Furniture handcrafted in North Carolina by skilled craftsmen. Third generation, family owned. We build your furniture here. Eight way hand tied steel springs. All hardwood frames. You dream it. We build it. Buy direct and save.








frequently asked questions - about us and our quality

Are you really a family-owned business?

Yes! We are a third generation, brother and sister team and we are following the footsteps of our father and grandfather. They built high quality furniture under the name of Hickory-Fry Furniture Company. You can read about our rich heritage and passion in manufacturing furniture.

Is your furniture really made in the USA?

Yes! Our manufacturing plant is in Conover, North Carolina between Hickory and Statesville and just off I-40 and near I-77. ! We are proud that all our furniture is Made in the USA right in our manufacturing facility. Unlike many of our competitors who maintain North Carolina headquarters but actually produce their furniture in foreign countries, we build your furniture right here with North Carolina craftsmen. We have never outsourced the production of our furniture!

What sets apart from other online furniture websites?

We are the manufacturer. No one else can make that claim. Let us say that again. We are the manufacturer! Some websites try to trick you into thinking they manufacture the furniture, but they are simply a middle man taking your order and then asking various manufacturers to build your furniture. Through agreements with these manufacturers, they are allowed to have their own label on the furniture, pretending to be the manufacturer. Please don't be fooled by them. They are a pass through agent, like a distributor, and they make their cut on your furniture. Don't be duped.

What sets furniture apart from other furniture?

Our quality sets us apart! Our quality standard construction includes eight-way hand tied seating systems and all hardwood, kiln-dried frames. This is the way furniture is built when you want your furniture to last. All of our furniture is built right here in North Carolina by North Carolina craftsmen. You will not find this quality in furniture built in Asia and other parts of the world and imported to be sold in the USA. Read testimonials from our satisfied customers.

What is so special about eight-way hand tied seating systems?

High-end upholstery is always made with eight-way hand-tied coil springs because your weight is distributed evenly for years of comfortable seating and your furniture will last longer. This process is more labor-intensive and therefore more expensive upfront, but because your furniture will last much longer, it is cheaper in the long run. Fabric wears less on eight-way hand-tied furniture and the comfort is more luxurious. Cheap substitutes and foreign imports use lower quality seating systems such as tempered steel continuous wire springs, eight guage sinuous springs, "no sag" or serpentine springs. While these systems are cheaper to produce, they do not provide a comfortable long lasting piece of furniture. Despite claims to the contrary, use of these substitutes will cause unsightly sagging over a short period of time. Webbed seating is mostly used by the national chain, low cost furniture stores. This is the lowest quality seating in the industry. It is very inexpensive to produce and sagging is guaranteed.

What should I look for in quality upholstered furniture?

In addition to eight-way hand tied steel coil springs, your furniture should have a kiln-dried hardwood frame that is double-doweled and corner blocked. Kiln drying insures that sap and other moisture are removed from the wood before construction. This process reduces the chances that the frame will crack or warp. Dowels are small pegs that hold your furniture at the joints. The more dowels, the sturdier the chair. Corner blocks add stability. If the piece wobbles when you shake the corners, chances are it doesn't have corner blocks. Look under the furniture where the legs meet the seat for the blocks. Your furniture should also be well-tailored. Fabric matching and quality welting is critical to the overall appearance of your furniture. You should have various options for cushions, fabrics and dimension/detail changes. Carolina Chair furniture meets and exceeds all of these criteria. Learn more from HGTV's Anatomy of a Chair by Mark McCauley, ASID.