Handcrafted, manufactured one piece at a time, built by the order, custom built for you ...

Here are just a few examples of custom furniture going through our manufacturing stages.

Example 1

Here is a beautiful example of a custom sectional sofa created with a Special Request Fabric. The customer selected the following components for her sectional: left facing loveseat, corner chair, armless loveseat, right facing chaise and ottoman.

Sewing begins

The chaise under construction

The left facing loveseat under construction

A beautiful custom sectional and another happy customer!

Example 2

This customer created a chair and a half and large ottoman from the Hughes collection with a Special Request Fabric.

The cutting process begins


The frame of the chair and a half

Eight-way hand tied steel coil springs

Fabric is attached to the frame

Work begins on the ottoman

A beautiful custom chair and a half and ottoman for another happy customer!

Example 3

This customer needed lots of seating for a large beach house. For the main living area, she selected a Yeats large sectional with sleeper. In this case, the customer had chosen to use her own material from a local vendor. Once she determined fabric widths and pattern repeats for the fabrics, we provided yardage requirements for the pieces selected. The fabric was delivered and construction began.

The fabric arrives and the cutting process begins


Construction of a sectional component

The completed sectional with a left facing loveseat, 2 corner chairs,
an armless sleeper sofa, right facing chair and ottoman.

Example 4

This customer had a small living area and had never considered a sectional, assuming that it would be too large for the space. Upon seeing examples of sectionals customers have created on our web site, the customer realized that she could create the perfect seating area with a small sectional ... in this case, a left facing loveseat, corner chair and right facing loveseat in a Special Request Fabric.

The fabric arrives and sewing begins

Left facing loveseat under construction

Nearly complete

A beautiful custom sectional perfect for a small space!

Example 5

This customer wanted to achieve a custom look for her dining area. After reviewing our collections of parsons chairs, she selected Whitney - Welted slipcovered chairs. She chose to use a Special Request Fabric.

Templates are created

Cutting begins

Beautiful custom dining chairs!

Example 6

Patrice selected a chair and a half and sofa from the Hughes collection. For the chair and a half she selected an in-house fabric. For the sofa, she selected a Special Request Fabric.

Sewing begins on the red fabric for the chair and a half

Sofa under construction

Patrice was so excited about her new furniture, she came to the factory to pick up her order
Just what the customer ordered!

Example 7

Joy ordered a Lewis chair and ottoman Special Request Fabric.

Skilled sewing

Each piece is handmade

Fine upholstery

Quality custom furniture for another happy customer!