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frequently asked questions - fabrics

What are my options for fabric for my furniture?

You have three basic options: our in-house fabrics at different price points, Special Request Fabrics from our partner Barrow Industries or your own fabric (customer's own material C.O.M.).

What are my options in in-house fabrics?

Our performance fabrics include Microfibre, Microdenier, Sultry Suede and Sunbrella. These fabrics are durable and clean easily with soap and water. We also offer other durable fabrics such as our chenilles, denims and our Twill Plus fabrics. Swatches are free!

What are my options in Special Request fabrics?

More than 7500 Special Request fabrics are available from our partner Barrow Industries allowing you to get a one of a kind piece of furniture. You'll be surprised that the average cost of our furniture using a Special Request Fabric is usually less than 10% higher than using our regular fabrics. So, don't let the suggested retail price per yard scare you! We don't pay the retail price for the fabric, and therefore, you won't either! The process is simple. First choose the style of furniture and pieces you want (along with any customizations), then search the Barrow site to select fabrics then request a quote and order swatches.

Can I send in my own fabric? Do you accept C.O.M. customer's own material?

Yes! Not a problem. Many customers use our C.O.M. program (customer's own material). E-mail us or call us and let us know you have your own fabric and need a price quote for your furniture. We'll need to know if your fabric is plain or if it has a repeat pattern (and the horizontal and/or vertical repeat numbers of the fabric). We'll give you a quote for the furniture you want and we will also let you know how many yards of fabric we will need.

Can I get samples or swatches of your fabrics?

Yes! And swatches are free! We have so many fabrics from which to choose and you can get free fabric swatches.

Do you have leather options?

Yes, we do have some leather available and would be happy to send you a sample. Leather increases the price of our furniture because leather is expensive! Our leathers are top-grain protected, aniline leathers. They have a soft and supple hand, yet are great for family rooms and high traffic areas. Note: Your fine leather furniture may contain variations and nuances of shading, color, and the unevenness or roughness of texture which give this product its unique personality and are not to be considered as imperfections. Natural markings such as scars, brands, wrinkles, grain variation, etc. will be considered normal characteristics and not construed as defects.

What are the 4C's of Leather?

  • Characteristics - Natural markings on the hide tell the animal's life story. Healed scars and clusters of scars, patterns of the original hair follicles which can create a smooth or pebbly appearance, wrinkles, folds and stretch marks from the belly, neck and backbone areas, insect bites and burns - all contribute to the authenticity of the beautiful natural tapestry of leather. The appearance of these characteristics varies from minimal to prominent, depending on the hide selection and the way it was processed.
  • Color Variation - Some leathers are colored with aniline dyes that are absorbed into the hide, creating depth of color. Because the dye is absorbed differently in various sections of the hide, color variation is normal and expected. The degree of color variation ranges from minimal in pigmented leathers to distinct in leathers with no added color treatments.
  • Charisma - Special effects can add to the unique appeal of leathers. Interesting surface designs can be created using a variety of techniques such as:
    • Finish effects: hand-padding, highlighting, two-tone sauvage, metallic finish, wax top coat for slight sheen, oil infused for pull-up effect.
    • Mechanical effects: embossing, physical distressing, polishing to create sheen, sanding, buffing to create a velvety texture (Nubuck).
  • Care - Although leather is one of the most durable upholstery materials, proper care is vital to maintain its appearance and performance. General precautions include:
    • Leathers are sun-sensitive and will fade over time. Avoid sunlight and use window treatments.
    • Avoid placing too close to heat or air conditioning outlets, as extreme temperature variations can damage leather.
    • Avoid sharp objects: buckles, keys, and toys can scratch or tear the surface.