-tufted tight back sofa with a fan-pleated arm style and to use a single seat cushion with a 5" welted border. She needed (2) matching storage ottomans as well. Colleen participated in our C.O.M. program for the button-tufted back, single seat cushion and ottoman tops. For all other upholstery, she used our Chenille Austin fabric. View sofa


Lantz recently moved to a loft townhome with large expansive windows. He wanted furniture that allowed for a "fall into" comfy feel where you could lay back and enjoy the panoramic view or a set up where a group of friends could lounge in a "conversational" circle. He liked the frame height of our Roth style, but the clean lines of Crawford middle back cushions. Lantz had previous experience with Microfibre and loved it for its durability and ease of maintenance. His custom sectional includes LF chaise, armless loveseat, corner chair, and a 65" armless loveseat with a stump end. The finished dimensions are 65" (depth of chaise) x 119.5" x 100.5". Lantz chose our fiber-down cushion package and 2" tapered wood feet. His fabric is Microfibre Hennessey Beige.


Tammy wanted a sofa for her sunroom and a chaise for her bedroom. Her English style sofa will have constant exposure to the sunlight - so she chose one of our Sunbrella fabrics which is fade resistant. Tammy used Canvas Antique Beige for the sofa and Canvas White for contrasting welt. She asked for her (2) pillows to be in Canvas Red and she added (4) more throw pillows in C.O.M. fabric. Her Marquis style RF chaise has the all-down cushion package and uses Sultry Suede Fawn as the fabric covering. Tammy changed the back cushion style to be a bordered, box style like our Yeats back cushion.


Marsha wanted new sofas for her beach condo and liked our Hughes style. However, she wanted to change the back cushions to our bordered T-back style and wanted the Ultra Support package which includes extra reinforcement to the stress points of the frame and a thicker seat cushion (6" seat cushion border vs. standard 4" border). Marsha wanted a fabric with a cotton/linen blend and we were able to provide the fabric called John Linen (78% cotton, 22% linen). She used contrasting throw pillows for accent purposes.

Marg Designer

Marg, a designer, liked the Terri's loveseat featured on this page (Hughes style with Kingsley style arms). She was interested in a sofa and loveseat for her customer, but wanted to customize the length and overall height on both pieces. Here sofa is 75" long and the loveseat is 65" in length. Both have an overall height of 38". She increased the seat cushion borders to 5" (from our standard 4" border size) and used our fiber-down seat cushions and our standard back cushions. Marg used multiple fabrics (C.O.M. program) on her pieces and chose our bun feet - natural stain finish.


Charlotte was looking for a loveseat to go in her son's bedroom so she would have a place to read with him at night (vs. having to lay in his bed with him). The Bishop loveseat was the perfect size for the space she had available. His room theme is "extreme outdoor sports" and the walls are deep denim blue. She chose Microfibre Hyatt Scarlet as the fabric covering and used our Twill Denim Indigo as contrasting welt (which matched the wall color). Charlotte participated in our C.O.M. (Customers Own Material) program for the accent throws (same fabric as the bedspread). The contrasting denim welt and the throw pillows to match the bedspread made everything tie in perfectly!

Colleen P Designer

Colleen, a designer, needed a loveseat and a sleeper for her customer. She showed us a fan pleated arm style that she wanted for the loveseat. She asked for Hughes style back cushions and a 5" border single seat cushion. She chose 4" tapered feet - mahogany finish and used Austin Sand as the fabric covering. Colleen wanted the sleeper to be larger than our regular sleeper chair, so we offered her the option of a twin size mechanism and mattress (opposed to the single size mechanism and mattress of our sleeper chair). Her custom size Hughes sleeper is 64" in length and the mattress size is 41" x 72". Austin Cranberry was used as the fabric covering.


Colleen was a previous customer (see her blue sectional and story in this section) and came back to us for a custom tufted storage ottoman similar to Terri's. Colleen used our Polyurethane Jasper Tobacco as her covering. Her custom tufted storage ottoman is 38" x 25" x 20". At her request, we applied brassnails around the bottom of the ottoman. We used 2" tapered wood feet.

Kathy C's Custom Furniture

Kathy liked our Hughes collection and wanted to use multiple fabrics in the room she was furnishing. She also wanted the fabrics to be hard-wearing and easy to clean as she had children and pets. She liked our Hughes style, but did not want the standard skirt. She chose 3" tapered wood feet on all pieces. Kathy used our Sultry Suede Cappacino on her queen sleeper and loveseat and special request fabric Caravel 0496 Ember for the chair, extra accent pillows and storage ottoman.

Suzanne's Custom Storage Ottoman and Chairs

Suzanne ordered a sectional from us in 2003 and came back to us recently for some different pieces for her living room. The living room in her 1920s colonial home is not large and she needed something that could "float" and look good from all angles - yet offer the flexibility of being able to be pushed together and used as a large sofa or two loveseats for entertaining purposes. The storage ottoman will be used as a cocktail table with a tray on top and as storage space for her children's toys and stuffed animals. She ordered (4) armless Crawford chairs (with the fiber down cushion package) and asked us to add a 7" front border and apply brassnails below the top welt of the front border. Suzanne wanted cream upholstery and the Sunbrella Sailcloth fabric made it a practical choice. She chose Microfiber Fairview Charcoal for her custom matching 37" x 37" storage ottoman.

Glenda's Custom Loveseats

Glenda wanted (2) loveseats and liked our Hughes style. She made several customizations including increasing the overall height to be 38", increasing the seat cushion borders to be 5", and adding tapered wood feet (no skirt). Her furniture was going in a room that has constant exposure to the sun, so she chose Sunbrella Canvas Glacier as her fabric covering and used Sunbrella Mason Glacier on one side of each throw pillow for contrasting purposes. Sunbrella fabrics resist fading in sunlight - so color stays vibrant and constant.